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1 NY, United States
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I would warn anybody contemplating doing business with Their staggering incompetence and total indifference towards their customers is unprecedented.
Below I’ll list an email that is self explanatory.
I find it absolutely impossible to get any sense out of anybody at

I've been trying for six months to pay you some money for an exchange pair
of glasses, and every time I request information I get an answer back that
bears no resemblance to the question I asked. Are you deliberately being
obstructive? What on earth is your problem.

Four emails to half an answer is not acceptable.

You won't find any new orders because I haven't placed an order, and
certainly will not be doing so in the very near future.

I sent a pair of glasses back to you that I did not like. They bore no
resemblance whatsoever to what was being displayed on the web site and were nothing
like what I was expecting to receive.

I sent them back to you for replacement and have been trying to pay you
money ever since. Having tried and failed several times, I cannot go any
further with you and your ridiculous method of not answering your emails and
taking over a week to reply. When you do finally reply the answers bear no
relation whatsoever to the questions I asked or my stated request for

If you persist in jerking me about, you will leave me no choice but to seek
arbitration from the authorities.

I'm going to ask you one more time. Send back the glasses I sent you for

I will not write off the money I sent you because it was supposed to be for
a quality product from a reputable supplier. As you have proved to be
otherwise, I shall make it my duty to see that you are not allowed to
continue trading.

Enough if enough. I refuse to play your games any longer.
Either return my glasses to me in the condition I sent them to you in, or you will leave me no choice to escalate this dispute.

You have exactly 10 days. 21st February 2009.

Even when I did finally receive my glasses back from this rinky-dink outfit, even though no money changed hands, they still stuck the full customs & excise declaration on the package thus forcing me to pay the duty again and claim it back from the customs department. A hassle but not impossible. A hassle I could do without and wouldn’t have been necessary if weren’t so staggeringly incompetent. The question of course comes to mind: do they do it on purpose?

Deal with this rinky-dink outfit at your peril.

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