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Resolved Non delivery of producct

Site seemed very professional and genuine. Decided to be a member to access my choice of downloads.
Downloaded 3 items and realised that they were not full versions of what I was expecting as they only took a matter of seconds to download and the size of each, is very small.
Playback of two of the files one hears this message:
'Congratulations. As part of Limewire and Frostwire Court Order Settlement, you have been selected to receive your choice of a free apple ipad, free etc free etc. To claim your free court settlement item visit etc.' Hellooo, my alarm bells began to ring.
The program ‘360SharePro’ seems to be like a pirated version of Limewire!
It has to be a scam and should be banned to protect unsuspecting and inexperienced users such as myself from being taken in.
Too late, I looked at a service I was not aware of.
I have written to them, but it seems from what I am hearing, I will not be hearing from them again. They have my money.

  • Jo
    jouvmary Apr 04, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bonjour, J'ai télécharger 360 share pro le mois dernier pour soi-disant 20, 20euros en illimité à l'année... Résultat: 2 prélèvements sur mon compte à 9 jours d'écarts pour des montants de 20, 20 et 49, 95 euros! Tout ça pour rien car je ne comprends rien, tout est en anglais et je n'arrive pas à avoir les films demandés!!! Comment me faire résilier et remboursé, je n'arrive pas à les joindre. Merci.

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Resolved Fraud & viruses

This is a fraud. Full of viruses. I have logs to prove it. Cost $32 for absolutely nothing except a full day...

unapproved card charge

On December 28, 2010, I purchased an "Unlimited Access - 7-day Trial with Optional Lifetime Purchase" + NetspyProtector for a total of USD 6.87. The confirmation email (from "[protected]") indicated that the charge would appear as "SFTWR-BIL.COM" on my credit card statement, but it appears as "FILEDOWNLOAD.BIZ". On January 5, 2011, I was charged USD 50, altough I had not received any request for confirmation... It seems to me that the so-called "trial" is some sort of scam to collect credit card details, and then, these people charge anything they want without permission. I just cancelled my card to avoid further charges, but I'm afraid I lost my USD50. The bottom line is: NEVER PAY FOR A TRIAL. Reputable and trustworthy software publishers always propose FREE trial periods...

unapproved card charge

  • An
    Anthony He Mar 22, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Agreed with you. the god damn cheating website:

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Resolved Program won't Start

The program has been working well, for about 3 years, but now suddenly, it wont start, no matter what I try. I uninstalled, and reinstalled from CD, but it still doesn't work. Do you have any suggestion on restoring program, or is the program corrupt, or would a update cause the program not to responded? can I get another program for free or a discount price? I am running Windows Vista Home Edition. Do you have any solution to this problem.

Resolved lost file and can not get it back

i made a one time payment for 360 pro recently my computor crashed this time i could not bring up 360 pro...

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Resolved Scam

I tried to send them the email below. I have so far failed. It explains some of the issues I have faced.
What I will do differently.
1. never believe that a lifetime subscription to anything will cost £23.
2. Always check out the reputation of a company on line
3. Always pay with credit rather than debit if there are doubts

Dear 360Share
this is the third email I have sent in relation to issues regarding the use of your service. The response to my second email had a link in order for me to view your reply, the link did not work so you suggest that if this happens, I assume it happens frequently, to put a link in the address bar which I did and google states that it does not exist. I have followed your 'tips' below, it is still inactive and, despite a good internet connection, I have a constant message coming up talking about the limitations of an internet connection. I am confident my firewall is not blocking progress and it is installed correctly. The email I sent you, where I am unable to read your reply, had been requesting a full refund. Given that I have been unable to download any material despite paying you £23 for this service I consider that you are in breach of contract. I am offering you an opportunity to rectify this matter. I trust you will respond to my request within the next 24 hours, as customer support suggests on your site and that I am of course, able to read your reply.
I am very unhappy about this situation and mean to pursue until I am satisfied that this matter has been resolved.
yours faithfully

