[Resolved] Coles Supermarketsstaff at bassendean wa



Over the last week I have phoned the Bassendean store twice to complain about one of the male 'self service' customer service person tickling and touching my 1yr old daughter every time we go through. I explained I do not appreciate any stranger touching my child let alone a customer service representative and that I would like it to not happen again. The lady answering the phone said quote "yes I know who you are talking about, this isn't the first complaint". This lady's name was Vicki and the person serving us is Michael. With no apology she said she would talk to the staff. As I use the Coles a lot I don't want to alienate the staff member so hence why I didn't tell him myself. He did it again the very next time I went through. He strokes her face & tickles her feet even when I turn her away he manovered his hand over to touch her. Completely inappropriate. If he did this when my husband went through there would be trouble. I am very peterbed there has been nothing done about this. If it happens again I will take the matter further.

Shannon Knowles

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