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TD Ameritrade reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 18, 2008. The latest review Certified Funds not Returned was posted on Sep 8, 2021. The latest complaint futures brokerage was resolved on Aug 15, 2014. TD Ameritrade has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 65 reviews. TD Ameritrade has resolved 17 complaints.

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TD Ameritrade Complaints & Reviews

TD AmeritradeCertified Funds not Returned

I tried to open an account over a month ago. I completed the application and overnight express mailed it in along with a certified check. All was received on August 11, 2021. Supposed to take 1-2 days to process. Thought I would be trading by now but no. Account still not open after 2 weeks. Every time I called they need this or that. No one has ever called, emailed, or faxed me anything to tried to get my application processed.

So after several weeks, I requested a refund. After 4-5 phone calls, they claim to have finally put it in regular mail. Untraceable no idea when or if it will arrive. I have no idea that it was even actually mailed as they stated.
I was told previously on August 25th that the check was mailed. If it had been mailed then I would have received it by now. But no, I call back and the check is still sitting on someone's desk.

Why couldn't my funds be returned to me as I sent them? Priority or Express mail. Jonathan Heath one employee that I spoke with promised that the funds would be return to me priority mail. After more than a week no mail. I call back only to find out that it may or may not have went out via regular mail. I am extremely disappointed how they are handling this situation. I expected this company to be much more professional than what has been displayed. Work Item #[protected]

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    TD AmeritradeTransfer of SEP/IRA from Morgan Stanley

    I had Morgan Stanley transfer about $41, 000 in my SEP/IRA to an account I opened at YD Ameritrade. I then closed my account at Morgan Stanley. Then TD Ameritrade closed my account with them for unspecified "fraud" that never happened. Now, after my request that it mail me a check for the amount of the transferred fund, my contact- Monica Kim of the Annapolis, Maryland office- has told me that she can't do anything because it's up to the fraud department. I finally told her to have TD's attorneys call me (I am an attorney myself).

    I need my money. TD indefensibly closed my account and is now holding my money hostage:

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      TD AmeritradeTransfer of funds to another account

      In January our office sent in paperwork to have funds transferred from the account of Gerald Scharenbroch (acct. #[protected]) to an account of his ex-wife, Doe Scharenbroch (acct. #[protected]) pursuant to a judgment of divorce. More than 5 months have passed, and the funds have not been transferred. I followed up with a letter in Feb. as well. We submitted the required form, IRA Authorization Form To Transfer Funds Due To Divorce, and have not heard anything from the company since.

      Attorney Mike Lambert, [protected]@klfgllp.com [protected]

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        TD AmeritradeTD Ameritrade Platform/App TD Think or Swim


        I've been a customer of TD Ameritrade since 2015, over 5 years. Over the years, I've made money and lost money. Unfortunately, I've lost more than I've made. In all that time, whenever I've had a loss that I was responsible for, I took the loss and moved on. I understand that you can lose money in the stock market. But on 4/12/2021, a strange thing happened. I purchased a stock on TD Ameritrade's website at 9:33 am, PBTS, and immediately after the purchase the price dropped. Darn, another loss. Oh well, I go to sell my shares and close my position. But nothing happens. I try to close my position again, the app just refreshes, takes me back to the sell screen and doesn't place the order. I do this a few more times but I keep getting the same thing. I jump over to the app on my phone to try and close and it just sits there loading. It won't allow the sale. I then jump back on the computer, pull up the Think or Swim app and try there but nothing. All this time the price is just dropping. Finally, after about 8 minutes, the order goes through on their website at 9:41 am. But the order's rejected. The price is still dropping. I try to close the position again but I get hit with the same thing that was happening before. The platform either kicks me back to the sell screen or the app just sits there. Finally after 12 minutes the sell order goes through again at 9:53 am. But again, the order to sell is rejected by TD Ameritrade. The price has dropped so low that I almost pass out. So again I keep trying and about 30 seconds later the third order goes through and TD Ameritrade finally allows me to close my position. It's now been over 20 minutes and I've lost a lot. I get TD Ameritrade on the phone and tell them the issue. A man by the name of Luke Hadley tells me that it's too bad but there's nothing they can do. I press them and they refuse to rectify the situation. Even though they see on their end that their system rejected my orders. So finally I get escalated to a man by the name of Jeffery Stezovsky. He says they'll agree to do a "price correction" and change my sell price to the price of my first rejection and says this will be done by a man named Nathan Maxwell. I tell them that this isn't good enough because my first rejection happened over eight minutes after I tried to close my position on three separate platforms. In that eight minutes, the price dropped over .27 cents. They tell me that they won't do anything more. I remind them that in the 6 years that I've been with them, I've never called and complained about any of my orders if I made money great, if I lost money then it was on me but in this instance, they're system prevented me from selling my shares and as result I get robbed by them. They said they see that but it doesn't matter. They said they can only go by the orders that show up in their system. I remind him that the two orders that they rejected were over 12 minutes apart and obviously I would continue to try and close my position during that time so something on their end must have been preventing me from closing my order all that time . They tell me that it's too bad. According to Mr. Stezovsky, they rejected my orders because they weren't able to sell all of the shares at the same price so they were afraid I'd lose money. But that doesn't make sense because if you reject my attempts to sell the shares while the price is dropping and don't even tell me the reason, then I will lose money anyway. Also, on almost every order where I purchase or sell shares at market price, all the shares don't get purchased or sold at the same price. They almost always fill my order at different prices. That's because I chose, Market Price and not Limit. They know this. If you buy or sell at market, then they will buy or sell your shares at whatever the market price is at the time of the purchase or the sale. That's always how it works. But for some reason today, they didn't want to sell at market because it would make me lose money so instead they rejected my orders so that I lose money? It makes no sense and it's clear that TD Ameritrade has worked to rob me. I want my sell price corrected to the price that I tried to sell it at the first time and then I'll take my money and leave TD Ameritrade alone. TD Ameritrade knows that timing is very important when trading and all the time it took me to navigate their failing system resulted in a huge loss for me but a big gain for them. And again, this was because they're system was glitching so I shouldn't be penalized for their error. First the system wouldn't allow my order to go through and when it finally did allow it, they system canceled the orders on it's side and all that time, while their system was malfunctioning, I was losing my money to them.
        I've attached four pictures. The first one will show the two orders where I was trying to sell and where TD Ameritrade rejected my attempts. It will also show the time gap in between the two rejections and I'm showing this to show that I was trying to sell the shares for long time and the system wasn't even allowing me to place the order. That's why there is a 12 minute gap in between the orders that they did register and then rejected so that I would lose money.
        The second picture also shows this but I wanted to include this one because the rejections don't even list a reason as to why the orders are being rejected so I'm left in the dark while TD Ameritrade is siphoning money from my account.
        The third and fourth pictures show the two sell orders that finally did make it through to TD Ameritrade, the ones that they rejected. In these pictures it shows that there was no reason given as to why these were canceled/rejected by them. The instructions actually say "NONE". So I wouldn't even know why they're not selling my shares when I requested it.

