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Combined Insurance Company Customer Service


Combined Insurance Company Inc.

8750 Bryn Mawr Avenue
United States - 60631

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 225 4500(Customer Service) 4 0
+1 800 490 1322(Customer Service) 20 11
+1 800 544 9382(Chicago, Illinois) 2 1
+1 800 428 5466(Chicago, Illinois) 2 0
+1 732 945 2300(New Jersey) 2 0
+1 800 951 6206(New York) 2 0
+1 800 225 4500(Pennsylvania) 4 0
+1 905 305 1922(Ontario, Canada) 1 0
+1 888 234 4466(Ontario, Canada) 2 0
+787 782 4610(Puerto Rico) 1 0
+1 732 945 2301(New Jersey) 1 0
+1 312 351 6940(Pennsylvania) 1 0
+1-905-305-8600(Ontario, Canada) 1 0
+787 793 1790(Puerto Rico) 1 0
Chicago, Illinois
8750 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60631 USA

Chicago, Illinois
111 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 700, Chicago, Illinois 60601 USA

New Jersey
Combined Select Programs, 595 Shrewsbury Avenue, Suite 205, Shrewsbury, New Jersey 07702 USA

New York
13 Cornell Road, Latham, New York 12110 USA

Policyholder Services, P.O. Box 6703, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18505-0703 USA


Ontario, Canada
7300 Warden Avenue, Markham, Ontario L3R 0X3 Canada

Ontario, Canada
Customer Service, P.O. Box 3720, MIP, Markham, Ontario L3R 0X5 Canada

Puerto Rico
Millennium Park Plaza, № 15 Calle 2 Oficina 430, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00968

Combined Insurance Company Complaints & Reviews

Combined Insurance / policy number p8087327

Oxford on Dec 8, 2017

I received an email saying I was not eligibility for a check after paying into it for 15yrs. My husband received his. The reason is because at the April May payment time my account was hacked into and my account was closed. I called Combined Insursnce and said I had a new account when thi...

Combined Insurance / Income protection / pay while your hurt or sick and can't work...Scam

G.Freeman on May 13, 2016

They claim to pay if your sick or hurt and cant work. What a joke!!! They don't pay crap so don't waste your money! Find a company that inst into the scam! I work construction and on average make 40, 000 or so depending on the year and with that type of work there are layoff do...

Combined Insurance / Refund

Reviewer48200 on Jan 20, 2016

I cancelled before my 30 days were up and want my money back i was not informed i had to ask for my refund in writing, although i did send a letter about my refund and i get part of my money, why only part of my payment, also if i cancel within there time frame why does anything more have...

[Resolved] Combined Insurance / no pay out

R.S. Billotte on Oct 10, 2014

Have has Combined Insurance for years. Never had an issue until my Husband was killed in a car accident. I have been now fighting with them for 6 months. They said he was DUI on his Rx by FAA doc. He didn't fly, he did not have his pilot lic, The research I have done shows not enough...

Combined Cancer Insurance / Non-payment of benefits

Kent and Marta Johnston on May 21, 2014

Combined insurance was ready and willing to take our premiums for many, many years. The salesman encouraged my spouse to change coverage on a cancer policy that would double the benefit amount. He foolishly went along with this. He later developed a very serious cancer, we submitted claim...

Combined Insurance Accident policy / Cancellation policy

World Peace on Jan 26, 2014

I sold a group policy in good faith to a company. It was a list bill payroll deduction. The customer has been trying to cancel it for 2 of the employees since October. She called them, I did, and my associate because they were still getting billed. Well, a Combined rep was supposed to call...

Combined Insurance / Unethical and unprofessional

Trying ToHelp on Dec 31, 2013

I left a good paying career making over $100K to come to this joke of a place. Never in my life did I experience the lack of professionalism as I did working at Combined Insurance. The company is corrupt so they will only promote the corrupt. We were expected to attend 2-3 conference call...

