Coles Supermarkets Australiatreatment by staff

Good morning,
I would like to make a complaint in regards to a couple of incidents that have occurred in the Labrador Park Coles store, Gold Coast.
On the 18th April 2019, around mid afternoon I required a couple of items from Coles. Whilst waiting to be served I had a lady in front of me that was checking her change (elderly); I said excuse me have you finished so I can put my stuff through, the cashier say, in a very rude manner, she is counting her money, I said that's fine but she is finished, the cashier then said, what's your problem, are you in a hurry, and I said yes, she then glared at me and thrust my shopping at me, I walked away and said nothing.
Then I go to the smoke counter, there is a man on the phone trying to organise his money to go through to his account, and does not move for others to be served, then a lady walks in with a dog in her handbag and gets stopped by the staff, which is ok, but then argues with the staff, which meant another 5 minutes goes by and then they serve her as she thrusts her items at them, so after standing there waiting for that another person gets served in front of me and then the staff member says don't get aggressive to us. So eventually I get served after waiting for 15 minutes. I left the shop with smokes and drinks.
Today 21st April at 9.30am I go to the same Coles, get my items and as I am walking to the smoke counter, the same cashier that was onThursday, at the smokes counter, is serving a customer and nice and loudly says to me, "I need to have a word to you", not thinking anything of it I waited. She then comes to me in front of other customers and proceeds to tell me that I had taken someone else's smokes by accident, and they had checked on security camera and saw that I had taken them by accident, I said to her that I didn't realise and did not look at what I had picked up. She then told me that I had to pay for them, they had been someone else's. I apologised but said I did not know they were wrong as I do not always look at the smokes I buy.
I felt embarrassed and belittled by this staff member and felt that I was being accused of being a thief, which I am not.
I have been going to the same Coles store for years and go there for convenience plus the majority of staff are nice. I am really upset and do not believe I should have to pay for this mistake which clearly was not my fault.
I am not after anything but an apology from Coles. As a nurse I work hard to look after patients and would never speak to anyone like I have been spoken and treated this way by staff at Coles.
My email address is Sylvia.[protected]
I would appreciate a response in regards to this.
Thank you
Sylvia Henigan

Apr 20, 2019

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