        TD Ameritrade Platform/App TD Think or Swim
        TD Ameritrade Platform/App TD Think or Swim
        TD Ameritrade Platform/App TD Think or Swim
        TD Ameritrade Platform/App TD Think or Swim

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          TD AmeritradeTD Ameritrade mistake cost me

          When filing taxes for my late husband (who passed from stage 4 pancreatic cancer last November 2020) and preparing our joint taxes, I came to the realization the TD Ameritrade sent one of his state tax filings in his disbursement to the wrong state (MI), where we lived over 2 years ago. But they sent in another disbursement and state taxes to the correct state, where we are living (SC). When I called and spoke the a representative from TD Ameritrade about sending me a corrected 1099-R, at first they wanted to prove that I was the executor of my late husband's estate, and then they told me to take it up with the IRS! They admitted that they sent the state taxes to the wrong state. So they told me I now had to file a state tax return to a state we haven't lived in in over 2-1/2 years! That cost me $58 filing for another state through my Turbo Tax account.

          It is regretful for a company to be to arrogant and careless to not correct the problem, but instead pushed it off on the widow at her cost.

          Don't believe me? Check out my late husband's account. #[protected], Document ID:S090 FE4 M6RU

          Richard Lyman. XXX-XX-1276

          Any questions, feel free to give me a call.
          Laura Lyman

          TD Ameritrade mistake cost me

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            TD AmeritradeClosing my account and not allowing me access to my money

            I called TD Ameritrade to place a trade only to be told by a representative that my account was frozen because of suspected fraud I asked what the procedure was and if I could speak with the fraud department I was told no I could not speak with them that I would receive a letter from them two weeks later no letter no phone call no email nothing I called back I was told that I still could not speak with the fraud department and my account had been closed my money is still with TD Ameritrade please Tdameritrade what is going on ??????????????????

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              • Ap
                April Kitzke Apr 07, 2021
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I’m having same problem. Did you get your money back yet?

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              Mar 11, 2021

              TD Ameritrade — Refusal to close account!

              After TD Ameritrade purchased my Scottrade Account, I requested (several times) to close the account and...

              TD AmeritradeFund withdrawal

              I have been trying for over a month to withdraw funds from my account.
              The funds were taken out of my account but are being withheld and not released.
              After weeks of calling customer service a vice president is now involved. He also is unable to get my funds released. The scapegoat is some unnamed separate bank that actually controls the money but apparently is not accountable to TD A meritrade..
              No one seems to care about my problem.

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                TD AmeritradeVery unethical behavior!

                I was a Scott Trade Customer when TD Ameritrade bought them. I did a check of Reviews of TD Ameritrade, 30 of the first 34 that I viewed were negative. I ask them, in writing, to close my account. They invented some kind of Security Question which did not exist with Scott Trade? Eventually after several contacts they said that I owed them money?
                You are seeing this because, I just ran across my request for the account to be closed, it was dated in March of 2018.
                As far as I know this is the Account #: KMM97964870V62915L0KM (the "0" may be O?)

