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Complaints & Reviews

The Coca-Cola Companycoca-cola

I bought 2 cases of coca cola at meijers in swartz creek Mi I drank one coca cola and it tasted different. I have been drinking coke for 20 + year so i knew this was not the right taste, i open another can and tasted that one and it was the same taste. I then asked to other people who I know always drink coke to try one and the both said it tasted weird. Im not sure if i got a bad batch but this was very weird. On the case of coke it has these numbers on the outside of the case [protected] aslo has oct0520dta 125883 on the inside it has official code oh646xl4pp6t40 and also has 5504 11/18/19 01:53 ln . I wanted you to be aware of this concern and problem.
This was bought on 3/3/2020 i would like to get a refund for the case I bought or coupons something for my wasted money.

Tammy Liversedge
2307 Utley rd
Flint, MI 48532


thank you for your time

The Coca-Cola Companysingle use plastic bottles

You are greedy corporate [censored] and even though I've drank coke for years I won't be ever drinking it again You are pathetic not banning single use plastics. Just because you're rich and enjoying it now. You are so stupid Your children won't have a world because you are choking the oceans with your plastic and waste. People will eventually stop buying your product but probably too late. You will die alone and all the money in the world won't make a tiny bit of difference and whether you believe in an after life or not, you won't know peace. None of you who are rich, spoilt and extremely selfish beings. You do not know humanity you can't or you'd never agree to such a thing. Everyone I know would happily buy coke in a glass bottle and then recycle it or take it back to get some money for it like it used to be in the old days I loved recycling as we got money for it too. SHAME ON YOU WHO MADE THIS DECISION SHAME ON YOU.

The Coca-Cola CompanyTruck driver

To whom this may concern, 2/10/2020

My name is Thiennga Vo, this morning I just dropped off my kids at school and waiting at the traffic light in the corner of Minton and Malabar road in palm bay, FL. There's a car in front of me making a turn and a lot of cars line up be hind me. This cocoa cola truck come from no where and cut through the line right in front of me almost hit my car. I honked him but he seems careless about this. I have the picture In the attachmentof the car this happened around 7:50 to 8:00 am he made a left turn into Cumberland. If I don't received a response from anyone higher show that they care about this matter, I will post this on social media.

Truck driver
Truck driver

The Coca-Cola Company — andre brown jr/employee

A Coca-Cola Employee by the name of Andre Brown has been sleeping with my 17 year old daughter for 2 years. It has been brought to my attention that he has been having sex in...

The Coca-Cola Companylottery award scam

Looks like it's doing its rounds again. I received an SMS saying my mobile number was drawn and that I won 950 000 GBP and that I should send an email with my name, age and number to [protected] to redeem, which I did. I then received an email from Coca Cola Center Ankara confirming my win and to submit my scanned passport and bank details, as well as physical address details of the bank. The Coca Cola centre email is from Mr. Osman Kazdal, Commercial Excellence Director and the person I should contact at Ziraat Bank is Mr. Metin Ozdemir, Head of Operations on +[protected] or [protected] I then received an email saying I need to pay over lawyer fees to clear 2 documents, an affidavit and an anti terrorism drug certificate. Looked legit until this point. Nothing made sense. That's where my feelers kicked saying this is an elaborate hoax. I'm just making you aware.

lottery award scam
lottery award scam
lottery award scam

The Coca-Cola Companytasted weird and bottle had metal smell

I bought a single Coca-Cola bottle of 20 FL OZ (1.25 PT) 591 mL and expiration date is MAR2320, LLF09211 that I bought on January 24, 2019 at Food 4 Less Store I work at. I opened the bottle, it had a metal scent, tasted bitter and metal scent was stronger when I drank a bit. I threw it away as I couldn't handle the smell. As this is my favorite drink next to a few others I drink as well and never have I had this problem before.

