Coles Supermarkets Australia / customer service and poorly stocked shelves

Ballina NSW, Australia

I went to customer service desk last week 5/7/19 to have my Coles freezer bag replaced which both zippers had come off only to be told I would need a docket for it to be replaced. Really I said who keeps grocery dockets and it is a Coles bag where else could I get it from but here I also replied that Woolworth's replace all there broken bags no questions asked. The guy behind the counter gave no response. The I preceded to do my weekly shopping only to find in the middle of the day on a Friday the shelves were again sparse in certain aisles for the second week in a row forcing me to buy products I dont normally buy as a replacement for the products not available. I left the store feeling absolutely ripped off as I was a loyal Coles customer and shop their religiously every week and use your flybys programme. So I an just letting you know I am very disappointed with the store attitude and am going back to Woolworths from now on.
Thank you
Barbara Moss

Jul 11, 2019

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