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A & E Appliance Repair / a & e sucks

1 MO, United States Review updated:

Under-counter ice maker needed repair ~ they came out to diagnose and said we had to order the part. Okay, did that. Rescheduled and they didn't show on the day ('8-5') that I took off to be home. Complained and they set up the following week. DIDN'T SHOW and I had to call them to see where they were. "Oh, didn't they call you? He was too busy and can't come out today." This is the SECOND DAY I TOOK OFF and they are offering zero recourse, no discount on labor (like we'll use them now anyway) and were rude in the discussions. "You shouldn't have had a conflict in your schedule" she tells me...uh, they won't work after 5 or on weekends...when was I supposed to have it repaired you idiots!!!?? Called Sears to file a formal complaint that A&E is impossible to work with and they should sever ties with this deceptive and inconsiderate company. They continued to say there wasn't anything they could do about it and when I asked to speak to higher ups, they were hacked and said THEY were the top dog. HUH? Finally got through and found who the CEO is ~ DALE REEDER, 1300 Louis Henna Blvd, Roundrock, TX. 78664. He'll be hearing from me.

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  • Ir
      10th of Sep, 2009
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    Wow I had pretty much the exact same story. Were supposed to show up Thursday between 1 and 5... came home from work to wait... no sign. Called them and basically they could do nothing for me until the following Thursday when I asked it they could schedule first thing in the morning... they said no they would give a 4 hour window... that their customers like 4 hour windows... I'm guessing they've never asked anyone.

    She said she'd put a note in to see if they could come at 8 in the 8-12 window. Night before scheduled arrival got automated call saying that service rep would be out between 1 and 5 pm. Another day home from work. At 2.15 they called to say the repair person would not be coming at all and the closest they could schedule would be 1-5 on Tuesday. My microwave is brand new and has never worked... if it wasn't built in I would have returned it by now.

    Each time I called A&E the call center person was uninterested, definitely not bothered about the inconvenience they caused... basically it wasn't their problem. The call center rep gave rote answers obviously read from a script written by someone lacking customer service skills. The whole scenario smelled of a company used to dealing with complaints.

    My appliance was from Whirlpool bought at IKEA, when I called them they gave me 3 other companies to try one of which could schedule for the next day in a 2 hour window. Won't call A&E repair again even if my life depended on it. Will call IKEA again to let them know that company should be removed or go to the bottom of their approved list.

  • Cu
      21st of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Did you get your $129 service call fee back?
    I am in a similar situation right now w/them

  • Be
      22nd of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    A & E Stinks Called them to to get what they repaired on Sept 8, 2009 fixed again. The Icemaker on our Whrilpool Refrig that we bought in May of this year keeps freezing up and then the door where the ice comes out drips water while it is stuck open.

    A & E said the soonest they could come was October 2, 2009 between 8:00am and 5:00pm. I told them the last they said they were coming out I stayed home for them to come, then I get a call at 3:00pm saying they cannot make it at all. was another 1 1/2 weeks before they could make it! What a JOKE!

    Since the frig is still under warranty I called Whirlpool, What a waste of time they gave me 2 numbers to call for local service one number I called they were pissed because they only service what they sell and said Whirlpool should not have gave out their number, 2nd number I called I could not get answer for over 3 hours no voice mail or anything.

    I decided enough was enough and called Lowes told the person that answered what was going on, the transfered my call to the Manager, about 2 hours later he calls me back and says we are not messing with it again they tired to fix it once and didn't so he is ordering me a new frig and it will be here next Monday or Sooner.

    Hats off to lowes in Waterloo I for going beyond and above customer service!! This is what customer service is all about!

  • Er
      29th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Has anyone had any success story to subdue A&E rouge service and reached Dale Reeder and what kind of the attitude at their top management? Anyone?

  • Ne
      19th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Have had the same experience with A & E...poor quality tech...spoke on his cell on a personal call while doing service. Had no parts. Called got ID of Kevin #1, who rescheduled for a week later. I phoned to verify appointment and spoke to Kevin #2, as well as Ines, Wanda, Helen. Took off from work, new service person called 9:06 and said he couldn't do service, because despite the work order stating two men were needed (to remove stacked dryer to work on valve on washer) two people were not sent!!! Said he would call me back in 30 min. Perhaps I wanted to reschedule???

    One and a half hours later, I have phoned VISA and told them to stop all payment.

    I would never ever recommend this company...

    A perfect example of very very very bad business practices.

  • Bo
      24th of Jan, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Well I just have to say here in Mentor, Ohio we had called Sears for repair on a Dryer A&E showed when they said they would and repaired the Dryer at that time only bad thing unlike Sears use to they was no paperwork for us as it was covered under warrenty...