Thank You

Alberto Alegria

tasted weird and bottle had metal smell
tasted weird and bottle had metal smell
tasted weird and bottle had metal smell
tasted weird and bottle had metal smell

The Coca-Cola Companycan of coke

When I reached into the box to take out a can of coke to place into the fridge the cab exploded everywhere.
It has completely had the bottom explode out! I am not impressed at all and will be posting images as a warning to other consumers. It could of been a child who it exploded on and resulted in cuts etc that would of required medical attention.

can of coke
can of coke
can of coke

The Coca-Cola Companydasani water

First I would like to compliment your Desani water bottles. I have been helping my Aunt Gayle who lives a 4 hour drive from me; we both live in Texas. Her water tastes bad where she lives. She is 88 years old and has difficulty opening water bottles which require squeezing at the same time as turning the bottle top. She discovered that Desani bottles are stronger than other water bottles and so those are what she buys and drinks because she is able to open them without difficulty.

Here is the problem: theDesani water is only available in huge packages which she cannot lift. The people at Walmart are so kind to carry the huge water package out to her car. However when she gets home she must use a small cart and carry the bottles 4 at a time to her refrigerator.

I've been wondering, could you possible put the Desani bottles in small packages? There are plenty of elderly people who would appreciate smaller packaging. Thank you for your consideration.

By the way, I am currently on hold with Coca Cola number [protected] and have been for well over an hour and 45 minutes!!!

The Coca-Cola Companytasted way off

I bought a 12 pk of coca cola cans a week ago (12/30/19) and they tastes TERRIBLE. I buy a 12 k of coca cola a day and this one tasted way off. the sku number is [protected] 4 it says proof of purchase [protected]. Expiration date Aug 17 2020 KHB19132. I live in Westerly Rhode Island and I purchased it at Cumberland Farms on Granite Street. I would appreciate compensation for the product I paid for. Even a gift card for new sodas. you can contact me at my email which is [protected]

  • Mi
    Mitzi Clack Jan 12, 2020

    I bought 2 eight packs of 12oz diet cokes from Walmart in Columbia SC and returned one for a refund as it tasted terrible as if the syrup was missing. When I tasted one from the second pack it was terrible also. My e-mail address is [email protected]

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  • Mi
    Mitzi Clack Jan 12, 2020

    Poor product quality control. 2 Eight packs bought at Walmart in Columbia SC Harbison store taste terrible

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  • Mi
    Mitzi Clack Jan 12, 2020

    Already done that twice

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  • La
    lauritsen Jan 29, 2020

    Why does diet coke continue to put aspartamine in product?

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The Coca-Cola Companydiet coke

I buy a lot of cokes, 12 cans for the last 3 12packs.. I have gotten are tasting bad.. I thought it just me & the my brother had some for when I came to visit.. I gave him one. I even tried to open another 12 pack cokes, & they were the same tasting.. I tried to fix it by adding another coke. It still tasted bad. This is why I would keep opening more.. I had to keep opening, they tasted like coke flavored water.. I buy lots of cokes, when they go on sale.. Out of all the fifteen cases, so far they tast like water, with the coke flavor. I get them when they are 3 for $10.00.

The Coca-Cola Company6 packs of coca cola in plastic bottles

Hello, love my Coca Cola but I purchased four six packs of Coca Cola for my recent Christmas Party and they were all flat when opened. How disappointing when you know the taste of a good soda and you get flat soda and not just one but 24 bottles, I opened every plastic bottles and everyone is flat with no bubbles. I normally purchase these in cans as I think the taste is better from the can but I tried the bottles this time and am very disappointed, I got a bad batch from my local Walmart, I will say this is the first time this has ever happened as I've always loved the taste of a Coca Cola. Would appreciate getting a replacement as I've been a loyal customer for over 35 years, had to do without soda this year but it won't deter me from purchasing again, just weird the entire case was bad. I still have a few of the bottles left but threw most away as the taste was definitely not there, very flat tasting. Appreciate a replacement of these? Thanks for your time.. Laura Spence

6 packs of coca cola in plastic bottles

The Coca-Cola Companylack of taste in 7.5 fl oz cans of diet coke

On December 26th, 2019 we experienced a very unpleasant experience. After enjoying many Diet Cokes over the years, imagine our surprise and disappointment when we tasted no flavor in either of two cans of Diet Coke and were forced to throw the contents away!

