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Half time show - super bowl 2020

Stop adding to the decline of culture. How could you have allowed that pornography to happen during half time? Boycotting your company. Never buying anything pepsi again.


I was driving on a freeway in San Diego when a Pepsi truck swerved to my lane without signal or looking, almost hitting me and almost killing me. I honked but he didn't stop. There was a car on my left lane which made me choose if I want to get hit by the other car by moving to that lane or by the truck. So I chose the car cuz slamming on my break wouldn't have saved me from getting hit by the truck. Luckily the car moved out of the way for me by accelerating and allowed me to go to his lane otherwise I would have gotten hit by the truck. I took his license plate. It was Texas Token Trailer 008F 792 and it happened at around 10:10 pm on February 8, 2020. I was shaking the whole time after and because I was so fearful for my life. Please let me know what I need to do to file this complaint because this driver almost cost me my life. Thank you.


half-time show

Please consider the rights and well-being of children when creating Super Bowl half-time entertainment.

My 10-year-old son came home from his friend's house across the street on Super Bowl night and said, "Mom, the singer in the half-time show isn't wearing any clothes." Show some basic corporate responsibility and do not put sexually inappropriate material on network tv at 8:30 at night for a national audience. Parents are rightfully enraged.

  • Ab
    A.Bklmat Feb 26, 2020

    BOYCOTTING Pepsi, NFL and Super Bowl because of the pornographic half time show. PEPSI AND FOX: STOP ADDING TO THE PROBLEMS IN OUR CULTURE!

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PepsiCoa pepsi truck struck a company sign and damaged it.

I am the insurance agent for JFRCO LLC claim #FLW4548 Travelers insurance. A Pepsi truck struck sign at 2000 S Colorado Blvd Denver, CO on 10/15/2019 at 7:45 am. The truck also may have struck a bolder and was leaking oil. We have photos and video of the truck but no license plate was able to be seen. I am Travelers Insurance agent Malcolm Blakley phone 262.957.2426


I would like to report an aggressive driver. The driver was a male. License plate number 796 7CS issued by the state of Florida. He was driving a Pepsi truck. He was in the left lane, I was in the right lane. My lane merged into his and as I did he got very aggressive and almost ran me off the road. I was surprised he reacted this way as I had not "cut him off" nor did I do anything else that would have been considered aggressive driving towards him. As I continued to drive he was driving very close to the rear of my car and at one point tried to go around me even though he was not in a lane at all and getting very close to hitting my car. At one point he actually did go around me and once again, came extremely close to hitting my car. Then proceeded to slam on his brakes I suppose in an effort to try to make me hit his truck. I was doing my best to diffuse the situation and not traveling close to the rear of his truck. I decided to make a right hand turn in an effort to just get away from him. I would be surprised if this driver does not have any other driving complaints. He was obviously very angry and driving very aggressive for no reason, if there is a reason to act like that. I feel you need to be informed of this incident as it was a very scary situation to be in.
Thank you,
Heather Albanese

PepsiCotruck blocking my driveway

Today is 10/31/2019 Truck number is V18104 license number 9F64403 trailer number F53537 below that reads 508. This is against the law, this driver should be very aware of the laws seeing a commercial license is required to drive this truck.
Please better train your drivers to stop steering into residential streets and specifically blocking a residential houses driveway. This is unacceptable for such a large company...

PepsiCodelivery driver

I am an employee at a gas station y'all deliver to and one of your drivers parked blocking one of the entrances to the pumps when there was better places to park. When I asked him if he could move the truck to a more appropriate place he got angry and used inappropriate language around some of our customers. I was unable to get a picture but the drivers name was Nathan Kuhr. I understand he was busy and in a hurry but the unprofessional and rude attitude to me was uncalled for.

PepsiCo — I received a mail that I have won the pep

14038 Hi sir I recive this 1st mail on 6/11/2017 That u have 1 the price and the 2nd mail I recive again on 6 /10/2019 both mail are given Bellow sir mail me if it is true are...

