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360 Share Pro / Stealing my info!

1 United States Review updated:

Viruses and access to info that should not be shared. Even with my very expensive security program that has all the blocks and firewalls possible i still get people rambling through my things. Its to slow with the secured line or doesn't work at all. Then i call just to see if someone would answer the phone and i got a representative that wanted to go home and said if you don't like it i'll just cancel. Then when she's about to hang up says oh there's a technical dept u could talk to tomorrow. Not even to mention that before i could even tell why i was calling which was for charges on the creditcard for extra blocker programs i had already, she told me to cancel and there's no refund, even though was signed up for a 2 year program. The whole call lasted about 1 minute and 45 seconds. I had to email them to make sure she didn't cancel the service but she did already. Also i am not even the account holder. I was calling for someone else!

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  • Ni
      1st of Apr, 2007
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    360 Share Pro - Confused with 360 Share Pro!
    United States

    I downloaded 360 Share pro about 4 months ago. The problem is that I was on dial-up when I bought it for a lifetime. Now I have Cox High-speed and every time I wanted to continue to download music the computer would tell me that I have to be connected to the internet. which- I KNEW I WAS! So I had no choice but to uninstall 360 Share pro even though I paid for it and I feel like I should be able to get connected. They had a complaint section I could tell them my problem but, they said to put in the same email address that you bought it with and mine is not the same as then so evidently, they can't get to me. I'm HOT!!! Because I was trying to get Bearshare anyways!!!

  • Ge
      2nd of Apr, 2007
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    360 Share Pro - 360 share pro is not limewire!

    Call your credit card company and do not take no for an answer. I like most of you were scammed by 360share by them posing as legitimate limewire. Creditcard companies will only issue you a credit if the company you purchased from did not send you the goods. . . Great. . . 360share's software is not the goods. Simply explain to your cc company that you were promised limewire and didn't receive it. That's exactly what i just did and the credit is going thru as we speak. My god it's amazing how these scam artists can get away with this crap and still be permitted to stay on the web!!!

  • Tr
      13th of Apr, 2007
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    360 Share Pro - No refund received!

    When i paid it said full refund yet in that 14 day period there was no link to make contact and all i get when i contact is the same stupid message.

  • Wi
      28th of Apr, 2007
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    360 Share Pro - No instructions, no help, no contacts!
    United States

    I cannot download anything, not songs or instructions or get help, there is no one to contact. I have tried at all times of the day and night. I will contest the charges on my credit card. I'm not paying for this!!!

  • Al
      29th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have paid for a service which i am not getting, the service is for downloading music etc and they got paid for it and yet i cannot use it, it will not open for me, i have also read hundreds of complaint on the internet regarding the same scam, if you google limewire, you will be able to read all the similar complaints.

  • Tb
      30th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have had this program for a few years now and the other day i went to go and download some music and it would not open for me ... I'm not impressed and after reading these comments this is not cool at all :(

  • Ba
      2nd of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Thought I was downloading Limewire. Does not work properly well, try to email support site and they say my e-mail is not correct. They just rip people off, this is not limewire.

  • Ca
      2nd of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    I purchased limewire and cant get a connection. I paid on april 23 2007. I would like some help or i want my money back. Thanks, hope to hear from someone.

  • Ta
      3rd of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    I thought I was purchasing a morpheus site and after I paid for it it came up with 360Share Pro. That is not what I agreed to pay for. That makes me angry.

  • Re
      10th of May, 2007
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    360 Share Pro - Can't download songs
    United States

    I removed J2SE runtime environment version 5.0 update 11 and Java (TM) SE runtime environment version 6 update 1. 360 share pro was able to run, but I still can't download music. I paid for a lifetime subscription.

  • Ni
      13th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    How can Limewire allow such a scam to go on, can't you guys at Limewire do something.

    Yes I got scammed and I'm not happy, where do we stand legally can we go after these laughing turds or what??

  • Li
      18th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Cannot open program. I bought a lifetime subscription and i am unable to use this program. Can somebody help?

  • Ma
      30th of May, 2007
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    360 Share Pro - Scammed, overcharged, deceptive information
    United Kingdom

    I paid for a £0.99 per month two year service with this company and when it came to paying for the services, they charged me £60. They did not show the balances until the end after the transaction had gone through, they showed me the total. It was already too late to do anything. They have charged another £42 on my credit card. There is no one to explain to me what is happening. This company is stealing money to people using its deceptive information.

    I need to contact them and demand my refund but so far they I have failed to get their details. I do not have their phone or email details. I need help in order to get my money back.

  • Dg
      6th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes
    360 Share Pro - This company clearly ripping off people!

    I to have to agree all the other complaints you folks have had. I haven't been on in a long time and nothing, it doesn't even load. What the heck. I paid for a 1 yr subscription but thats not the point, this company has clearly ripped off enough people, that this has become a problem. The worst is that you can't get your money back, and you can't get rid of the program.

    I found them rated, #1 on a list found from my home page, and internet provider, trusting it. Well think twice, I know I will GRRR.

  • Do
      7th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes
    360 Share Pro - Bad product and online help
    United States

    I bought a i lifetime membership it cost me 80.00 my hard drive had problem so i need to reload it i sent them a e-mail with my pass word and account information they never respawned and when i type in the password they gave me it said it was no longer vaild (how can a life time membership code be no longer valid?) so all i can say there is p2p that may work but i would be weary of this on by the way this company is also bearshare and limewire os i would be careful of these to they might be better but for 80.00 buck is it worth finding out? If they were any kind of company that cared they could make it right but, as far as i can see they have my 80.00 buck and i fill they are telling me to go intercourse myself. Here is e-mail ( send me some other place i can post this complaint for as long as they as they not willing to make this right i will post this on all the site i can find and you may want to also tyvm for taking the time to read this. Fyster

  • Jo
      17th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have paid for one year of service a couple of days ago and have had nothing but problems. At this point I really don't know who's fault it is but all the downloading of there programs [360 pro] didn't help I did manage to get on the music Library. With no directions on how to use the system, so after messing around for awhile I could put an artist's name in and bring up all kinds of songs by them and other's that sang with them. However it's on there Library not mine and no directions on how to burn a CD. Like I said before I still don't know if it's my fault or there's. I think they need to redo the hole damn system it's way to hard. Is there anyone out there that knows how it works???

  • Na
      25th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I bought 260 Share Pro lifetime version and one day the thing just disappeared off my computer. I paid $25USD for the lifetime version.

    I tried to contact the 800 number on my receipt and they say that June 25, 2007 is a holiday a mandatory federal holiday and cannot answer the phone.

    Does anyone know what national holiday is June 25th? Because I've been an American all my life and I don't know what it is.


  • Ga
      27th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I signed up for this service, was charged $67 instead of $28 as they added tag ons without permission.

    I called the number and it is in Quebec and a call center not Share Pro, they told me to get my money back will take ten days and it will be reduced by $9.99 service charge. I was never able to get a straight answer from the call center, nor their address, nor where they were located, nor the address or contact details for 360 Share Pro.

    360 Share Pro Never Worked, I never got a refund and never got any joy from them in getting to speak to a real person that was a share pro employee.


  • Ge
      1st of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    And I thought I was the only sucker.

  • Gu
      4th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    I downloaded this site about a week ago and it was working very well but now for no reason it takes very long to connect before it would take about five minutes and now its takes more than an hour or longer also on the right side of the monitor i have some weather gadgets an everytime i open its disconnected and the internet does not come up any more.

    thank you

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