Several sets of numbers may assist in determining the batch or date of a small rectangle next to the bar codes were the following numbers [protected] 8 and [protected] 8. On the bottoms of the cans were stamped MARU215CVB05373NE5(cent sign) and JUL13150VC15573NE5 (cent sign). These cans were purchased in the Atlanta area, possibly at a Publix super market.

Clearly, a quality control issue is at stake and we bring this to your attention in hopes you find the source of this annoying problem and to avoid future incidents.

Thank you for addressing this issue.

The Coca-Cola Companydr pepper can not filled up all the way

I bought three cans of Dr Pepper from the deli on my block and two of them were filled up but the third one I opened they day after I bought them. It was less than what was in the other cans. I love Dr.Pepper but I haven't bought any these last couple of days because I wasn't sure if I would end up with a can like the last time. I really love the drink but you guys need to do better, thank you.

Coca Colasodas/tonics

there is nothing good in these sodas/tonics. Very carbonated hard to digest. with global warming, many products coming to the USA from third world countries filled with bacteria, salmonella, listeria, just to name a few. products being recalled by the USFDA. read the labels on these Coca Cola sodas/tonics, nothing good in them, for human consumption. with the water contaminated, polluted all over the world, these products not suitable for human consumption.

The Coca-Cola Companycoke

For the Coca-Cola Company if you have a promo like the code to send it to the Messenger if the customer win a patches and then claim it to SEVEN ELEVEN any branch in Iloilo City, Philippines I try 3 tisme to claim the patches but still they push me through different store and the promo will expire until December 31, 2019. How could you do this to your customer. I'll tell this to all of my friends that your promo is useless and to all those who knows Coca-Cola Promo.


The Coca-Cola Companydiet coke

I have drank diet coke for the past 25 years im a devoted diet coke person it's diet coke or nothing at all the reason why i'm writing you today is because I would like for you to please bring back the diet coke santa packs again I don't feel it's right to put the santa packs on all of the other coke products and not on the diet coke ones I really love the santa packs I look forward to seeing it every year and nothing it is such a let down I buy 12 to 15 twelve packs every month so could you please bring them back thank you

The Coca-Cola Company16.9 oz coke plastic bottles

Lately all my 16.9 oz plastic coke bottles taste flat and have hardly any carbonation bubbles. Although I accidently dropped one on the floor recently it fizzed some but not like before .
Under the cap is 4kkvp4k8v9wtkw
I usually buy my coke products at Firelake Grocery Store on Gordon Cooper Drive in Shawnee, OK
This is not something that just occurred it has been going on with every 16.9 oz bottles that I have purchased the last few months.
I have been buying coke products in 6 packs ( not individual bottles)in cases. I would like a coupon for a free case of 16.9 oz plastic coke bottles.
Why are these cokes taste blaugh and flat?

Linda Bliss, 46606 Hardesty Rd., Shawnee, OK 74801. Email address: [protected]

Coke — employee

There is a coke merchandiser named chris that works for coke stocking products at the kennett Missouri Walmart that I have seen high on meth on several occasions. The first time I...

The Coca-Cola Company — employee

Chris Clendenen, he is a polar bear at the Disney Springs location. Clendenen, has been stealing merchandise in the form of clothes key chains souvenirs and now food. I am afraid...

The Coca-Cola Companyempty diet coke cans found in cartons.


On occassion I have found a sealed empty Diet Coke can within the 12 pack carton. The one I did hold onto from a few months back has the followind identification information: May0619KEC11281.

Please see if anything can be done to prevent this from happening in the future.
I truly enjoy my Diet Coke beverage!

