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1 United States Review updated: is a uk web hosting company. When you become their member and then decide to cancel hosting, they will not refund the difference as per their agreement.

Do not use hosting service, you are better off with another company which I switched to will not allow you transfer domains either. This company now also in the usa is a really bad customer service for hosting and internet service.

Biggest rip off for hosting service. Web hosting services and domain name registration rip off!

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  • R0
      28th of Jun, 2007
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    I also used 1and1. I canceled my account, and for the next three years, they continued to charge my credit for hosting I wasn't using or signed up for.

    Despite emailing them, and calling them on the phone, each of the three years (and always being told my account had been canceled and they didn't have my info anymore)... I finally had to call the fraud department of my credit card, to get them to stop trying to charge me for services long since canceled.

    They provide lousy hosting, frequent down times, ZERO customer service... then, they defraud you.
    NEVER use this company!

  • Pa
      9th of Jul, 2007
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    I canceled my account also and also informed them of an email change because of the amount spam I was receiving in my email box. 1&1 customer do not listen. Avoid this service at all costs.

  • Ma
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    Your attitude towards Complaint -Agree 100%

    These ###-of-the-earth are outright THIEVES!

    They froze my account and hijacked my URLs ( (75).

    I just registered:

    I will configure a forum/complaint-type website here in the near future.

    I'm taking the scums to a California small claims court. In most states YOU have to file a claim in their state, NOT in Californis, THX God!

    Theck-out my above mentioned website soon.

  • No
      13th of Feb, 2008
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    Agreed, 1and1 has the worst customer service ever. The card I had on file had expired and they made no attempt to contact me via mail or phone. I was a long time customer and simply had a credit card expire, they treated me very, very poorly. Once I have my account corrected I'm moving all of my domains somewhere else, even if it cost me double per domain. Their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered and their apathy about their poor service is the most infuriating part.

  • Jo
      2nd of Mar, 2008
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    Absolute thieves on earth. I just believed them coz microsoft had given them a GOLD PARTNER certificate.

    I bought a ms beginner package couple months ago. It took 10 days for them to register the domain , which was in the mean time i was pissed off and told them not to register the account.

    And immediately after they charged my credit card, I cancelled my account, but they did not refund my money yet.

    when i asked for my refund, they said that my account is a fraud account and they cannot refund my money. And they are not issuing any cancellation order as well. Their 90 day back gaurantee is a hoax.

    Please donot go to and rip yourself.

    There are other plenty of moderate hosting companies, though their servers are down for few minutes, they provide honest service, refund your money immediately without hassle.

    Do not believe any hosting company who give only e-mail support or phone support. It is hoax to prolong your issue and eventually endup with "Your days are over, just get lost"

  • Jo
      16th of May, 2008
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    these thieves kept renewing mu URLs even after I canceled them, wouldn't allow me to transfer them.

    after I changed my bank account they blocked access to my 100+ URLs.

    taking these ### to court! are no better, freaking thieves!

  • Th
      9th of Apr, 2009
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    DIRECTORY of online THIEVES.

    "We" need to divert $1, 000 of business from these thieves for every dollar 'they' STEAL' from "Us."

    The worst domain name registrars (, etc.) will be listed in this directory.

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