PepsiCodelivery driver

One of your delivery drivers went through a stop sign and pulled out on m50 which is 55mph. I had to drive off the road to avoid hitting him. Unacceptable driving habits. Because if this I will refuse to purchase your product again mainly because he was waving his arms at me. His plate number is B534823. Truck number is 254

Joshua Eimers

delivery driver

PepsiCowild cherry pepsi, 20 fl oz bottle

I just drank a moldy wild cherry Pepsi. I purchased it from a snack store within an office building in Quantico, VA an hour ago; the lid was sealed and the bottle was refrigerated at the store. I opened it up, it tasted funny, and there is mold on the underside of the lid. The stamp on the bottle read Dec 16 19 WV2, 2221NE091492. I'm pretty disgusted.

PepsiCodiet pepsi

recently i bought a 12 pack of diet pepst in the bottle. 3 of the 12 bottlessnwas flat when i opened them. there was hardley any resistence when i unscrewed the cap. it was a little worrisome as i was concerned with the safty of the product. still love my diet pepdt but they should not taste like that. thank you for your time dincerely herbert stockdale

PepsiCopepsi 12 pack cases

My family drinks a lot of your product. We usually buy the 12 packs of cans only because I think it taste better and I can usually find a 3 for $10 OR $11 deal. Only recently every case we buy has atleast 1 bad can in it. I dont know why but the bottom of the can is blown out on a few in the case. Nothing else is wrong with the product but it kind of stinks when you try and stand them up in the fridge.

PepsiCo IndiaFridge by varun beverages

श्रीमान जी, मेरी दुकान लक्ष्मी कन्फैक्शनर, प्रेम कुन्ज, रूङकी, जिला-हरिद्वार मेंं पिछले 28 साल से स्थित है। आपकी कम्पनी द्वारा पेप्सी का एक फ्रिज मुझे लगभग 15 साल पहले दिया गया था जिससे मैं अपनी दुकान पर आपकी कम्पनी द्वारा कोल्ड ड्रिंक्स की सेल कर रहा था पर अब वह फ्रिज खराब हो गया है।
जिसकी शिकायत मैंंने 6/8/19 को की थी और मेकैनिक द्वारा मुझे बताया गया कि फ्रिज का कूलिंग कौइल खराब है और उसे बदलना पङेगा पर मैंने जब 16/8/19 को पता किया तो कम्पनी ने बताया कि हमारे मेकैनिक ने फ्रिज को डैमेज बताया है तब मैंने डिस्ट्रिब्यूटर से कहा तो उन्होंने कोई जवाब नहीं दिया।
श्रीमान जी, कृपया मेरी मदद करें। मैं पिछले 28 सालों से कम्पनी से जुड़ा हूँ, कृपया मेरा फ्रिज बदलवाने का कष्ट करें। आपकी अति कृपा होगी।
फ्रिज नम्बर-22050
संजय द्विवेदी,
79, प्रेम. कुंज, रूङकी, हरिद्वार
मोबाइल नम्बर-[protected]

PepsiCo — delivery truck parking

14038 Good morning- A delivery truck is constantly parking in a no parking zone next to our neighborhood on a busy street to deliver to cvs even when the cvs loading area is wide open...

PepsiCo — pepsi offers

I am running a groccerry in abudhabi i have more than five groceries in abudhabi .The issue is sales man and supervisor take our offers and discounts bacause of put a cola...

PepsiCopepsi winning

I have 2 mail and fast send me my mobile number I'm a winner 2019 international mobile draw ...but Natwest bank ask for me there needed to a proof of winning ( THE CERTIFICATE OF AWARD ISSUED TO YOU BY THE PEPSI PROMOTIONAL COMPANY UK, )
but I don't have any document how can I get this my certificate ...and I have a cord that like PEPSI-EIESK****...PLEASE YOU should help me the send me the link ...on my phone number +[protected]

PepsiCo — pepsi customer service department

14038 Pepsi mobile draw 2019 My name is Berihun Bantie . I have received a mobile message from + [protected] which states you have earned 850, 000.00 pounds in 2019 pepsi Anniversary...

