Coles Supermarkets Australiacustomer service representative

H Jul 13, 2019

bought a olay cream from Mermaid Beach Store 4 days ago and wanted to return it unused at pacific fair store since I was visiting pacific fair. Lost paper receipt but have a photo taken by phone. Issue 1, the representative lies that all stores are different so they don't take returns from other stores. Issue 2, the representative questioned about our intention of losing our receipt so we can get multiple refunds for the same product. Don't we need a physical product to render a refund? What kind of logic was behind her question that I have found it very hard to comprehend? Issue 3, only when I insisted the representative looked at my phone to check the receipt and she then thought she would make it difficult by ask for the card that used to pay for the transaction, I may just go away. I walked all the way holding a crying 1 year old to the Carpark and picked up the card that paid for the transaction and return after about 20 mins. Issue 4, the representative refused again by claiming the product package is different to hers in the store when I return. She claimed the store manager is backing her and I should just go away. Why is it so hard to meet a 100% customer satisfaction promise?

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