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                  TD AmeritradeCustomer Service phone and online services.

                  I used to hop in my car, drive a couple of miles and talk to Michael. Life was good.
                  Then they closed the office.
                  The next closest office was a 50 minute drive. But I could call them on the phone and in seconds talk to someone at that office. Life was OK.
                  Then they closed the office.
                  I now sit on the phone hearing "We are experiencing longer than normal wait times. The current wait time is 60 minutes."
                  I can't type in my account number, the phone system rejects it.
                  I can't get the answer to my question online. I've searched for hours.
                  My phone has been on hold for almost 70 minutes as I type this.
                  This is NOT what I signed up for. In the mean time I am losing time, money and patience. At my age, all are precious.

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                    TD AmeritradeThey claim fraud and locked my account

                    Logged in to Ameritrade and had received approx 4000 thru bank transfer.

                    In process of transferring to an external bank account and was not able to register account. Closed website and was not able to log in again called customer serviced [protected] answer after 1 hour. Told me account locked due to possible fraud and they would get in touch with me to verify my account. They said fraud dept will call. They have not called back. That's about 7 hours since I talked to customer service.

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                      • La
                        Laurence Osullivan Mar 26, 2021
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        I have been waiting two weeks for a phone call from TD Ameritrade for a similar reason closed my account no information no communication it’s incredible how terrible they are I have a large sum tied up no phone call no email no letter and the agents all say the same thing that someone will be in contact shortly ya right !!! I called finra to help me

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                      Feb 16, 2021

                      TD Ameritrade — Customer support

                      I moved over $2M in assets from Stifel Nicolas (a full service broker) to TD Ameritrade in Dec 2020 (split...

                      TD AmeritradeReally bad customer service

                      Really bad customer service - I can't get thru on the phone, I can't get into my accounts i've even sent a letter fed ex overnight and not heard back.
                      All we want to do is close out all our accounts at current market value.
                      Using your on line system totally sucks. We were originally with scott trade and we got stuck with you guys and we don't like it.

                      I can't use your online system and the local branch is not open
                      I just want to get my money out

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                        TD AmeritradeService

                        NO body says a word when these big boys short companies into oblivion. No body gives a damn about the countless lives ruined, lost pentions, wages, careers, livelihoods etc when said shorted company goes bust..

                        However TD ameritrade decides to not allow clients to purchase a stock thats on the rise?!?! GME AMC!!! It is my money! Ill buy what I desire with MY MONEY!! YOu are just a goddamn broker! Do what I pay you to do, execute trades! We dont need a babysitter and if I wanted a fund manager telling me how to spend my money, I would hire one!

                        I unfortunately inherited this [censored]house broker when you gobbled up Scottrade.. I will be filing more complaints! I will urge others to do so as well on all social media..

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                          Nov 02, 2020

                          TD Ameritrade — Closing husband's account

                          My husband David Green held an IRA account with Ameritrade. On his death I became the sole Beneficiary. I...

                          TD AmeritradeStock rip off

                          Ameritrade sold off my stocks. They claim I had them on margins. Yet, I did not think so nor did I agree to this knowingly. It was through the Internet. I contacted them. They offered no reasons for this. They admit never calling or e mailing me to warn me. I guess they sold off these valuable stocks when the market tanked on 3/16/20. To me it's highway robbery.

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                            TD AmeritradeUnable to contact phone support

                            It has is nearly impossible to get through to TD Ameritrade customer service. Even before Corona Virus, the hold times were excessive, and often after 1-2 hours still no answer.

                            The (former Scottrade) local offices are currently closed and it doesn't matter anyway because once TD Ameritrade bought them all calls automatically get routed to the 800 line. I wish TD Ameritrade would place more importance on providing phone support.

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                              TD AmeritradeIllegal emails - harassment

                              I had a closed account with Scott Trade, when they were taken over by Ameritrade I started receiving email even though I didn't have an active account. Over the past three years I have asked them several times to stop sending me emails. So far they have refused each time offering a different reason why.
                              I do not have any activity with them and due to their constant harassment I never will.
                              Is there legal action I can take to get them to stop? Other reputable companies usually stop once they are notified.

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                                Jun 16, 2020

                                TD Ameritrade — Options

                                I was hung up on by an advisor at 10:06a today. He immediately summed me up as an idiot and before I...

                                TD AmeritradeTrade account liquid money market [protected]

                                I've had account 12 years plus. Converted from Scottrade. I had a Ohio state lottery win &7, 000.

                                With the market down I deposited into the investment account. Great time to turn a few thousand into?!!

                                I figured pay mortgage pay a few small bills take out a few hundred and invest.

                                I waited for available to withdraw to show in account requested check to myself, electronic mortgage payment, paid a few small bills in same name as in the account... they closed account for fraud. I called customer service they won't speak to me.

                                They say wait for a letter and...

                                I could have deposited somewhere else. Why not just hold the check longer? Closed for fraud investigation. My 401k is held with them. $130-$140k in there. No phone call,

                                I think the fraud is their banking policy.

                                E Irby

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