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CitifinancialTerrible service!

In 2002 we refinanced our home through CitiFinancial. In May 2003 we were hit by a tornado and had $39,000 damages. Our basement was flooded. We filed claims with our homeowner's insurance. They began to pay us and we started to have repairs done. One check was for $11,000 made payable to me and my husband (since we paid our insurance premiums direct and not through our mortgage co.) with a notation of CitiFinancial on the side, for us to show the manager and have him sign off that we were having repairs made.

(FEMA had come in and inspected our home and said it was not safe for me to be inside since I have Asthma-due to the amount of water damage in the basement. He said it needed to be repaired ASAP and the wet carpet removed because mold and mildew were getting bad and it could be fatal to me.)**

Citifinancial's manager was rude to me and yelled at me and took the check from my hands (with people all around the office seeing this) and said he was going to deposit the check into Citifinancial accounts. (My husband and I had already signed it since we were on our way to the bank to deposit it so the windows could be ordered and the new carpet could be ordered and we had to pay a deposit to get this work started.)

The manager then called our insurance company and yelled at our agent and demanded that they pay the money to CitiFinancial. She explained to him that 'we were the insured' and had to get the repairs done, and the only reason CitiFinancial was noted on the check was because the repairs were over $5,000 and the law states we have to notify the mortgage company of repairs being done. (After this incident, our homeowner's insurance canceled us and said they would not be able to cover us any more.) Leaving us with $22,000 damages to pay for ourselves.

Citi's manager took the check and deposited it in CitiFinancial's account. He refused to give me a phone number for his Supervisor and told me my mortgage was no longer in his office. (We tried to get an extension of payments for 2 or 3 months due to tornado damage.) He held the money from May 2003 until August 2003. I had to get one of the contractor's to go to CitiFinancial with me to get $5,000 released to order the custom built windows we needed.

We had to try to pay for repairs ourselves. (I was also disabled in June 2003 due to a work related accident.)We used up our savings and sold some furniture to get repairs done.

Then in August 2003 I received a phone call from a girl in CitiFinancial's office telling me that she could lose her job if the manager knew she had called me, but she had to let me know what was 'going on'. She said our mortgage had been there all along and he was lying to us. She was sure he was trying to foreclose on us. We had to file Bankruptcy in Nov. 2003 to stop them.

Then in May 2004, CitiFinancial called us and said they were going to reduce our interest from 14.9% (it was supposed to be 13% but it was changed after we signed the paperwork to 14.9%), to 6% and reduce our monthly payments from $1533 to $854 a month. We waited from May 2004 until July 2004 and still no paperwork. They tried to Foreclose on us again. We had to file Bankruptcy again to stop it. We paid payments through Chapter 13 through July 2005. CitiFinancial called us and said we were 'current on our payments' and they would work with us and we could make payments to them. We let our Bankruptcy be dismissed and tried to pay CitiFinancial again.

We were approved to refinance and CitiFinancial gave us three different payoffs, ranging from $73,000 to $144,000. The man on the phone said he was in their Loss Mitigation department and said 'they would not allow us to refinance with anyone else'. I told him he was not 'God' and could not control us or what we did. He was rude, yelled at me and said 'we just needed to let them have our home and be done with it.' He caused us to not be able to refinance. The lender we were trying to use said he had never seen such a mess, and they could not refinance us unless we could get a legitimate payoff. That was in October and November 2005. They continued to transfer our mortgage again.

All this time since July 2005, they refused to accept our payments stating that 'our mortgage was a mess and they could not accept a payment until it was corrected because the money would sit in a floating account until it was corrected.' I tried to call every office from Coppel, Texas to Levittown, PA to Hanover, MD and was told the same thing.

(One bookkeeper sent me copies of our records and told me to get a lawyer because she had sent through more than 3 directives to correct our mortgage paperwork. Money was posted in 2005 that was paid through our Bankruptcy and then removed and put in their pocket in interest posted prior to our Bankruptcy filed Nov. 2003 and right after the tornado hit in May 2003.) We were current at that time, so there was no interest due. All this time we were still trying to get our home repaired little by little.

