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BUYER BEWARE: My husband and I hired 50 Floor located at 818 Bluecrab Rd. Newport News VA. 23606. We spoke with the salesman on Sept. 6th 2017 I specifically ask the salesman do they have their own installer or do they hire independent contractors? He insured me that they were 50 Floor employees. Well, when they showed up Sept. 29th 2017 to do the job, it was very obvious that they were independent contractors. The language barrier was immediately an issue. They didn't measure anything before cutting. They were stepping on the shoe molding to break it instead of cutting it, they over cut the door trimming to the point I could stick my finger in the hole, they put defective planks down, they left gaps where the shoe molding was suppose to connect, when they put the toilets back they didn't cut the screws, that holds the toilet in place so the plastic covers would not go back on, they destroyed three different transitional strips that we provided, they put nails in the flooring, they left gaps in the flooring, they came back on 4 separate occasions to do what was suppose to be a one day job on Sept 29th 2017, they just finished today Nov. 15th 2017. They offered absolutely no compensation for our inconveniences, the only offer they made was to pay for the shoe molding and the transitional strips that they damaged. I had to escalate the call to corporate. And it was like pulling teeth to get them to offer 150.00 credit which is not anywhere near compensation that should have been offered for time wasted, aggravation, lack of professionalism, lack of customer service, the multiple canceled appointments that were canceled at the last minute, lack of integrity of this company is beyond unacceptable. I will never use this company or recommend this company to anyone. I would have been better off hiring an independent contractor my self and saved the extra money they charged for mediocre work. Even upon completion, it doesn't look like professional did the job.

Nov 15, 2017

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