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A & E Factory Service / a & e factory service horrible experience & how to avoid it!

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Phone: 800-905-9505

I hope this helps at least one person in their dealings with this truly horrendous *cough* service *cough* company!!! This experience started with my whirlpool duet sport washing machine leaving all clothes soaking wet after each use. So mush so that it took 3 hours in our dryer to finally get the results we wanted. 3 hours! I am going to name names below because they deserve to be named due to the absolutely attrocious lack of help & concern for the situation. Scroll down to bottom for tips on how to deal with a&e!!!

Okay, 07/20/08, an appointment for service was created via the whirlpool web site. The washing machine was purchased approximately 9 months ago and is still under the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. A&e factory service is the service company selected by the web site to complete the task of fixing my washing machine. An eight hour appointment window of [protected] is given. The problem’s symptoms were soaking wet clothing after the machine has completed a cycle and a failure to go into the ‘high spin cycle’. I hate 8 hour appointments but I want the problem fixed so I agree tomiss an entire day or work.

07/21/08, first onsite service appointment: a&e factory service technician (Unknown name, but can described as a white male, 20s, glasses, and all he talked about was getting the engagement ring for his girlfriend of several months) arrives for the service call and I give him the computer printout of the purchase date to show that it is less than 1 year old and thus covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. He accepts the information and puts the data into his laptop. After looking at the machine, he concludes that the problem is a faulty pressure switch. He disconnected it, blew into the pipe that leads into it, and also checked various other portions of the machine during his test. He stated that after the new pressure switch was installed, the washing machine would work as it was supposed to. He stated that the part was going to be delivered to my house. I asked him if I could install it since it was such a simple part (1 wire set and 1 pipe leading into it) without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty and he said “yes”. He said that would be great as it would save him a trip back out to our house. He showed me how to install the old part twice and watched as I installed the old part twice as well.

07/25/2008, the part arrives via ups.

07/26/2008, I install the pressure switch and run a test load of laundry through the washing machine. I sit in my garage the whole time (Yes, it was looooong). When the cycle is completed, the clothes are still soaking wet due to the fact that the machine did not go into the spin cycle.

07/26/2008, I called a&e factory service and asked to speak to a manager. I was put on hold and a female reinstated the call saying her name was misty and that she was a manager. I explain that I have already lost one complete day of work due to the first appointment and the problem still existed. I ask that a technician be scheduled out side of the [protected] window because those are my work hours and I do not want to lose any more pay. She refuses that request and, frustrated, I ask for a smaller appointment window so I can at least work part of a day after or before the technician arrives. She states that the first available 4 hour window is on 07/29/08. It is from [protected]. I accept that appointment.

07/26/2008, I contact whirlpool phone representative dreyon after the conversation with misty and explain to him the issues I am having with a&e factory service. I state that I am calling to provide feedback regarding one of their service contractors and also to determine the steps that may need to be taken to send the malfunctioning washing machine back. After explaining the steps so far taken by me and a&e, he informs me that by installing the part myself, a&e can now say my manufacturer’s warranty is invalid because I am not a certified technician – even though I expressly asked the technician about this.

07/26/2008, I immediately call a&e factory service back and ask to speak with a manager. I am put on hold and a male reinstates the call saying his name is joe and he is a manager. I explain the events so far and ask him if my manufacturer’s warranty has been voided. He states that a&e has a 90 day guarantee on their work and the second visit is well within 90 days of the initial appointment. I state that was not my question and again ask if my manufacturer’s warranty has been voided. He fails to answer again. I ask him a third time and he fails to answer the question – again referring to the 90 a&e guarantee of workmanship. I confirm with him that my appointment window is on 07/29/08 from [protected] and ask that all technicians be informed not to let the customers install their own parts as it could void their manufacturer’s warranty per whirlpool. I also requested that a different technician be sent to my house for the second call as the first technician told me two incorrect statements – that the pressure switch replacement would fix the machine and that the manufacturer’s warranty would not be voided by me doing the installation. Joe stated he could not guarantee that the same technician won’t be assigned to the call.