Combined Insurance / Income protector policy

Andreak713 on Nov 29, 2013

Filed a claim for my income protector policy due to complications in my Pregnancy and because of a previous MRI, my policy is now null and void and I have no benefit to count on. My complications have NOTHING to do with any MRI (that was done in August 2012). They are just looking for any...

Combined Insurance / Good Company - Questionable Senior Management

Has Moved On on Aug 13, 2011

I worked for Combined for close to 5 years in Australia in the early to mid 1990. I was single at the time and I found Combined (or Combined found me) at a time in my life when things were pretty low. My career started slowly, I went a year of spending what I was earning just going to...

Combined Insurance / Scam artists

Tony Hunt123 on Jul 26, 2011

Was harassed by my manager and threatened by him in Mechanicsburg the local home office for questioning his sales methods. This company is the 10% that makes the other 90% of the insurance industry look bad. Funny how I passed him the other day and the top manager in the company is still...

Combined Insurance / 8 months after accident not a dime but plenty of excuses

Toner on Jun 22, 2011

My father owns his own business and n oct had a brain anurisium. His business has been shut down he's still paying his bill they send, he has been a customer of theirs for years. He has not seen a dime and twice now they have said that he didn't mail them something or several...

Combined Insurance / Shane Tobin LIAR!

MrDipe on May 29, 2011

Hi everyone, If you ever have the displeasure of meeting a combined insurance district manager called Shane Tobin, just please walk the other way.If you are going for an interview with him he will tell you what ever lies he needs to tell you to hook you into the job.I have never met such...

Combined Insurance / Beware

Susie12 on Apr 22, 2011

I have been a Combined Insurance customer for many years with a wide variety of policies, as have other members of my family. I became disabled from a Worker's Comp injury several years ago. I was diagnosed with multiple injuries, but was told by Combined Insurance my policy only covered...

Combined Insurance / Incompetence

PISSED OFF on Apr 12, 2011

Run Forrest Run! DO NOT use this company. They are a bunch of incompetient people. They will double bill you and then when you catch them at it even though they can see it on their payment history they will make you prove to them they did it. They will lose your personal information and...

Combined Insurance / wasted 5 good working years

mrpma on Mar 16, 2011

So where do I start, well if ur considering a career in insurance DO NOT WORK FOR COMBINED. U will be overworked and underpaid. They are the lowest paying insurance company in Canada. The managers job is to sell u a dream and an opportunity. During the interview they act like they've...

Combined Insurance / I have had this insurance for many years and i have NEVER had any problems with claims

Jack Storm on Feb 22, 2011

This is a good company these complaints are probably because they did not give the correct or relevant information they required. my wife had a knee rupture from slipping and twisting her knee and it bled. we were out of town and had to go to the hospital to have it drained. had to return...

Combined Insurance / Refuses to Pay

Roscoe1 on Feb 4, 2011

The company collects premiums from supplemental insurance programs such as a "Hero Plan" but makes the claims process so inconvenient it’s not worth completing the process. Every attempt to resolve a claim is meeting with some request of obscure documentation that is of course time...

Combined Insurance Of America / Rip off


Me, my father and my grandmother have been customers for over 30+ years... he passed away and i tried to file a claim for his hospitalization insurance and they wanted to give the money (what little they were going to pay) to his ex wife, not to me or the hospital to help pay the bill...

Combined Insurance - Lois Hallifax / SO RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL

Upon Lois trying to get in contact with my boss to sell him insurance she called several times and each time I tried to help her only to be greeted with RUDENESS and complete UNPROFESSIONALISM. Then after several days of her not being able to get in contact with my boss she comes into the...

Combined Insurance / Working for Combined

I was contacted by Combined and much to my mistake decided to work for them. There is this 2 week of training that focus on what W. Clement Stone wrote. I read two of his books and much to my surprise; I find much of his work is based on psychological studies that he distorts to justify...