Coles Supermarketsrecycle bags

D Aug 13, 2018

Your idea to help with recyclable bags was great, but does not work for the following reasons:
1. Bags are too large and too heavy to carry when full.
2. Your check out staff does not know how to pack large bags, and by the time you get home, everything is broken.
3. The bags are large enough for clothes, think about it.
4. I'm not the only person complaining about having to bring our own bags, everyone is cranky and upset when shopping. How many bags do I need? The bags are too heavy! Etc. So it makes shopping very unpleasant.

The first store that comes up with a solution, will get everyone's business. I hope it is you because I like shopping at coles. But your staff must learn how to pack the bags, and i'm tired of getting home with broken eggs, spilled berries, and broken crackers etc.
Debie delaney

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