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R Nov 14, 2017 Review updated:

I've stayed at Wyndham properties several times and for the 3rd time attending their sales pitch last spring at the Oceanside resort. After a couple hours they sent in another associate (I had no intention of buying). She pitched the Discovery program at approximately $2, 000. Try it at at any of the properties and if you like it I can upgrade within 2-years. 6-months later I'm planning next years vacation. Funny, most of their properties are not even available under the Discovery program. I've called customer service to see if I can exchange my points to go to a property I want to stay...I'd even take a hotel. Not an option! However, if I want to upgrade my member ship they'll work something out. Not going to happen. I'm finished with Wyndham. I should have gone with my instincts and just left the presentation but I was in there over 2-hours...sounded fair...signed the contract without reading the fine print. Their sale people are good. Be warned! I'll use my points but I will not be staying at a Wyndham property again. And my family and friends will know how I feel as well.


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      Aug 22, 2018

    Purchased a Wyndham Discovery Package while staying at the Nashville location in Oct 2016. Have reservations for Oahu and Kauai for next week. Supposed to be flying into Maui tomorrow 8/23/18. Just one problem. There is a Category 5 Hurricane approaching. American Airlines sent out Travel Alert advising of changing flights due to the weather. Changing our flights will impact the entire 12 day trip. Wyndham has room for the dates we are needing to change to, BUT because it is within 15 days they will not allow the change. I lose the 200, 000 points currently booked. They claim their "weather team has not issued any travel alerts at this time" and then further said "you can call back in a couple of days to see if that has been updated. LOL. Hello! Are you listening, I can't wait a couple of days as I'm needing to make airline changes today. What a JOKE!! I will NEVER step foot in a Wyndham property again. I highly encourage everyone to stay away from Wyndham!!

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      Feb 10, 2019

    Don't feel bad. I'm a rocket scientist and they almost took me, but for the full retail $3129 for the 20, 000 credits over a 2 year period. Fortunately, I have always had a healthy skepticism for timeshares and after the grueling 5 hours experience, I came home and did my due diligence, knowing full well that California affords me 7 days to cancel. Like you, I discovered that the Discovery Program only includes 30+ of Wyndham's 200+ properties and does not include Florida or Hawaii. I also discovered there are a myriad of other issues with Discovery program including fees that were not disclosed like booking fees and maid fees in addition to the relatively common "not available" landmine. The sales people are nice enough, but several times I stated my understanding of various aspects of the program, which were incorrect, and they're there nodding "yes." So they were basically "nice" people with ZERO integrity. Not sure how you can get up in the morning, look in the mirror, smile to yourself, and know you have ZERO integrity? Anyway, I dutifully faxed my cancellation and I have only wasted a day listening to another timeshare SCAM. I'm a sucker for FREE stuff, but I'm finally learning that nothing's free. My wife and I agreed NEVER again. I know Wall Street loves Wyndham, but I'm not sure about the long term prospects for a company with so many unhappy customers.

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      Aug 04, 2019

    Everyone who was lies to in order to sign a Wyndham Discovery membership. My was Norberto told us that we had 2 years to use 300, 000 points and if we did not we would get our money back. This is call fraudulent misrepresentation because we believe his when he said we have 2 years to use the 300, 000 points and we would our money back. Please anyone in the same boat please overwhelming the FTC, BBB and Florida attorney general with your complain so we can have them look into Wyndham fraudulent practice in getting people to sign up base on lies.

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