  • De
      31st of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I've used A & E twice in the past two years to repair my Maytag front-load washer, which is about 12 years old. Both times they came on the date we scheduled, and called me about an hour before arrival time, so I could drive home from work (thus eliminating any need to take a day off work). Both times they fixed the problem (pump and a loose counter-weight) and charged me a flat rate of $90 labor. The repairmen were also happy to give me an opinion about the washer and offer some helpful advice about keeping it running well. So I was very satisfied with my experiences. I do sympathize with the posters here who had repairman fail to show up on the promised day, but the repairman doesn't know what he is going to encounter in prior service calls; so it's not always possible to keep an appointment, even with the best of intentions. Whoever you call for appliance repair in the future, get them to give you a lead time to come home from work, so you don't have to take a day off. If they don't manage to make it at all, you won't lose any work time at all. I've always done that, and it has worked well for me.

  • Al
      14th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    A & E Is the WORST appliance repair place ever... They are rude and never called when they cancelled my appointment twice... I had to order the part myself because they incapable of doing it... I would never recommend calling this company for any kind of service.

  • Ws
      22nd of Apr, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Agreed. They were supposed to come between 8 and 12, but did not come until almost 1, and I had a meeting so could not proceed. Rescheduled and got a call mid-morning that the tech could not get there before 1. I told him I could not wait until 1, and this was the second time, so the tech actually came! Ordered a part which arrived, and today I had an appointment from between 9 and 5. Someone was in the house the entire time, but no one picked up when the tech called. So I called him back and left a message on his voice mail that I was here. And I called A & E customer service and was told they would notify the tech. That was somewhere between 2 and 3. At 3:45 I called A & E service and was told that I had been cancelled out because I had not answered the phone!
    I told the supervisor that this was the third time I had problems, but he said he could not and would not send the tech to me - maybe if the tech had time after his next two appointments (and by now it was after 4). He could not give me any time frame, and I had no idea whether the tech would come or even call to say he was or was not coming. Bottom line is that A & E just doesn't care about service.
    SO I called KitchenAide, the appliance manufacturer, related my story. They documented it and arranged for another company to come in a couple of days. KitchenAide was very nice, and appliance manufacturers need to know whom they should not be using for repairs.

  • Or
      15th of Jul, 2010
    +2 Votes

    A&E Appliances repair are highway robbery.. Need to repair double oven and hood bought by IKEA. They wanted to charge a service call for each item separately. I should be charge one service call and then repair. I paid $129 for the oven and then wanted to charge me $360.00 to fix the hood which included labor, service call and parts... I would rather support a small independent company than a large company that is obvious making millions... Double charge for service call...within one visit...

  • Wp
      19th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    bought a Haier portable air, it didn't work out of the box. took 5 phone calls to get a response from Haier, who said that they would send out a service tech from A&E warranty repair. That was a month and one half ago, it still doesn't work and that the part {control board} is still on back order. My advise, don't buy a Haier and don't use A&E waranty repair !!!

  • Ri
      25th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I just want to clear the air about this company that all these complaints and comments are geard tords. The company is called A & E Factory service, a nationwide repair service that does all the warrenty work for Sears, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, and many other major brands.I'm sorry to hear of all the horror story's that this company has put their customers through.My family has owned a appliance business called A&E Appliance Service in Roseville Michigan since 1949 and has built a great reputation in this area for close to 62 years.It's unfortunate that this large corporation can come along and use the letters A&E in there company name and tarnish the reputations of all these small companys across the nation that may have A&E in there company name also. As we all know the internet is used as a tool for information and research but in this case it can be crippling to a small family company that has built it's name from the ground up with honest reliable work!

  • Re
      1st of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I also have had the same no show problems with A&E, (the national company, as posted above this is a different company, and the A&E in Michigan has been recomended on a local radio home show, so I'm sure they're a great company, whish whilpool would use them) any ways My brand new Whirlpool Washer is going into a lock out mode so Whirlpool set me up with A&E for the following Monday between 1 and 5, the called at 6 to say the tech was backed up and we had to reschduel. So we set it up for wendsday, today between 1 and 5, come 4:30 we'd yet to hear from them so I called A&E the said the tech left his last job at 3:45 in the neighboring town (which is 15 min or less away at the most) and that they'd send him a message to call me with his ETA. By 5pm, no call no show I call A&E again same story, well send a message he should be there shortly. Come 5:45 still no call no show I call A&E and the customer service rep, finally a helpful one puts me on hold to find out what's going on actually calls the dep the tech belongs to which informs her that the Tech called me and knocked on the door, no one was home and he left a no show tag on the door, which was a bold face lie since I was sitting in the living room infront of the door waiting for him! They reschdueled me for Tuesday even though I told them not to bother. I hung up called Whirlpool and had them set me a new appointment with another company. I expressed my extream dissapointment with A&E with the Whirlpool CSR, with any luck they'll stop using them.

  • Bd
      4th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The worse customer service. Two appointments made the last was for today, Saturday Sept. 4 they called Friday to confirm, I had out to town guests. Called at 11:00am was told the repairman would be there by 12:00, called at 1:30pm was told the repairman would call me, no phone call. I called at 1:30pm and was told the repairman
    WOULD NOT BE COMING AND NO ONE WAS IN MY AREA. I would never use them their service is terrible!!

