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On 06.30.17 I was alerted by SunTrust Bank that "Unusual Activity had been transpiring on one of our accounts. Coinbase had been arbitrarily initiating transactions from the UK. I immediately notified SunTrust that I was going to close my account "Wallet" with Coinbase Global, LLC. Two months later I received a letter from their FRAUD department. When I had called the SunTrust Fraud Department I was elated that unknown to me that both Coinbase Global, LLC and I were under investigation! "Wallet" Upon completion of notifying Coinbase "That I wanted to closeout my "Wallet" in a professional capacity. We unfortunately joined on 04.04.17. USAA is an entity whose members are the U.S. Military, Veterans and our families. Every USAA customer service representative I had asked about Coinbase only had positive experiences and never heard of anyone ever having a problem. Very few had not joined or had family member[s] who were active duty or a Veteran have any negative experience or even heard of anyone having anything negative about Coinbase/GDAX. Also, they were promoting Coinbase on the USAA member's platform. Consequently, we joined Coinbase via USAA Savings and Loan Association, LLC. Also, we notified USAA via message on 06.30.17 because they were closed. The following Monday was 07.03.17 and when I had called USAA once again they stated that all of their computers were down and for me to call back on 07.05.17 Over the weekend I had begun to have anomalies on my Android and Computer Systems. They had morphed into perpetual Targeted Cyber Attacks. I called the Bay County Florida Sheriff's Department and they dispatched a very professional Deputy. He also, stated and listen to me call and leave yet another message that FRAUDULENT activities had been taking place! Coinbase sent me an email stating that I had emailed myself 30 ETH. Their graphics had made a mistake on this scam because they left off the letter ‘g' in my Gmail address that Alexx Herman had sent as an attachment to serve as proof. Soon thereafter I was locked out of accessing my Wallet. A few weeks later I was able to access Coinbase. However, I had terminated all of my Banking accounts. They were continuing to arbitrarily attempt to continue purchasing and they would not allow me to pay for a wire transfer for a fraction of the Digital Assets that they arbitrarily transferred a mire sum of USD to GDAX. Two years later they still have our children's college funds. We also, discovered that Coinbase initiates unauthorized USAA platform aggregation into any member of USAA.
Stunningly, we had discovered that USAA invested $75 million into Coinbase in 2014. USAA, Coinbase and Cross River Private Bank and Metropolitan Bank manipulates data and information on and off of their platforms. They have stolen thousands of Americans and millions of additional victims in over 90 known countries. They have corrupted former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor Kathryn Haun Rodriguez, Special Agent Allen Matthew of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Chief Douglas Weiner, Florida OIG of Prisons and many other known Agents, Officials and influential individuals and entities.
They were discovered on the LinkedIn platform. Having "PRIVATE" group meetings and many other crimes. They had used Googles G+ to access my and millions of computer systems, Android devices and backup systems. They can access every Gmail, Drives, Photos anything within the cloud and your computers anytime.SEE PHOTOS BELOW. Google knew and now they closed G+ in the USA. Fined 102 million Euros.
Coinbase had obtained a copy of the stolen software and tactics from the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency. They synergized and continue to develop them under the ruse of "DISCOURSE" initially on their and GitHub platforms. In September 2017 I had ambushed John Jeffrey Marlin and another known nefarious individual on the GitHub, LLC platform [SEE PHOTO BELOW] they had initiated a complete Targeted Cyber Attack and obtained my entire families and two separate sovereign States and Countries personal, proprietary data and information. completely destroying 5 computer systems and Android devices. THEY ARE A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT! Recently, Coinbase was linked to laundering money for HAMAS! Reference the 3000m complaints of SCAMS, FRAUD and Wire Transfer and other Financial crimes at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Over 200 pages of additional victims had managed to plea for help at the U.S. Securities Commission. Yet they had to have corrupted someone at the U.S. Futures and Commodities Exchange. They had recently placed one of their Vice Presidents there.
WE THE PEOPLE MUST ALL UNITE TO FIGHT THIS CORRUPTION and THREAT TO THE USA and what allies remain. Contact me on LinkedIn.


Michael K. Zimmerman

Coinbase Global, LLC
Coinbase Global, LLC
Coinbase Global, LLC

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