Coles Supermarkets Australiacustomer service

R Jul 15, 2019

I shop at Coles Kirrawee at 18.13 on the 15/07/2019. Just wanted to say in all the years I've shop at Coles I never come across this service. The store manger on the docket says Peter, I was served by James and he's the most unfriendly customer service I seen. He never greeted me with hello how are you, he was just putting my stiff though the checkout, I passed him my bag and he didn't even bugged to put the shopping in the bag and kept putting it through. I had to pack my own bags, I said to him what do we have to pack our own shopping now, he replied no. Then he standing waiting for me to pay the bill as I'm still packing. He said no thank you or anything as I was leaving. He was the most rudest young boy I've ever come across. I have always had great service in Coles, they pack your groceries and ask how are you, how's your day and always thank you. But I'm afraid James needs to buck up on his customer service, what wrong with the young ones today. I own a Indian Restaurant and bring in it for 25 years, if I treated my customers like that they would never come back, well I feel like this with the treatment I got last night from James is not on, I would of gone to Aldi if I wanted to pack my own. I would be grateful if you could look into it as I don't know how many other customers get the same.

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