7-11 Douglass Street Victoria / extremely rude teller.

Douglass Street, Victoria, BC, Canada Review updated:

I need to rant and get this out of me.

So i go downtown this morning to work and step into 7-11. Some blonde crackhead looking chick is working there. I get 3.00$ or so worth of candy (I didnt count it, it was between 2.50 and 3.00$) so i just said charge me 3.00$. You know what she does? She says, THERES NO ###ING WAY THATS 3.00$ THATS AT LEAST 4-5$. i said Excuse me? Number one you dont swear at a customer, Number 2 i dont appreciate being called a liar.. so she goes and gets 2 pads of foam paper to count it out on, i said i dont have time for this, forget it, keep your candy. she responds WHAT A ###ING WASTE and HURLS the bag of candy across the store...

This absolutly ruined my day i could not stop thinking about it..

So around 2pm I called up the Manager Gideon who seemed like a complete teenager.. I say i was in there earlier and told him what hapened. He said she counted it out afterwards and it was 3.50$ YOUR A ###ING THIEF AND YOUR BANNED FROM MY STORE. I cut him off and said HOW DARE YOU Treat a customer like that. Thiefery or not Unintentional or not you do NOT swear at a customer. He got all immature and kept calling me a Mother###ing thief and telling me never to come around again..

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  • Xe
      Aug 16, 2009

    Okay well 1) she has to ring up the candy to find out the exact amount, you don't decide what you'll pay and 2) this doesn't even sound like a true story

    If this is a true story then I'm sure you provoked it ... you said you didn't have time for her to count your money? Are you serious, that's how buying stuff works ... they ring it out and count your money to make sure you have enough.

    Seriously now... this story is unbelievable.

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  • St
      Oct 22, 2009

    It wasn't the money that needed to be counted but the candy. However, the point is valid. If you don't want the cashier to count it than make sure you know the number, than you'd be more valid in saying this is ridiculous. It doesn't take that long to count candy and as a customer you should always be prepared that they have the write to count it out to be sure.
    To the cashier, that's no way to treat a customer even if you don't believe them! What a ###. Not to mention now she has to clean up the mess she made.
    The manager, very unprofessional! AndyT should ask to talk to the Field Consultant for that store because there was no reason to act this way

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  • An
      Mar 15, 2010

    Just an FYI, Its now a few months later and I am Unbanned from the store after talking to some kind of president in texas. this was NOT a true story and the girl is now fired after video footage backed up my complaint.

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  • Lu
      May 15, 2010

    You folks in Canada are very forgiving I'm afraid I would have "clocked" someone in that store. But you must admit that the story does seem far fetched with both the cashier and manager curing you and just saying charge me this or that is NOT the way business in conducted, cashier rings it up, you want it you pay for if if you feel the amount is correct. If there is a dispute you note it and either pay for the items or leave.

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