Comerica Bankbusiness

Aug 06, 2018

I opened an account for business at Comerica and as always I say exactly what my business does. At first everything seemed fine, but then I was questioned as to my banking along with my finance manager was basically called a scammer. I keep record of every bit of money comes in and out of any account I hold. I do a monthly report. I keep all bank statements and records. Even when I said who helped me start my business it was assumed that person was a scammer. I was what the hell is this? The person who helped me is quite rich and famous. I don't solicit on the internet for business. I don't take solicitations on the internet. So the bank scares one of my clients. My client stops payment on a check and sends the money to one of my other accounts. Comerica charges a bounced check fee. Ummm sounds a bit lucrative to me. To make a long story short they held my cash until I did a demand for payment. Then I get a call to come get my cash. Really this is the world of banking in the USA? Banks can do anything they please even stop incoming and outgoing payments to people in need? Principle of the matter needs to be allowed in court. I don't think these kinds of events would occur in banking. Good thing I wasn't hurt financially, but had I been I would be in court.

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