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I am extremely disappointed with the fact that Coles has failed to provide an Australian produced bacon, there was one product that was 98% Australian and it was only slightly more expensive than the imported products and a tasty product, for some reason it has been discontinued in Coles stores, I would like to know why this is, I would also like to know how a product like bacon can be 25% Australian, considering it is only one product and not a blend of ingredients, I can only guess that it is injected with water and chemicals for fast curing times and added weight. I would like to see more local products in your store in general, especially in the deli and meat sections..


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    [email protected] Jul 10, 2019

    Coles will not allow me to receice my deli food without plastic wrapping. I even offered to supply my own re usable container. If I buy pre packaged food it has twice the plastic.
    If Coles is not just crapping on about saving plasic they would find a solution.
    I know personally of 9 friends who will no longer buy from Coles.

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