PepsiCodiet pepsi 6 pack plastic bottles

Date of sodas..Aug 19, 2019...other numbers.. 0214bg0514491
Sodas were all flat, two of them leaked out in my refrigerator.
I buy a lot of diet Pepsi in plastic bottles 16.9 fluid ounce and this was the first time I ever had a flat 6 pack.
My resolution would be a coupon for a free 6 pk of diet pepsi.

Carla Wise
451 e Roodhouse Road
Roodhouse, Il 62082

Thank you for your consideration.

PepsiCopepsico vehicle driven unsafely - 91mph!!

I attempted to pass a PepsiCo vehicle traveling in the left hand lane; i sped up and completed my pass however the driver of the PepsiCo vehicle then sped up to 91MPH to cut me off and get back in front of me- this entire scene was captured on my dash cam video.
i've provided two snapshots for your review.
Please address the aggressive driving behavior directly with me within 7 days to address the reckless behavior observed otherwise this post will be shared across social media

pepsico vehicle driven unsafely - 91mph!!
pepsico vehicle driven unsafely - 91mph!!

PepsiCotruck driver

6/29/2019 6:30pm

Hello I would like to report a very dangerous truck driver. I wrote the number down as van 4582 and he was driving in Asheville NC. i would like him to be spoken to. He almost hit our car and was within inches of our bumper all the way down the road to be aggressively rude.
He is a very aggressive driver and was not being a good image for the company in anyway. He should understand the image he is setting with the logo on his vehicle.

PepsiCoa pepsi can

Hi my name is Joyce Blair and would like complain about a Pepsi can because the can cut my lip around the top of the can. I have the can I can send it y'all. im making this complain so it want happen to anyone else. im a Pepsi drinker please respond to my complain because it could have been worse the cut on my lip thank you my email address is [protected]

a pepsi can
a pepsi can

  • SubSquirrel Jun 25, 2019

    Seriously??? You put a sharp piece of metal against your lip you are surprised that it cut your lip?

    Do you realize that vermin like mice and rats are running through the factories, spreading disease as they run across the cans? You then put that can against your lips.

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PepsiCosomebody driving a white chevy spark with pepsi logo on it

This Sunday morning at Dollar General parking lot at 7:10 a.m. came out of Dollar General and got into a Chevy Spark with Pepsi logo on the side come flying up on the back bumper of my Honda Civic. Maybe your driver who is driving the Chevy white spark thought it would be funny to get on my back bumper that early in the morning he's lucky I didn't get a chance to tell him something not funny!!! Maybe you can tell this person teach him some courtesy on the road that early in the morning but just me and him pulling out from the parking lot at Dollar General I don't understand why you just didn't go I sat in my car for a few minutes before I pulled out and then load behold he was right behind me. Why???

PepsiCodiet pepsi

I enjoyed the Diet Pepsi when your company stopped adding Aspartame to the ingredients. I loved the flavor and purchased 2 liters daily. I recently purchased two 2 liters from Wal-Mart remembering how awesome I loved the new flavor when you stopped adding Aspartame to it. Now it tastes like nasty water because Aspartame is in the ingredients again.

  • SubSquirrel Jun 16, 2019

    You have a choice not to buy products with aspartame. I love it and only buy products with aspartame.

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PepsiCo12 pack 16.9 ounce bottles

The last 3 Pepsi's I have opened have been very flat and the seals are not separating from the cap when I open it and it makes me wonder if they could have been tampered with. And 3 of the 5 that I have drank have been flat. I've never had a problem with your guys products before. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about your soda and maybe see if you can do something to fix the situation for further customers

PepsiCostock always out at walmart

The shelves are always empty at local Wal-Mart stores in Conway SC, no stock available of Caffiene Free Diet Mountain Dew. We have spoken to store manager and he says it is because Pepsi doesn't stock the product. We have spoken to Pepsi employees and they say store management doe not order product. SOMEONE is lying. Pepsi is losing sales, WalMart is losing sales, and the customer goes without! This is noticable in all local grocery stores, and even in cities around eastern SC...NO CFD Mountain Dew...Please look into this and your help would be appreciated.

