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2-10 home buyers warranty of / customer service,

1 VA, United States

My husband and I, brought our first home, and we went with 2-10 homebuyers warranty of Virginia. We paid $345.00 with a $85 trade fee. We thought that we were covered if any thing needed to be repaired. Our gas water heater went out, in the height of winter, so I called our warranty company. It was on a Saturday, our policy clearly states ( 24 hours-365 days a year) So I thought we were okay... wrong even though they clearly say (24hrs---365 days a year ) on their policy, what they tell you when you call on a weekend or a holiday is that they will get in contact with the trades person but they don't do service call on the weekend, or better yet when you call the trades people your self, and leave your information, they ask if you are covered under the 2-10 warranty, and when you say you are thats when they can not service you no matter how serious the problem because all they will collect from you is the trade fee, not weekend, or holiday pay. So with a very young baby a toddler, and a few more family members, we had to boil water for bathing until Monday. The trades people finally came to service the water heater, they demaned the money up front, before even looking at the heater, I dont know about you, but I pay upon delivery of goods or service. I called the company who informed me " yes you have to pay them before they start". So I paid them and they looked at the heater, and started fixing it, I left home to run a few errands, upon my arrvial home, I see that the trade service men have left, but, I am greeted with a overhelming odor of gas, the farther I travel in my home the stronger the smell, until I pinpoint the source, the GAS WATER HEATER is leaking GAS! so My husaband and I get everyone out the house I call the warranty company from outside my home and they tell me that they can't get in contact with the service men, and that it may be hours before they can get back to my home!!! All awhile my home is filling with gas, so I call the emergency number to the gas company, and they said that they would be sending someone right away, and stay out of the house and then, they gave a list of things not to do. Our warranty company called me back saying that the service men were on their way back but was not sure how long their arrvial would take. Needless to say the service man from the gas company arrived to my home well before they did. I was talking with the gas man when they drove up. The warranty service men went in to my home, I asked the gas man to stay, and I went to talk to the other men, I wanted to confronted the lead man about the smell, I over heard him say to his helper tell her ( meaning me ) to get rid of the gas man before he comes in and red tags us.. I continue in and I am confronted by the helper who indeeds tells me, " we are here the gas man can leave now, ignoring him, I ask the lead man about the gas leak, he informs me in a flippant manner, "it wasnt enough gas leaking yet to blow up the house." I left him working on the leak, and went back out side to talk to the other gas service man, I asked him what did red tag mean, he asked where did I hear that term, I when repeated what I heard. He procceded to explain to me red tag has to do with not fixing something properly the company who serviced the job has to go to court, fines and fees must be paid, and then they have to come back and fix their original work. So at that moment the helper informs me they are done, and they start packing their van to leave. I ask the gas service man to check their work, he does, and tells me to hurry up and get them there is still a leak, I do so, the trades men from my warranty company comes back in, the gas man show them there is still a leak, they tighten it again, and it is checked again and it is stilling leaking finally they change out a nozzel connecting piece tightens it and no more leak. ( Later I find out from the gas man that they put the piece on with the wrong type of tool causing damage to the nozzel and that if I hadn't had it checked it would have continue to leak, and only God knows what would have happened to our family, over time)
The gas man informs the warranty tradesmen that there has been a recall on certain parts of our water heater and they can get the free parts to fix them. at that lead guy in front of all of us turns to the helper and said " when that happens we can go get the parts for free and still charge the company for the parts." I was dumbfounded, I quickly got the warranty trades men out of my home. I have had other dealings with my warranty company and was greatly dissapointed, and never will I renew with them or recommended them to any one... ever!! Oh yeah by the way they increased their policy rate this year by $100.00, I wonder if they did any thing in the way of better customer service??

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