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On Saturday 5 October I purchased from Coles Balaclava a container of the self serve antipasto mix as part of snacks for a few friends coming over that night. We had a small amount among other things and quickly found ourselves all busting to to to the toilet. Without eating anything further we decided to head out for dinner despite having upset stomaches. On Sunday 6 October (Yesterday) I prepared for myself a plate of the remainder of the container along with a glass of red wine. After finishing the container I immediately ran to the toilet where I spent an hour with bad diarrhea which followed by extreme stomach cramps until early morning. I felt a slight hint of sickness, but I think that was due to the pain of the cramps. My partner came very close to calling an ambulance at one stage as the pain became that strong. I am usually quite resilient to food intolerances therefore I am never affected to this extreme. I think the fact that the tubs are now self service leaves them exposed to elements of all shoppers passing by. I am still experiencing minor pains now and am only now able to eat. I have missed a day of work because of this. I would like this investigated and resolved right away. Very unhappy with the outcome of my weekend!

I have attached a photo of the tub for your reference. My email is artiom.[protected] or phone [protected]. Please come back ASAP to me and let me know whats been done about this. I would encourage sending samples to my previous employer DTS Food Assurance to test for salmonella or listeria contamination.

Coles Supermarkets Australia

Oct 07, 2019

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