Coles Supermarketsapproach by alannah and madeline foundation

A Sep 07, 2018

Hi, I was shopping in Coles Dee why at 5:15pm today and in the biscuits isle when I was approached by a representative to the above foundation to buy a raffle ticket. She had a Coles visitor tag on her clothing and when she approached I thought she was a rep of Coles when she started to talk to me. After talking to me I realised she was selling raffle tickets to a foundation. I though she was representing Coles. I did not appreciate being approached in this manner while shopping within one of your isles and felt pressured to buy a $30 ticket.
I walked through 2 charities to get to Coles Dee why and don't think this should happen while I'm am purchasing food in your shop. I'm very upset.

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