Resolved does not work

I also paid $62.00 for a lifetime membership, the program dos'nt work. I would like to get my money back. I don't think it is fair for us to pay for something that dos'nt work. How do we get our money back? any suggestions? I am open to all. Is there anyone out there who knows what to do about this? Please let me know a phone number, or any way to contact this scamming site . The sad part is I no longer have the credit card I usedto purchase this. Please help if you can Thank you! Debbie

  • Ar
    Armando Garcia Sep 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    paid for lifetime of 360 share pro and it doesent work

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  • Wi
    William Bilbry Oct 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my 360 share pro don't work any more why? I paid for a one time fee.

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  • Wi
    William Bilbry Oct 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I paid for a one time fee.

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  • Az
    AZ94 Feb 20, 2011

    I have a problem. 360 Share Pro is not working because it is being blocked by a firewall. Normally i would go to tools and select advanced options, then select firewall and then click apply and the problem was fixed. Now no matter what i try the firewall will not go away. How do i fix this problem to get 360 Share Pro working corectlly again?

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Resolved false billing

I joined to download a movie i wanted they took charges for items i had unticked an charged me £55 59 for which i want a refund for but like eberyone else cannot find the website.
Plus non of the files I have downloaded work all fakes I am so angry more so with myself and I am determined to get my money back. How do they get away with it there must be a governing body somewhere to monitor and stop this racket

  • Go
    goku_son Dec 20, 2009

    i joined, like mogzy, i was victimized by these scammers for 40$. I want to download faster from a and they have link for direct download which will give a maximum of 3mbps
    download speed so I paid using my credit card. They will give you access to their site and let you download their software which after downloading and installing, It is the 360share pro only which is really same with limewire, is limewire allowing them? I already purchased limewire pro. There are lots of scam sites which doing as same as, some are just giving you link to download limewire or other freeware. Be careful everyone!!! I hope there will have somebody who can really help to elimate those scammers.!!!

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Resolved Awful experience

If anyone has purchased 360 share pro and has had problems with the owners of 360 share pro honoring your lifetime membership as according to their said website, and feels like you have been swindled out of your hard earned money.

Then you may contact your local police department and ask to address your call to fraud division and have the local government run a tracer to their IP address, so you may be given a numeric address to file your claim against; and If that doesn't suit your needs then contact your local media and ask to speak with assignment desk and go public with your consumer complaint.

Moreover, you may also contact BBB Online, Consumer Affairs and file your complaints with their departments, and If anyone cares to file a class action suit then I would be more than happy to file with anyone who cares to file against 360 share pro.

  • Ra
    Rahul2ghosh Oct 02, 2009


    Recently I wanted to download a book, which they for full download I need to be a member. After I took lifetime membership, I was shocked to see that despite asking for some $28 product, my credit card was charged $41. I bought it on Sep 30, 2009. I got this 360Share Pro software which instead of showing my books only shows some porn clips in search.

    Now, I am trying to discontinue my membership, but there seems to be no way. In fact, now they don't even recognise my email id. Can you please help me or advise?

    Rahul Ghosh

    [email protected]

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poor download

For a full month I have used your software to download music, and I am not at all satisfied. From the start...


Email Us
For optimal viewing of the Wells Fargo Web site, we recommend that you enable CSS.

Thank you. Your email has been sent.

Subject Account questions or requests

This was sent to my bank to set a scam dispute, this went through csinfo


Transaction Date 07/02/2009
Transaction Amount $64.19
Questions or Comments I ordered from these people a 24.96 order and they scammed me by adding all these other items I never ordered and charged me 64.19 These people are on scam list and the program I downloaded was full of trojans and had to delete I would like a full refund do to fraudulent misrepresentation They have no way to contact them direct Thank you for your help Stanton Canter

You will receive a confirmation of this request at the email address selected below. Primary Email: [protected]

  • Cl
    Clifford E Tarr May 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Has worked fine for a long time but all of a sudden no more connection... I understand I am not the only one, what's up... Do they want more money???

