CB Insurance Services Clientele I want this matter resolved and be paid what due to me contact [protected]

Clientele review: I want this matter resolved and be paid what due to me contact [protected]

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Claim No S0240717 refers, on the 11th of June 23, I experienced Palpitations, and went to see a Dr who recommended I get hospitalized to investigate the Problem I was admitted on the 12th of June 23, they ran different tests Liver, Kidney CT scan and took 24Hr urine samples, to name a few. I was discharged once my Palpitations had subsided on the 15th June.

Meanwhile since I am Hypertensive and Prediabetic the Dr gave me in hospital meds to control my BP ,and glucose but I was not in Hospital for my BP, and I had my meds with me but the Dr recommended I use my in hospital benefits, this must be clear that my BP is always under control, and has never given me problems since I take my meds.

I then lodged a claim with clientele I subsequently received a call from a lady who asked me about my Hypertension history , and I was upfront about my condition, but I asked her what does that have to do with the reason for my admission , as that is not what I was in hospital for I was in Hosptal for sudden Palpitations then she closed the Fone .

When I followed up on my claim later, I was told it was declined because I am hypertensive and was taking BP meds whist in hospital.

I made many calls to clientele to no avail indicating I was not admitted for my Hypertension, but I landed in hospital for my sudden palpitations, and all records indicate reason for my admission and stay was Palpitations not Hypertension.

I was not told because I was taking Hypertension medications that's why my claim was rejected.

That is despite the evidence of Lab tests and all other evidence indicating otherwise.

I feel the Clientele system has sodomised me, and I was left with no option but to cancel my Policy, because It will never be of benefit to me for as long as I am am alive and Hypertensive ,even if even if I am admitted for another illness .Hypertension will always be used as a scape goat , even if it has nothing to do with any illness I might have.

I will be taking the matter up with the insurance Ombudsman , and will provide all necessary proof for my admission of which Clientele never bothered to ask me for , if that was a bone of contention before prematurely reaching their uninformed conclusions to decline my claim and despite me calling explaining this confusion.

Yours very dissatisfaction and disappointed,


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