7-Elevenmgr linda & asst mgr jimmy

My name is Edward steigelman I have lived in the Casselberry fl. 32707 just two blocks from where the store was built about 10 or 12 years ago at the time it was or corporate store now it's a franchise owned by Patel,
J.p. patel a family Road what is the manager for many years we have been a customer at the store from day one open January 27 2017, my wife my three grandchildren and my for adult children would go there to the store at least twice a day buying everything from coffee Pizza sodas sandwiches gas and a car wash, mr. Patel. Gave us permission to feed umami and for baby kittens that where Federal that will living somewhere in the area an employee by the name of Jeremy also said these catch and at one point we agreed to feed them on a daily basis early in the morning which we good so many years many years is probably seven or eight years all of a sudden mr. Patel. Become the manager of a store on the corner of Bonneville Drive and State Road 50 in Orlando Florida this is another store that his family own the franchise to.
The new manager at the store at 1000 Seminola Boulevard Casselberry Florida 32707, weather as the manager weather in one week she confronted me about placing a small amount of cat food at the end of the left side of the building probably equivalent to maybe four tablespoons full of food and she says to me I don't mind you feeding the cats but don't place the food on the concrete because the food stays there and I told her off of Madam of the food does not stay there and I went back there 2 hours later and I took pictures of it there was no food there okay fast forward 2 years on the day that I had mentioned January 27th I believe is the date it was a Thursday I show up to feed the cats the normal time and all of a sudden the police car shows up and the cop says I am trespass warning you i said for what reason, the cop went inside the store and came out with the assistant manager a man that's got a long beard and I couldn't believe that a person looking the way that this God looks could even be employed buy a 7-Eleven his name was Jimmy and I said to him I said Jimmy why are you doing this to me I have come to the store for many years why are you doing this to me trespass warning me his reply was we don't want you on the property anymore I said how about buying guess I have three cars and the family that we buy gas for twice a week we don't want your own the property we don't want you as a customer I says is this you doing this or is this the manager linda.
He says it's no it's not Linda it's me I'm the assistant manager so I tried to explain to the cop that I've been doing this for a long time feeding a few cats I know I had permission from the Patel family many years ago,
So I left the property and not being able to go back onto the property to go to the store with my wife my grandchildren and now my wife does not want to go back into the store by herself and she will not go in there with our grandchildren and when my children found out that I was trust past one from a store that we had patronize and been a customer for many many years they're not going there now either so you have a whole family on friends and Neighbors that mine that know what happened,
I called [protected] and I filed the complaint and I happen to own a lawn mower repair shop one block away across the street from the Circle K and you can check my address is 1461 Seminola Boulevard Casselberry Florida 32707 and I've operated this business since 2010 my wife and I own it, my phone number is [protected] I had called that number [protected].
And it connects me to people and southamerica and I would give them my phone number and they would be able to pull up the complaint and I explained to the lady when I filed the complaint exactly what I said in the beginning of this letter to you I called back 2 Days Later and ask them if they could tell me what the disposition of my complaint was and they said that it was settled what do you mean settled she says didn't a woman named Veronica call you and I said no she did not I did not miss him call Noah did she call me and I can prove it through my phone records okay they called me back from southamerica explain to me that the store manager had called me on several occasions telling me not to feed the cats there and this is a lie and absolutely I do not lie my life doesn't lie and my children would never brought up to lie either I have to believe that this Veronica woman covered the manager Linda to try to make things good for her, I will emphasize again the store manager never called me and I can prove it through phone records they cannot prove that they called me from their phone records because they didn't it's a lie Linda never called me and neither did Veronica
I do not feed the cats all the 7-Eleven property anymore I feed them on some other private property and I have the property owner's permission to do it and I had the city of Casselberry the police department to come to my business this morning and I requested a sergeant to show up and the sergeants name is sergeant Robert Martin . And he was the one that I talk to that same morning around 8 o'clock when I called the city of Casselberry to talk to the police chief The Blaze cheap wasn't in I talked to the chief secretary and she patch me through to this Sergeant Martin and I explain to him at the time what was going on and I called up there again like I said today February 3rd 2017 and ask for this Robert Martin to come to my place of business and I explained everything to him as I have explained to you in this letter and there's something wrong with this picture that you have a manager Linda and the so-called assistant manager Jimmy that would do this to a customer they never told me not to feed the cats on the property and I told him that I had permission to feed them many years ago and nobody ever not once told me not to feed them. I need someone to call me [protected]


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