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  • Ma
    MARK MCMULLAN Aug 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was on WinMx site to download it and I paid for a lifetime membership and I got 360 share pro......, I proceeded with it thinking it was a Winmx avenue of some kind, it finds the songs but wont let me download them , says I have to take down my firewall .......not happening. Paid $50.00 FOR NOTHING APPARENTLY

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  • Ri
    Rick Oct 29, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same strange problem. I was on bareshare website, but somehow I ended up downloading 360 share Pro. I did keep it for several months, but now it doesn't work at all. I cannot open the program. It seems that there are many people who has this same problem that after a few months the program doesn't open.

    What a scam !

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  • Tv
    tvaddis Jul 16, 2009

    Transaction Date 16/07/2009
    Transaction Amount 64.31 $ USD
    Order ID #: 157459090716005130897
    Like many other customers, I too am ripped off by these ### artists. First they said they will charge me $24 but they sent by e mail a bill for $64.31USD. Worse, their program is not working. These are indeed ### artists and I was wondering if there is any way I get back my money. Is there any court that will punish these highway robbers in this world by any chance?

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  • Awirut M. Jul 16, 2009

    Date 14/07/2009
    Transaction Amount $64.31 USD
    Order ID #: 155166090713105600140
    Before click agee .They tell price $24 USD. But they send Email a bill $64.31 USD. Money enhance detail ($40.31) $15.48 for Download protection total +Pro version $9.95+Net Spy Protect $14.88 Why they don't tell before.If I know price of software is $64.31 I don't order. And program were not the same as described. Program is not working. I want dispute the transaction I do everything any way for get back my money.

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Resolved want money refunded

can't contact company to proceed with money back guarantee. There doesn't seem to be anyone who...

Resolved Dirty trick to get you to sign up

Try to do a search here on a random name (any nonsense you can think of):

And you will be redirected to 360share claiming they have it. They will also
show you a list of servers from where you can download this nonexisting file.
But as soon as you start downloading, you'll be asked to sign up before you can
continue. If you try the links after having signed up, they don't work, instead
they ask you to install their software. The whole thing is just a trick to make
you believe that they have the file you're looking for, to get you to sign up.

Also, in their program, try to enter a nonsense filename under program search.
You'll soon see a number of cracks and keygenerators with that filename.
Someone out there is logging the search input and sending you virus disguised
as cracks or keys the file you are looking for.

  • Al
    alex ogilvie May 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I paid full life membership fees for 369share downloading site but find when i try to get into this site i am being told that i have the wrong password or my membership has expired.

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  • Br
    brianmctaggart Jun 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unable to uninstall 360share from my pc. This is making my pc run very slow, i also can not get onto the internet services, this is causing other problems, my pc is almost useless, can you please help.

    Yours sincerely,
    Brian mc taggart.

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  • Li
    Linda Sharpe Jun 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On June 2nd I tried to download 360share for music / entertainment etc. The price was quoted as a one off payment of £26.88. I put in my bank details but when it came up as £62.61 I did not continue to download. However received e mail with confirmation and Order ID No 451420070602051525620 about half an hour after. I e mailed back to say I did not continue and to cancel this. They have since sent me another 7 e mails with offers, which I promptly sent back on Sat 2nd, Sun 3rd and further ones during the week as they kept sending yet another e mail saying I couldn't cancel. Received my bank statement in and the £62.61 has been deducted from my account. I e mailed yet again to cancel and received an e mail saying I had not canceled within the 7 days therefore would also be charged £7.50 cancellation fee.

    I didn't even get this downloaded and have paid £62.61 for something i don't even have. Any suggestions? I just don't know where to turn next.

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  • Jm
    J McLain Jun 24, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    One day my 360 Share was working fine and now it cannot connect to the system. When I e-mail support there no response but the message states the problem has been resolved. This is a piece of ###!

