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Where is Robin Hood when we need him? Our daily news is over run with the debate regarding the necessity of governmental monitoring of one thing or another. Why is it we never see the topic of discussion addressing financial institutions? By financial instituions I mean banks. I am one of the millions who trusted my bank, viewed my statement on line every day, pay bills on line, and purchased goods on line as well. I was doing my part to aid our economy believe me.

One day just before Thanksgiving 2007, while reviewing my statement online, I notice pending charges in excess of $149 from a transaction I did not make. So I call the telephone number attached to the transaction and inquire. After a brief conversation with an operator from a company I'd never heard of, I explained to the gentleman how he had just stolen money from the wrong person and he needed to contact his superior and have the funds reversed. And, he needed to take care of it prior to my contacting my banks legal department, which was the next phone call I was going to make.

I felt somewhat confident in my bank coming to my aid as I was contacting someone prior to the transaction completion as well as providing them with the information I obtained through my investigations.
The response I received was shocking to say the least. Don't get me wrong, I did receive their empathy, but that's all I received. Oh sure, they were willing to issue a stop payment against the charges, along with a $35 fee to me. And, that didn't really guarantee they could issue it in time. Then I was informed I could always take my chances because some times charges of "this nature" sometimes just "fall off" and never charge against the account. No such luck for me. This did charge against my account and forced legetimate transactions into over draft or NSF status, of which I had to pay.

I was forced to go to the bank branch, fill out the paper work to get my money back, try to prove a time-line in which the bank deducted the fees so I could re-gain some of my lost funds. I then had to back track to the merchants I wrote checks to and hope they didn't charge me a returned check fee. I did end up paying for one because Comerica refused to accept the responsibility.

Our banking institutions are simply too protected by legal loop-holes so it's no wonder there is such a high rate of identity theft.

Companies are getting rich off societies fear of having, of all things their identity stolen! I like looking at myself in the mirror every morning knowing I have an idea of what it means to have integrity and humanity. It was a sad day when it was discovered how one human being could cheat another to advance themselves.
The only statement I have left to say is I hope those of you participating in these activities find your way out soon because you are not as smart as you think. We are on to you and we are wise beyond what you can comprehend. We have learned to move on and find strength in something greater than you or anything you have done.


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      Mar 10, 2010

    I also have a problem with the bank charging me over draft fees when my statement that I pull off the internet that the Bank Manager told me that is not correct and I should not go by that information so why is it there.
    When my card was used charged and I called the company and canceled the transtion and went to my bank to get a new card because I had canceled my card and to get other help with my account I was told by the San Jose Branch on East Santa Clara Street that they company should not give me a new Atm card because I don't know how to use it. Even though Comerica Bank charges your account when it is still pending and when the item goes through and you have a positive amount they think that is legal and they cann't produce paperwork to show me in writing that is correct way to do business.

    Weather its on the phone or in person they treat you like you don't know what you are talking about even if you own your own business and have a background in ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING ACCOUNTS.

    go to a credit union I hear they are better

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      May 26, 2013

    Comerica banks sucks as it does not protect the customer. They use your money. They continue to make money off you by outlandish fees and charges going back as far as 12 years saying you owe them. Ask them to make a correction on mistakes made by them they claim they can only back 2 months and are otherwise clueless as to what you may be referring to. Only then you to find out how they have they have managed to escape governing regulation loop holes to finance their law suits and their other banking losses.

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