Cogecocable repair

D Sep 01, 2018

Ha d to have a pipe attached to the sewer system, and the city workers cut the cable line. It is my understanding that cogeco refuses to come out to do a locate before digging, hence the cut cable line. So we lost phone, internet and tv services completely on friday, august 24, 2018. Initially cogeco said that they couldn't send anyone out to fix the line for a week... August 31st. Clearly that was unacceptable. With a family member hounding them for a few days in a row, we finally got a temporary line, running all above ground, on monday, august 27th... Not too bad... Except that they now tell us that they cannot fix the broken line for 2 or 3 months (it will be winter by then, so they won't be able to do it then either). So now I am stuck with a cable running over my lawn and driveway, with a huge hole on my front yard that the city dug, waiting for the buried cable in that hole to be repaired, with a big ol' pile of dirt sitting beside the hole, with pylons all over from the city marking this obvious safety hazard...…. And the lawn needs cutting. How can I cut the lawn with a big gaping hole, a big pile of dirt, and safety pylons all over the lawn??? Does cogeco care? No! They say they care, but actions speak louder than words. They don't give a crap. And the main problem is a lack of competition. It's either bell or cogeco, which is no choice at all since neither company has any sense of good customer service. I want my buried cable line repaired asap so that the hole can be filled back in, so that I can get rid of the pylons, so that I can mow the lawn and repair the damage to my property caused by the city to re-route a pipe to the sewer pipe, and it would be best if this were done before the snow starts flying.

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