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AriZona Beverage CO. / arizona tea

Aug 19, 2019

AriZona Beverage CO.Yes my name is Billy gentis and I purchased a Arizona tea from a tobacco store in wynne Arkansas and I opened it and took a drink and felt something go in my mouth so I spit it back in to the bottle it was a honey bee and I'm deadly allergic to honey bees I had to go to hospital because it...

Arizona Tea / Slimy Substance inside

Oct 08, 2014

Arizona TeaPurchased Arizona Ice Tea from Walmart, My husband drank some and replied it was something other than tea inside and there was a slimy substance floating inside. The next day my husband was ill with stomach ache and diarrhea. We took it back to Walmart and wasnt even given a refund after we showed them what we found.

Arizona Tea / Diet decaf green tea with ginseng


Had already drunk 1/2 the jug. Then something was in my mouth that I spit out. It was a gelatinous mass that had obviously been in the jug all along - God only knows if I swallowed any of it. I called the company 3 different times and left my phone number with the complaint. Not a single...