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So I bought two websites, one for me and one for my wife. After a year’s time I found I had no time to even create them let alone maintain them so I wanted to cancel. In good faith I went to the website and searched for the cancellation area, well hidden of course! As a matter of fact they have an entire website dedicated just to cancellations, which tips you off as to how complex this becomes... I submitted the cancellation, saw a cancellation email come into my inbox and moved on. Then I started getting these emails about unable to bill my card, so I think great because I don't want you to I cancelled! Next thing I know I get a letter from a collections agency! Yes, for a measly $29 they submit me to a collections agency for a package I thought I had cancelled!!! So of course I call them and explain my utter desertification with this and they just tell me "sorry, we sent you an email...". So come to find out there is this elaborate process of cancelling different portions of your package and if you don't get it right... well they will charge you, charge you late fees and submit you to a collections agency until you get it right! So ended up paying even more money now to the collections agency, which I had to do of course, then I have to go back to 1&1 to "properly" cancel my package, then being the generous and gracious company that they are, they will refund the un-used portion of my package. All that to say, SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE! There are plenty of good companies out there who don't want to screw you over $29! Happy trails!

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  • Ca
      24th of Feb, 2010

    I had four domains registered with for four years. My credit card expired and my email address changed. I had no further interest in the domain names. My street address was known to 1and1 but they charged my account with the cost of renewal and sold the account to NCO Financial, a collection agency instead of writing me. That collection agency has been fined many times for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They operate under many different aliases in different states. They have been fined by state agencies many times. If you ask them a “difficult” question they will hang up on you. Ref.:

    1and1 is essentially a German company (United Internet AG, predecessor: 1&1 EDV-Marketing GmbH, in Montabaur, Germany (1988)) that is trying to implement their German ways (befehl ist befehl) of doing business here in America.
    If you have a subscription they will insist on your pro-active instructions to terminate that subscription as opposed to the local custom to let it expire if you are not paying for an extension. Once they sell the account to NCO they lock your domains so that it is not possible to transfer them without you having paid NCO. If you do not pay NCO they will continue to charge your account for renewals until you pay. Meanwhile NCO keeps adding interest and collection charges plus “convenience fees”, “costs” and “other charges.”
    Because the amounts involved are small ($8, 99 per domain) it does not pay to hire an attorney but they rake in many dollars that way. Then once they unlock your domain and you transfer it they still invoice you for another year. Your credit rating may be destroyed and you may have to pay twice for the same domain name.
    The only way to take action against them is to file a class action suit. Their actions are unconscionable and unethical to state it mildly.
    With the BBB they rate an F, the lowest rating!
    Do research before you end up in the clutches of 1&1!

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  • He
      23rd of Mar, 2010

    Many of us have had issues with 1&1 Internet. It’s time we got together to do something about it. They usually get away with the small charges because most people pay to make it go away (and 1&1 is extremely persisent over a couple dollars).

    I’ve started a facebook group to start gathering people together to share stories and tactics to resolve any alleged wrongdoings:

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