Thank you,

Cynthia Illicete-Burns

The Coca-Cola Companycoke... sprite

As a long time Coke, Sprite, Mt Franklin customer, It disappoints me to inform that I choose to boycott all Coca Cola Company products in the future. This is because my conscience & human dignity reject the Company's public support & promotion of the sinful & corrupt, sodomite / gender confusion propaganda. I want to enjoy a cold Coke, not finance the poisoning of children's minds with demonic & perverted sexual concepts, that should be kept in private (if at all). Good bye Coke...hello new alternative brands.

The Coca-Cola Companydairy ties

Are you proud of yourselves?

Accountability is around the corner. Companies making dirty money will soon be seeing CEOs and other executives in jail.

Repugnant unless I see a public apology and the company removing all ties publicly as well. I'll die of thirst before buying from you again. Including all subsidiaries.

The Coca-Cola Companyservice



KAWAWA UN MGA SECURITY MGHAPON NKATAYO 1TUBIG, 1Coke mismo.. Wala pa merienda deretso dretso nkatayo. Pati un ginamit na SECURITY UNIFORM babawiin dahil gagamitin daw bukas s BATANGAS.. Mghapon gamit ng security ipapagmit ulit.. MANAGEMENT NG COCA-COLA pki check naman s coordinator nkuha nyo Nakakahiya un gwain..Pati un na banned na isang babae.. Sna kung mali un ginwa ng babae sabihin at sitahin ng maayos at hindi un paluin nyo ng thong sa braso.. Wlang karapatan sino man manakit ng isang babae lalo na ng dhil lng s pagsita. Pki tanong nlng po un incident regarding po s ngyri ngaun gabi s Saint Michael College of Laguna Nov. 23, 2019.

Hope It will reach to the management and Hoping to hear how will the company take action about this matter.

Thank You.

The Coca-Cola Companyorder of product

Should have service reps that know policies so they can inform you when you place a delivery order. Care center should have a way to contact driver to see where order is when it doesn't arrive as scheduled and you've called twice on status. When you are told the driver will call at delivery and doesn't, not too good. Having to hunt your delivery down to see where it was delivered and then having to retrieve 15 cases of product yourself is not providing customer care. Finally calling and speaking to a supervisor on how this was handled who is now telling you what you were informed when ordering, is not their policy and just saying the usual "I apologize" and "what do you want me to do" does not cut it for me. Sorry coke...

The Coca-Cola Companytruck driver

At approximately 11 am, truck 70220 ran me off the road when we were both merging from rte 2 west to rte 495 north in Massachusetts. The Coca-Cola truck was coming from behind me going well over the speed limit. The driver proceeded to drive over 80 mph on a busy highway, going too fast for me to get the license plate number. I've attached a photograph to assist in identifying the truck. Of note, there are two trucks in the picture, but it's the red Cocacola truck who was driving recklessly. They need to just slow down.

truck driver

The Coca-Cola Companymost coke products

Coke was one on the last companies NOT to poison people with sucralose. However I ordered one the other day in Leon, Chihuahua... The packaging looked the same, it said original flavor but yet it has Sucralose in it. Stop putting poison in your product so you can make a little extra money and addict the rest of the world to your now MORE deadly product.
JL Claycomb MD

The Coca-Cola Companydeplorable appearance of can coke

on 11/6/19 while having lunch I purchased, as I do daily, a can coke from the vending machine at work. the can has some type of fury growth and unrecognizable black
substances and stains on the top/lid area, see picture.
I would like to be compensated for losing my appetite and being totally inconvienced . That .75 cents was the only change I had, I only had $20.00 bills. The vending machine serial #, barely recognizable, appears to be Dixie-Narco 0799 6477CW

I work at Atlanta Public Schools, Facilities Dept., 1631 Lafrance St, Atlanta, GA 30307.

