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I had a business bank account for over a year with Comerica because they could support our California and Michigan offices. Well the time came to get an address updated and new debit cards. The Comerica rep asked me for paperwork that they lost, so I went and got the paperwork for them and then they didn't follow up. I called, called, called then finally the same reprensentative in the branch in Clarkston, Michigan answered and said she can't speak with me and the manager would call me. The manager called and said we have to terminate the relationship. I did nothing wrong, so I was very confused. I escalated the situation and everyone was the same..very short with responses and zero reason given. So we moved our account to another bank and filed a complaint with the Attorney General. I've never been treated so poorly as I was by the representatives at Comerica Bank in Clarkston, Michigan.


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      Jul 02, 2012

    Comercia bank stole 6k dollars from my checking account in less than 6 months with bogus rearranging of nsf fees! ecently they withdrew money i deposited to pay for business insurance and gave the insurance co my comerica debit card- Insurance calls me the next day & says im cancelled because Comerica again withdrew all my money leaving my business unisured- The past 2 weks I called for help about unauthorized withdrawls because i dont have a debit card or checks for the acct-no help---Comerica bank stoole 6k dollars from my checking account...under the guise of there nsf ponzi scheme. I have no business insurance- due to comerica stealing from my checking account & absolutely no help- I video taped them all & will upload to u tube---

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      Jul 14, 2015

    We voluntarily gave back a mobile home back in 2002, with the belief if we did so that Comerica, who offered the deal would honor their part. they had us sign a deed in lieu and a deficiency waiver. a couple of years later they sued us anyways, and have been garnishing my husbands wages for about 7 years. They have collected 60 thousand dollars so far, and now want 59 thousand in interest. The amount in my opinion is way above and beyond any deficiency on a mobile home. We wondered for years why we did not get any notice or warning of garnishments so that we could defend ourselves. Recently we pulled the entire court case from the records and found they have been sending notice to a home we have not lived in for 10 years! I am pretty sure they are intelligent enough to figure out we haven't live there in a decade, and feel this is deliberate. I am going to try and object and perhaps even sue them for what i don't know yet, but what ever legal means and rights we have we are going to use them. My question, we never received a copy of the waiver or the dil, that they promised to mail us, once again duped by our trusting their word. Do we have a chance to gain back anything? At this point just stopping them from garnishing would be a Godsend, but some of that money returned would be a bonus.

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