  • Vh
      10th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree. Now two have days off work, even called confirm they were coming and had the parts before I took the second have day off. It is now 6:00pm and and I am still waiting for the technician to show up on a Friday after canceling plans. It will probably be another hour before he arrives. He is only coming tonight because of the $250 in loss wages and the fact that they don't want to compensate us in any way. They have lied to us and misled us and refused to take responsibility for their terribly customer service. In fact they have even tried to lay the responsibility on Whirlpool. The only error I find Whirlpool has made is in contracting with A& E to do their recall and repair work.

  • Je
      11th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Very poor service attitude. After ordering my parts, on the second service call, the repair technician came into the kitchen to service the dishwasher. He proceeded to look at the washer and requested that I not be in the kitchen because he "doesn't want anyone looking over his shoulder". I told him this is my house and I prefer being in the kitchen when work is being done on my home. He looked at the parts and said he was going to check with his service manuel to see if a gasket or washer was needed also. When he came back he said he that maybe it would be better if the first technician came back next week to do the service. I asked him if he was ordering more parts and he said No. I asked why he was not going to do the repair if all the parts were available. He just said that the first technician would be doing the repair. So, I waited for a rude service man one more day just to have him tell me nothing why he would not fix the dishwasher. I'm sure this is the best result today, because I wouldn't trust someones work ethic if they were unwilling to have the homeowner in the same room. Hopefully, my next service appointment this week will be better.

  • Un
      8th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    look around do you see any sears vans for service?no i worked for sears service they are now A&E service, only vans with sears on them is delivery & some tv techs.same techs different vans, you figure it out

  • Go
      11th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Called for service because our frontload washing machine was making noises and is under warrenty.

    A&E shows up a week later and said they needed to order a new Half tub & new basket to replace bearings.

    Parts showed up at my house 3 days later.

    Called A&E to let them know parts are here and they made us wait almost another week to send the guys out to repair the washer.

    Day after the techs leave we turn on the washer to find out the thing is dumping water all over the floor.
    Called A&E again and was told it was just a loose connection they would send a tech out next week to look at it.

    I pulled off the front cover to see if it was a loose connection just to find ground wires hanging they never hooked back up and the side of the NEW half tub they put in had a chunk missing along with big cracks. (No pieces in the washer so it was broke when they installed it).

    Called A&E again and told them what the problem was and the lady got very rude and said it was not the techs problem if the parts were broke out of the box. (He installed them & this is no small piece or crack).

    They set up another day for 1 week later after I requested a different tec h they sent out the same guy again. He looked at the washer said I'll order more parts and left again.

    Next day we get parts I called A&E again and was told they would send someone out in a week to repair the washer. I then asked the lady why it was that A&E's repair people took my washing machine from making a little noise to not working at all and it's taking them weeks to fix it?

    Without missing a beat she asked if there was any other appliances I would like them to repair when they came back to fix the washing machine they put broken parts in. I told her I would never use there service again.

    I have also called Maytag about this and was told once I purchased the machine it was not Maytags problem but the warrenty service providers problem. (Spent $1000.00 for a washer thats always broke)

    The lady at Maytag told me they make a very good product and when I pointed out the 1, 000's of complaints on the internet I was told "thats just people opinions and has nothing to do with the quality of maytag".

    All I can say is think twice before you ever buy Maytag or use A&E repair. The customer service at both places is just simple pathetic and it makes no since that A&E can install parts that even the customer can see is broken and they dont feel the need to get the issue resolved with-out taking 2 more weeks to do so.

    Larry B
    Pigeon Forge, TN

  • Sy
      27th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    A & E get paid from the parent company per visit so each and every time they show up (usually at the very end of their 4 hour window without a call ahead) the repairman somehow doesn't have the correct part on his truck (even though we explain exactly what part is broke) and has to order it to be drop shipped. This necessitates a second visit to fix the appliance - which they get paid for - and another chance to frustrate us with their "4 hour window" and no call ahead to let us know that they can't make it, and a reschedule in a week or two. This just happened for the third time today 12/27/10. We called them 3 times today to make sure they were coming. We were home all day. Nobody called our home phone or our cell phones to say they were or were not coming. The third call we made was within a 1/2 hour to the end of the "4 hour window" when we were informed that they weren't coming and we would have to reschedule. They also said the service man stated he left messages on our phones that he wasn't coming, which we double verified there was no call, no message, no caller ID. While their "4 hour window" might be helpful to some, it still cuts into the 10 hours I work on business days. When I take time off and they don't show, they don't offer any compensation for my loss.

  • Ca
      6th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I agree with the complaints about A&E. Purchased a new refrigerator. It arrived day before Thanksgiving. Unit runs but won't shut off. On lowest setting it freezes. Frigidaire has sent Authorized technical services here twice, can't fix it. They then made an appointment with A&E for me. A&E called last night to confirm. They called back this morning and cancelled. Now they want me to wait another two weeks before they can send someone. It is now January 6th and I haven't had a refrigerator I can use since Thanksgiving. No one cares!!!

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