Thank you,
Corliss Bivins-Reese, MCT
Custodial Services Technician
Atlanta Public Schools

deplorable appearance of can coke

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Nov 07, 2019

    Don't your school have an HR associate who you can go to and report the incident to and receive a refund from them. Usually HR keeps a petty cash drawer where if needed refunds can be given and then the next time the vendor signs in HR will be re compensated by the vendor. Though if your school does do this it's no surprise. Schools have become staffed by the most incompetent people you can meet. I remember it starting when I was in school when in my last few years my teachers didn't yet have a college degree and while they were suppose to be teaching me high school maths, I was teaching them college maths so they would pass their exams.

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The Coca-Cola Company16.9 fl oz coke bottles

For the last three times that I have purchased Coke bottles in a six pack and have bought them from Walmart and Food Lion at least one of the bottles out of the six won't open. It appears that the bottle lid was the best I can explain is that it won't break and open. I have used pliers and had other people try and out of the last three purchases it was one bottle out of each pack. I still have the bottles. I know mistakes can happen but we drink Cokes all of the time. My son drinks Vanilla Coke and me regular Coke.
I just hope that in the future that maybe a precaution can be taken to make sure the bottles open.

Melissa Holland

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Nov 07, 2019

    Have you tried using a strap wrench. I've used strap wrenches to remove the torque to yield bolts on harmonic balancers. If a wrench is able to break loose that bolt it will loosen anything.

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Minute Maid, owned by Coca Colacloth cotton or gauze like material with spots found in minute maid strawberry lemonade container

I purchased a container of Strawberry Lemonade Minute Maid on Friday, 11/1. The expiration date was for December 2020. I purchased this and other drinks for a housewarming I was throwing on Sat 11/2. After purchasing the items, I went home, & put them in the refrigerator for the next day.

The next day I went to serve the drink and I noticed a white frothy substance. I initially thought maybe the refrigerator was cold and it was a little slushy with ice, no big deal. So I take a sip and see. It seemed to taste ok, so I thought nothing of it. A few minutes later, my throat and chest feel very weird. My taste buds are out of whack and I feel crazy.Then I notice this white mass did not dissolve. Yet is floating in the drink with the ice. So I take a closer look and pull out the particle. It is white and long and almost like a wet dirty cotton ball or gauze. I pour again and an even bigger mass of it came out, twice. Photos are attached and do it no justice. I was sick to my stomach. Not to mention, embarrassed. Most disgusting thing ever. Please contact me as this a major concern. My body is extremely susceptible to bacteria currently and whatever particles are in there could be in many other containers and cause harm or possible death if consumed for others as well. I can be reached at [protected], or [protected] Additionally, I can be reached by phone [protected].

cloth cotton or gauze like material with spots found in minute maid strawberry lemonade container
cloth cotton or gauze like material with spots found in minute maid strawberry lemonade container

The Coca-Cola Company16 oz bottles coca-cola

Or the past week I have had to cut me drinks open bc the lids would not come off!! I have been drinking coke all my life & never had such trouble. I tried different tools nothing worked & cut the rings off didn't help. My husband had same problem. I have spilled a lot of my drinks & cut myself. If this is going to be an on going thing then I am done with your products. We are very disappointed & upset about this.

16 oz bottles coca-cola
16 oz bottles coca-cola
16 oz bottles coca-cola

The Coca-Cola Companysprite

Hi I was want to know if anyone else notice the change in the taste of Sprite. It seem like there is no acid in it. We brought four cases for a retirement party and were going to shake them up for a toast and they did nothing. So I just want to know if I can get replacements for the four cases. They were flat for some reason. They were on sale and I said maybe they were about to be out of date but they were not.

  • Ev
    Everywhere Oct 31, 2019

    Why didn't you take your receipt and return the 4 cases to the place where you bought them? Why are you now trying to contact the manufacturer and score free product?

