Comcast / Xfinityhorrible!!!


5/19/13= over 4 months land line has not worked or been fixed when I noticed it was not working
Talked with a rep over the phone: we spent over an hour trying to trouble shoot things. Eventually she decided we should just schedule a tech to come to my house to fix it.

I do not remember the date that the tech was scheduled. But I sat waiting for them the entire 2 hour window & they were a no show.

9/21/13 @ 7 am-8:15am Online Chat with 3 “Analysts”
1. Dycemi
2. Dandy
3. llyn- disconnected from online chat for unknown reason
I originally began the chat to downgrade my services since the land line has not worked for 4 months & we all seem to be unable to fix it. I had found an online offer that I wanted= Digital Economy & Economy Plus Internet for $64.90. Instead I was transferred to fix the phone line I no longer wanted. I spent all this time again: checking wire connections, restarting the Comcast modem, and them sending signals to the Comcast modem. Again no resolution

9/21/13 @ 8:12am 41 minutes & 58 seconds I called [protected]
I spoke with a Tech Rep by the name of Tanya who transferred me to Corey in Customer Relations. Corey noticed I was a preferred digital customer & began a sales pitch about a DVR package. I kept referring to the $64.90 Digital Economy & Economy Plus Internet package. He stated that he cannot access the online offers. WHAT?? How can a company have a website with posts that its own employees cannot access? I finally gave up when I had to leave to take 1 of my kids to basketball practice.

9/21/13 @ 12:19pm 57 minute 36 seconds called [protected]
Again explained: wanting to downgrade due to land line not working or being fixed & that I wanted to down grade & wanted the $64.90 Digital Economy & Economy Plus Internet package. Again I was transferred to someone else (female), who immediately put me on hold. Then I somehow wound up with someone else= a male sale rep, who started in on a sales pitch again because I am a preferred digital customer. Gave up on trying to get him to listen= I HUNG UP!!!

Since 8/15 at minimum recollection from memory, our land line service has not worked= no dial tone at all. I noticed because on 8/15 when I was trying to order On Demand movies “Bullet to the Head” & “ Olympus Has Fallen” I kept getting error pop ups. Went to call using my land line & it did not work. Instead I spent an hour with 1 representative to fix this new problem. We were also disconnected but she called me back. We got the On Demand to work to order the movies. Since then however, the On Demand TV Shows & Movie section still gets pop ups to call customer service or restart the cable box every time I scroll down. I am sick & tired of trying to fix services that never work properly for long (minus our internet= has worked perfectly, but can be easily replaced).

DECISION: NO MORE STINKING COMCAST/XFINITY with their constantly increasing prices for pathetic services not to mention even worse customer service!!! RETURNING EVERYTHING tomorrow!!


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