Coles Supermarkets Australiacoles duck

K Jul 11, 2019

I look after a lady who is 95 years old, I check on her daily as she has no family. She caught a taxi from Turramurra to Hornsby Coles and bought a Coles Duck, which cost her $18 - she is on a pension and it was a major treat for her to have a dinner with her friends. It was in her fridge for 2 days and when she went to cook it, the Coles Duck was rotten. She took this rotten Duck back to Coles, and although it has Coles all over the wrapping, she was told that she could not get a replacement because she did not keep her receipt. Gee Coles, she is 95 years old, she bought you the rotten duck cost her more in taxi to bring it back to the right thing.
Anyone reading this...don't shop at Coles as they don't at Woolworths, as if you have a problem, they take it back, without a receipt.

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