401 Dixie Nissanpoor customer service

401 Dixie Nissan is only interested in selling you a vehicle. They will not answer your calls, return voicemails or emails when you have a concern.

I have had my Nissan for almost 2 months now and I've tried contacting 401 Dixie Nissan numerous times to book an appointment to have my car tinted. I have left voicemails, left messages with the receptionist and emailed none of which they will return.

I also referred a friend to 401 Dixie Nissan, who also bought a car, I never received my referral cheque (which I now have to go and beg them for, when I am entitled to receive it-- I did help them make a $20, 000 sale). When my friends received their car the sales person switched the plates off their old car but forgot to transfer the vehicle registration stickers along with it, but no worries a cop very kindly informed them that they were missing their stickers, lucky for my friend she kept the original papers with her and avoided a hefty fine.

NOT AT ALL HAPPY with 401 Dixie Nissan, would never refer anyone to them again!

Jan 24, 2015

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