PepsiCodelivery driver

On Friday June 14 we were coming out of Estes Park, CO. We were in big Thompson Canyon on the highway. This highway is very curvy and at times steep as it is a mountain road. Your Driver, who was behind us, decided we were not going fast enough. Every time my husband, who is a former police officer, would slow down to the advisitory speeds your driver was right on our tale. He was honking at us and also yelling out his window for us to get off the road. Never once was my husband impeding traffic. He was following all signs and doing the speed limit and following the advisitory signs. I had 4 children in our vehicle and felt as if we were being pushed to go faster than need be down the canyon. This is unacceptable for your drivers to act in such a manner. The trailer number is F92651 and the license plate on the semi is QTM311. I truly hope your distribution center speaks to this driver and makes him fully aware of the danger he was putting others in with the way I. Which he was driving.

PepsiCopepsi cola 20 oz (1.25pt) 591 ml

I am so tired of opening a Pepsi in a plastic bottle and it's flat. Flat Flat equals bad bad.
I have a a few 12oz cans be flat but not as many as the plastic bottles.

I know there is nothing you can do about this problem but I just had to complain to someone. I have been drinking Pepsi since I was 16 years old, I am 66 now. You do the math.

I drink Pepsi to settle my stomach nowadays, do you know what a drag it is to open a flat Pepsi for my nauseated stomach. Big drag let me tell you.

Okay, that is it I just had complain to someone

Thank you

Lorraine Trujillo-Larkin

PepsiCogatorade orange g2

Why has it been discontinued and so hard to find? I don't drink alot of stuff but during the summer I drink alot of Gatorade. I don't like regular Gatorade and one other thing why is it sold at Sam's with other flavors but fruit punch is sold in a 24pk.

It is really aggravating to like a product and not be able to find it.

Thank you,
Angela M. Thomas
225 E. Florida Street
Evansville, . Indiana 47711

PepsiCodriver refusing to move truck. blocking customers and employees from parking

At 7:40 am driver pulls into our small gas station parking lot. Blocks customer parking completely at a very busy gas station. Says he will move and doesn't. Was asked 10 min later to move for employee to park. Does not move. Asked 10 min later to move so another employee can leave... refuses and then proceeds to swear and say I was being a [censored] and just having a bad day. Refuses to move. Takes another load in. When I took pictures he them backs up enough for me to squeeze out still blocking customer parking. Said he didn't give a [censored] if I called his boss.

driver refusing to move truck. blocking customers and employees from parking
driver refusing to move truck. blocking customers and employees from parking
driver refusing to move truck. blocking customers and employees from parking

PepsiCo12 pack of pepsi

Pepsi is my drink..I go through a 12 pack every 2 days and this was what I got from my 12 pack I bought last 3 cans were almost completly empty and dented up but unopened and no spillage in the box. I have never filed a complaint like this before but 3 out of 12 is pretty unacceptable un my opinion and the kum and go where i bought them will not return them. I am enclosing some pictures i took.

Thank you for taking time to read my complaint.

Tamatha Perkins

12 pack of pepsi
12 pack of pepsi
12 pack of pepsi
12 pack of pepsi
12 pack of pepsi
12 pack of pepsi
12 pack of pepsi

PepsiCopepsi company reckless driver

In the morning of May 8th 2019 between 8:15 to 8:30 time I was driving on hwy by exit number 107 Boggs exit I was in the left lane to turn left and the Pepsi truck was on the right lane to turn right. There was a lot of traffic. When the signal turned green he tried to merge in front of me and came so fast and even when I honked at him he still came in my lane and almost hit me. I had to get off road and go into a ditch to the left before I got hit. His truck number was LE49872. He was driving with me until pleasant hill. He almost could have killed me or caused a major accident. Please resolve this issue as you seem fit. Just let me know. Thank you

PepsiCodiet pepsi.

60 to 70% of the Pepsi I purchase from grocery stores is flat when I open it. If not fixed I will stop buying Pepsi. Please fix the fizz. The reason I like Pepsi is the carbonation factor. Some of the Pepsi purchased at fast food chains is fine. The store bought Diet Pepsi in 8 pack package is the one I purchase and continuously is nearly flat when I open the bottles. What is the problem is it defective packaging by Pepsi or caused by shaking while being delivered to stores and displayed. Please fix the problem. Thanks for your attention.