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  • Ji
    jimmy grummitt Jan 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Went to 360share on monday january 7th 2008 and it had 7 day free trial we signed up for a matter of 15 minutes then cancelled it. Now they tell us it was money back guarantee. How can they do that and expect to get customers with there lies.
    They took the money out of the account right then now say u gotta wait 5 to 10 business days to get it back.

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  • Te
    TERRY Feb 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ta
    Talk to the Dice Jun 01, 2011

    Yes I fell foul of this scam. First time I have been scammed on the internet. Am lodging an investigation with Visa. Pack of criminals

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  • Mj
    M J Apple Aug 16, 2016

    I was doing a google search to find out if I could find Adobe
    Elements 8 for less that Adobe sells it. This has worked great in
    the past and sometimes I find a program cheaper at WalMart or best buy.
    I wondered around till I found this site offering the program for the cost of signing up. I should have wondered when the disclaimer for refunds was so strong about refunds. They charge you $10.00 service charge of the $24.00 I paid. I guess that's how they stay afloat!
    Once I downloaded their download program all I found was virus filled files or corrupted files and then I realized what I had wandered
    into. Do not download the 360Share software!!! It is full of hijackers...bots or whatever they are called that keeps opening up web pages as fast as I could close them.
    After waiting almost an hour on the phone I get an agent that tells me to download uTorrent and I would be fine. Between that and the 360Share I've had to do a system restore...not even Norton's could clean up the problem.


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  • Bo
    bobtheman Aug 16, 2016

    What did you expect? You were trying to download a commercial program for "the cost of signing up."

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I downloaded this mess of a program and now have a trojan horse on my computer. I can't have my AVG anti-spy on as it is interrupting everything I do.
My computer is screwed up and I don't know where to reach them to get my 27.00 bucks back!

Resolved membership

I tried to sign up for limewire pro lifetime membership. Once I downloaded it and submitted my cc info I wa...

Resolved SharePro file sharing service

This company Phished me somehow when i tried to upgrade my Limewire (which I never had a problem with) and ended up screwing me for 90 bucks. I was led to believe I was upgrading limewire; when i downloaded it it came up as sharepro. I had never even heard of sharepro, thought maybe limewire had been bought out. When i realized i'd been scammed i called MasterCArd's 800 number and got a 3 way with SharePro's "customer service" agent and the guy from MC. THEN i was informed i was actually being billed like 80 bucks altogether, hidden charges on their e-contract - about 50 more than i thought i'd spent. They refuse to refund my money. And their program would not completely erase from my Vista. These guys should be shut down.

  • Da
    daybreaker Aug 07, 2009

    Ad says refund within seven days I asked for a refund on same day and every day for a week but got no reply and no refund . STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS

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Resolved downloads music/unable to access

carried out down load when i go into site given as your cannot download any music computer tells me site is corrupt wont allow downloads to take hidden charges i noticed when i recieved confirmation.

needto be redownloaded

I have paid for limewire share pro, but i lost it when my computer were restarted.wlll you please...

can't get it up lifetime member

I paid for a lifetime membership yet I cannot get it to come up to install some new music in my mp3. A...

Online rip offs!

360 share pro, limewire, music for members.and my music bill are all scams i paid my money and still to this day i can't download anything everytime i call them they give me something else to download and none of the garbage works at all it seems as a unsatisfied customer i should get a refund... remember"customer is always right!!! All I'm asking for is some service or my money back... and after this experience I'd much rather have my money back... because your all just a bunch of scam artist with no sense of pride about your own product and now that i think about it, to be honest if you need twenty something dollars that bad consider it a gift and you call yourself a business don't expect any more money from me and refer someone else... HaHaHa!!!

  • Po
    pops Apr 28, 2009

    I have been downloading music ever since I joined 2 or 3 years ago. Sometimes its slow and some music won't D/load, but all in all I have got my money's worth.

    But I agree, if it doesn, t work for you, you should get a refund.

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  • An
    angela d wilson Aug 23, 2009

    i did not receive program yet and got chargrd for it. it was suppose to be a 3 day trial first

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