7-11 / service, cashier

I walked in to turn in a scratch off, and there was no one anywhere for about 5 mins. I was waiting at the counter and 3 other customers walk in, finally the cashier ( a black lady) came around the corner to ring me up, so I handed her my scratch off, she said anything else? I said 2 more of the same ticket. I then told her I needed a carton of cigarettes and a quit pick, I handed her another quick pick ticket that I had won, she said anything else, then she says where do you work? I said in another town, I said why and she said I'm going to go there and hold up the line for an hour, well maybe if she would of been at the register and maybe had another register opened there wouldn't of been a line. This is a busy 7-11, you would think there would be more than 1 cashier. I'm the customer and buying items and paying her pay check, if she doesn't like waiting on customers maybe she shouldn't be working there.

Mar 13, 2017

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