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  • Pa
    Paul E Bingham Dec 30, 2019

    The taste of coke has changed also. I had a case from Costco- JUL1320 - LPC3022 which had a good
    taste. Now before Christmas I purchased another case from Costco- AUG3120 -LPE0719 with the bears on the cans. The taste is terrible and flat as if it has been mixed with Sunkist. Guess I will have to go with Pepsi from now on.
    [email protected]

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  • Be
    beckywiththegoodhair Jan 05, 2020

    I'd be more upset if my Sprite DID contain acid!!

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The Coca-Cola Companydiet coke multipack cans

Just opened my box of cans. Unknown to me the box was damaged and some of the cans had split and leaked all over the box. Purchased in tesco port Talbot South Wales on the 29th October 2019 in the morning.
These were priced full price. I know its not a fault of coca cola directly but tesco won't allow me to make a complaint and have asked that I direct this through you

diet coke multipack cans

The Coca-Cola Companybarqs rootbeer

why do you not deliver Barqs rootbeer to the local dollar stores anymore? my local guy when i asked told me to go to Elberta grocert in elberta al. that they allways have them and that they are cheeper. Drove there bought a 12pak only to find out after i payed that a single 12 pak cost $5.99 .I bought them at the Dollar general $3.56 a 12pak. The laddy behind the counter said when i came back too see why it was so high tells me if i wold have bought 2 it cost $6.00 WHAT A RIP OFF ! ! So not only are they not stocking barqs at our local dollar general stores [that normally have barqs] they are lying to dollar general customers sending us to get ripped off. Not happy About being lied to . Have been drinking Barq root beer since I was a boy i am now in my 60's I've never had such a rip off skeem pulled on me. NOT right to treat loyal customers this way. Big sign coke products 2 12pks $6.00 they fail to mention a single 12 pak cost $5.99 { 2 weeks ago same place it cost $ 3.68}you don't find out until your paying out your getting ripped off. Again not right to treat people ..customers . Has coke got so big they don't care about the customers ?I feel like your people are stealing from us, I'am sure I not the only one that feels they stole money from us !! The $ 3.56 per 12pak is more profitable for coke

The Coca-Cola Company — 16.9 fl oz

[protected] is the product number on the side of one of the bottles. I have bought 4 different 6 pack of bottles recently from Dierbergs grocery store, Ballwin. Mo. From one 6 pack...

The Coca-Cola Companythe 1.25 liter coke

Go the last three weeks I've been buying the 1.25 leter of coke to take to work more convenient I thought it was just me maybe my taste was off but i gave one o my coworker class of coke like to share but even he brought it that it didn't taste right an it was flat nothing worse than my favorite soda flat just wondering did you guys have a bad run I hope that's all it was because I really l your product but I won't keep buying bad products

The Coca-Cola Company — vending machines

598233 I just bought a water bottle (desani) from vending machine asset FL0100809, serial #1475DK02370 for $2.50 with a $20 bill (which the machines say the accept) at the woodbury...

The Coca-Cola Companysoda machine in my work

I always use my card or iwatch to buy drink at my work but not any more because every time I use it charge me 5.50 that happens around 4 times already and I noticed it tonight I would like to get my money back please if someone can fix that because I really like your products but I won't buy them that way or for that price


soda machine in my work
soda machine in my work

The Coca-Cola Companycoca cola cans

Bought a 12 pack only three of which were drinkable why? Oh because the liquid that was coming out was sludgy in color, un carbonated, had a sour taste and black flakes... half a can made me vomit for hours I had to open and pour liquid out to make sure it was safe for consumption.

Videos of contaminated pop and suitable pop included for comparison

The Coca-Cola Company — delivery truck driver taking handicapped space.

This afternoon (Oct. 9, 2019, around 12:30pm). Your driver was making a delivery and parked his equipment in one of the 2 handicapped spaces provided. I told him that was not a...

The Coca-Cola Company — coca cola freight truck driver

598233 I'm putting in a complaint about a Coca Cola freight truck driver, truck number 4343 New Jersey license plate number TUJ 53N and it occurred around 10:18am right at the elmsford...