PepsiCotruck driver/reckless driving almost hit me

I almost got hit by a truck at the family dollar in Indianapolis Indiana on May 7th at 4:31pm. When I yelled an told the guy he almost hit me an he should watch where hes going theres lots of people in this parking lot an he pulls in all fast an almost hits me doesnt even look in his rearview mirrors. He waved his hand on me qn said oh well I told him I'm gonna report him he said cool report me the cameras right there. Very disrespectful not to mention he almost hit me. I'm pissed off grown men dont have any respect. He couldve apologized an just been more careful.

truck driver/reckless driving almost hit me
truck driver/reckless driving almost hit me

PepsiCodiet pepsi labeled incorrectly

I purchased three 24 can boxes of Pepsi from Wal-Mart. When I opened one of the diet Pepsi boxes it contained regular Pepsi. My husband is a severe diabetic and cannot have sugar. Plus the date on the bottom of the cans was two mths past due. Please advise what can be done about this situation as we are extremely disappointed in Pepsi at this time.

PepsiCopepsi 12 oz can

I love pepsi and made it my choice for many years. Recently I have had several cans that when opened were flat. There were no visible signs of damage to the cans. The first couple I just emptied the contents down the drain, and disgarded the can, but now I feel maybe its time to let someone know. These days you have to be causious, never know if someone may be up to no good. I have attached a photo of the bottom of the latest can. Thanks for letting me vent
Russell Windham

pepsi 12 oz can


I bought a bottle of Pepsi from the super market in stonyhill St Andrew when I opened it and started drinking the pepsi had no taste ( fresh) other than the acidic is very insipid even checked the date and it won't expire until August. If you like you can contact me at [protected] if you would like more information or [protected]


PepsiCopepsi zero wild cherry

love your sodas i have been a true pepsi drinker since i was a small child and i am 62 now, but recently on several ocassions i have bought a 12 pk or case and find the cans smashed at the top really bad and sodas are flat .im on a fixed income so every penny counts and its costly to keep buying to replace bad sodas.

still a pepsi drinker

cathy deeder
36 Edwards circle
union mo 63084

Just would like soda replaced

PepsiCodiet pepsi

For the past 6 months or so, I have not drank a 12 oz. can of regular diet Pepsi without it being flat about half way through. Not much worse than flat diet Pepsi!! You have to guzzle it in about 5 minutes for it to have any carbonation when you finish it.
Since I usually end up poring the bottom half out, it really makes it a waste of money!!
I have been a dedicated Pepsi lover for over 40 years but guess I will be switching to diet Coke as I cannot stand to drink flat diet Pepsi.
Will Roth

PepsiCodiet caffeine free pepsi

Shame on you! I have been a loyal Pepsi customer for over 50 years. During the last 15 years I have switched to Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi as I have an intolerance to caffeine. Since December of 2018 it has become very hard to find this product. I have been told by Pepsi delivery persons that this product is not be stocked. How insensitive of you to take away a product that people enjoy and for health reasons. I guess you have not made enough money is the only reason. I love my Pepsi but if I cannot get it caffeine free I will be forced to purchase another product, and it will not be Pepsi.

[Resolved] PepsiCodistribution of product

About 18 months ago my local bellstores in Dalton Ohio stopped caring the blue sugar free rockstars, my favorite and obviously everybody else's favorite too, being that they were always sold out of this flavor before the next delivery would come in. I kept asking the stores cashier's why this happened and thy just keep saying "they changed their set", i am assuming they mean the local pepsi distributor? They have a whole row set aside for rockstars and the only flavor that is not there, the blue sugar free flavor . Why would the distributor remove this flavor or change it from "the set" when it would usually sell out before the next delivery, and i know this because i bought so many of them and often would find that they would be out while other flavors were still on the shelf. Is there any way we can get this flavor added back to "the set" at the Dalton Ohio 44618 bellstores locations . thank you Bryan Russell [protected]

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