07/28/2008, an automated voice message was left on my wife’s cell phone from a&e factory service. I return the call at approximately 2210 hours and I speak to phone representative sam. He tells me it was most likely an automated reminder call regarding my appointment on 07/29/08 within the window of [protected]. When I inform him he is mistaken on the timing and the appointment was set up a 4 hour morning window, he states that his screen clearly shows a window of [protected]. Frustrated, I ask him how we can change it back to the 4 hours window that manager misty said she set up so I do not miss an entire day of work. He stated that I should call back tomorrow at 0800 est and ask to speak to the routing department. They would then be able to modify the technician’s appointment schedule so mine is in the morning. I ask who changed the appointment time and why – he could not answer those questions. I stated that I was upset by the events and ask to be connected with misty or joe’s (Managers) office and sam states that he does not know them and a&e is a national company with many offices. I begin recording my phone conversations with a&e mid-way through this phone call after realizing that I am getting conflicting information regarding the appointment times.

07/29/2008, I contact a&e factory service at 0800 hours and speak with phone representative jonie. I ask her where she is located and she stated she is in texas. I explain the situation and ask to be transferred to the routing department. Jonie states that transferring me to routing will do no good as even the routing department cannot change the route of the technician on the day of the service call. I state that sam told me to call today and they could change the route. She insisted that they could not. I ask her who can change me back to the 4 hour appointment time and she said only the technician can modify his route now. I ask her to contact the technician and have him change my appointment time back to [protected] as that is what I originally had. She says she cannot contact him directly but will send him a message to contact me. I ensure that she has the correct contact information for me. I record this entire phone conversation (Again, because I am getting conflicting information from a&e employees).

07/29/2008, I contact a&e factory service at approximately 0951 hours and speak with phone representative silvia. I state that I am upset with the fact that almost 2 hours has gone by and I have not heard from the technician. I ask her to contact manager misty and silvia states that she will send a message to her instead of transferring me. She also states that she will send a message to routing for me. When I matter-of-factly ask what good sending a message to routing will do since we just discussed the fact that they cannot change the technician’s schedule, she immediately places me on hold without telling me she was going to do it. A short time later a female who identifies herself as terri reinstates the phone call. I ask her if she is a manager. She states that she is and I explain my extreme frustration with the lack of customer support and ask that my 4 hour appointment window be reinstated. She refuses to reinstate my 4 hour window. I ask her why it was changed and, after a while, she states that their computer system shows that misty had set me up for a 4 hour window under a collect call (Meaning that I was supposed to pay for the service instead of the work being covered by a manufacturer’s warranty). This call was later cancelled by someone named chris yarber in the customer relations department. The appointment was then recreated as one covered by a manufacturer’s warranty from [protected]. I state that i’ve never contacted nor been contacted by him and ask to speak with chris yarber. Terri states that she cannot transfer me to him. Exacerbated, I ask why it is so difficult for a customer to relate to someone in customer relations. I also ask her hypothetically how, if she was a costumer, she would contact customer relations. She stated that all people trying to reach customer relations would have to go through the main number I have been calling (And through which I reached her). I say I understand and then ask to be transferred to customer relations main number. She refuses. After several futile attempts at gaining information on how to contact chris or customer relations, she finally states that she will send him a message to contact me at either of the two phone numbers on my file (To this day, he has not contacted me) but refuses to actually connect me to customer relations. After placing me on hold, she reinstates the call and states that a new appointment window of approximately [protected] was determined with the help of andrew in routing for my service call. I ask terri for the contact information of a&e’s legal department so I can have my attorney contact them for a better/quicker resolution (I have a benefit through my employer that provides me with free legal services). She states “I don’t think we’re at that point yet” and refuses to give me the information. Additionally, she refused to clearly inform me if a&e considers my manufacturer’s warranty voided due to the actions of their first technician. Again, I record this phone call in its entirety due to the lack of assistance.

07/29/2008, I photograph and take video of the pressure switch part that I installed per the instructions of the first technician. I document it’s correct placement and attachments in anticipation of a&e factory service later saying that the part was incorrectly installed. I record a portion of news broadcasts in the video to show the date and time that video was taken.

07/29/2008, second onsite service appointment: a&e factory service technician jose arrives at my house at approximately 1350 hours. He checks the pressure switch and states that I installed it correctly and that the arrangement of the wire & tube interfaces makes the installation “dummy proof”. During the service call, he states that the company has scheduled seven appointments in the [protected] window and there was no way he would be able to do them all. With the help of phone-based technical support, he eventually identifies the issue as the main control board and replaces the part with one in his van. The washer functions properly after his repair work. I ask him for his tech id so I can inform a&e that he deserves some form of employee appreciation/recognition.

07/29/2008, at 1559 hours I call a&e factory service and speak to phone representative carly and explain how appreciative I was of jose for fixing my washing machine. I ask her to pass the request for employee recognition on to jose’s management. She states that she will do that. I record this phone conversation in its entirety.

Tips on how to deal with a&e!!!. First record your conversations on your cell phone if possible. Seriously. People didn't believe me when I told them how bad a&e lies and contradicts itself until I played the recordings. I have contacted the bbb and given them this timeline and stated that to back my complaint I will send the recordings to them. Second, call, recall, and triple call them on a daily basis to ensure that some stupid person in the customer relations department (Who customers can't relate to apparently) doesn't change your appointment!! Third - remember they have offices everywhere and you may get phone reps in 5 different states. They have no clue who the managers are in other states. Ask for their names and ask what state they are in. Your recordings will corroborate this later.

The people I spoke to had no fear of the bbb. Keep that in mind. They are working without a care for your time or well being.

Final tip: don't use a & e. Ask the manufacturer if there are other service companies they can send to your house. Please do not use a & e.

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  • Cu
      9th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    First off, It is ILLEGAL to record a phone conversation without permission. You are fortunate that you did not get arrested or sued. Secondly, your impatience to wait for service or your inability to be home during regular business hours more than likely fostered the "repair it yourself "option. I guess you don't know or trust ANYONE that could come over to let the technician in so you wouldn't miss any work? Thirdly, your washer was ultimately repaired correctly by A&E. Sounds like someone is harboring anger issues.

  • Ha
      24th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    More power to you Original Poster! Hey, Cupcake #2, maybe he or she lives in a bad neighborhood and wouldn't want anyone going into their house. Maybe they just moved there and don't know anyone. Maybe he or she needed to WORK a full week in this economy so he or she could put food on their family's table!

    And, no, it isn't illegal to record phone conversations. If it was, there'd be a whole lot more people in jail considering all the recorded phone conversations you hear on the news! You can't use recorded phone conversation in court, but you can certainly make them without breaking the law! Just Google for the Verizon .002 cent and .002 dollar phone blog (hillarious, on a side note). I find it amusingthat you think it's illegal when almost all new cell phones come with that functionality... think before you comment Cupcake. Maybe we should all sue our telecoms...

    When I bought appliances I had A & E come out and they gave me the run around (or tried to) but I had read all of the experiences on this board and was ready. I wrote everything down and thankfully I was prepared.

    Bottom line, when the company says they're going to do something, the onus is on them to do it.

  • Pr
      6th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    LOL at cupcake! You're not a very smart person are you. It is NOT illegal to record any phone conversation!! And also, any person like yourself to defend the WORST service company on the globe (A&E) should have their HEAD EXAMINED! IDIOT!

  • Mu
      15th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am currently experiencing the scheduling nightmare. I have been re-scheduled 2 days in a row now, and this 2nd rescheduling has pushed back my service an entire week. It is very frustrating to be dealing with a company that has such a bad track-record, and to not really have any choice in the matter. This experience will prevent me from purchasing a Whirlpool appliance in the future.

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