In March 2006 we hired a lawyer who contacted them by phone and letters disputing the amounts they were trying to charge us ($10,000 in legal fees) and stating we were in arrears over $25,000. He told them the fees were unreasonable and they had refused to accept payments and the amounts were wrong. A woman in their Loss Mitigation Department said she was going to 'put our mortgage on hold' due to our property dispute with people we had already paid off and CitiFinancial could not Foreclose on us while we were in the property dispute lawsuit. Our lawyer tried to get them to accept $4,000 on our mortgage and she said it would be put on hold.

We did not hear anything else from them after May 2006 and our lawyer considered the matter settled.

Then in April 2007 they tried to Foreclose again and tried to say we were in arrears $41,000. We had to file Bankruptcy again to stop it. They did not even bother to send a lawyer or attend the Meeting of Creditors to discuss working out our mortgage. They did not contact our lawyer. We had to let Bankruptcy dismiss and now again are trying to get this worked out.

I talked with THEIR attorney this week and he said He will try to get us a legitimate payoff. He said they are preparing to try to Foreclose on us again.


We can't refinance due to the property dispute, or without a 'legitimate payoff quote'. With all the damages we had, it's taken all we had to get repairs done. CitiFinancial will not take responsibility for their actions or their employees actions. Someone in authority needs to.

I will not give up my home, and my husband and I will fight with everything we have to see Justice done. CitiFinancial and Citi Group were sued by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in May 2004 or 2005 for Predatory Lending and CitiFinancial had to pay millions. I believe they need to be sued again and fined hundreds of millions.

We all need to stick together and contact the Federal Reserve Board and the State Comptroller's office of each individual State involved. I have already talked with a lawyer and I am going to bring it to his attention about a Class Action Lawsuit.
CitiFinancial has to be stopped. They have hurt thousands and thousands of people, taken homes they had no right to, caused people to be suicidal and destroyed families. They are greedy, hateful, and rude and obviously 'train their employees' to be the same.

(I spoke with a woman in their Coppel, Tx office two days ago, and she did not know anything about our mortgage, yet had sent a letter to us to 'Reinstatement, Adjustment of Terms, Adjustment of Loan, etc.,etc. I'm sure you all have gotten their form letter sent through the mail.) She then proceeded to tell me I needed to talk with their Legal Department, but could not give me a number to call them. She then gave me the name of the same lawyer I have talked to for the past 2 years. In unity we can prevail. We cannot be 'faint of heart', and have to persevere. We have to be diligent and fight for our homes and our families.

I am willing to talk with anyone who wants to get involved with this, and I have access to the best attorneys in the USA.


  • St
    stressedout2 Mar 10, 2011

    I took out a personal loan for $2000 in mid-2009 after being put on medical leave from work. Well, my medical leave ended up lasting over a year and as a result I had to file bankruptcy. Not only did CitiFinancial continue to call me many times a day at my cell and at work (even before I returned) after my filing, but they continued after I supplied them a case number and my attorney's information. They also called my parents several times a day even though I don't remember supplying their information. Two days after my bankruptcy was filed they sent me a lawsuit and a court date to occur after my initial meeting of creditors for my bankruptcy (which they did not show up for). Last week I received a default judgment against me in their favor saying I did not show up for court thinking I was under the automatic stay protection of bankruptcy. Now yesterday I received a notice to garnish my wages unless I pay in 15 days. They now say I owe them close to $3000 + 25% interest and their attorney's fees. My attorney is going to send them a cease and desist order but I am skeptical it will work.

    When I took out the loan I also took out the health insurance on it but you can see how that worked out. To claim the insurance I had to do all of the leg work and paperwork, which was more than the loan application and would have taken days. Hard to do when you are bedridden.

    Whenever I tried talking to them to discuss my situation they would become belligerent and belittling unless I could make a huge payment of 400-500 dollars to include "catch up" payments and fees - after I had just made a "catch up" payment. I also witnessed the manager rudely argue with another client over the phone when I was in the office trying to work out a resolution as they would send me letters saying I had options, even though the options were unrealistic once you showed up in the office. It was just a way to get you in there so they could badger you in person. They even had the nerve to ask me to borrow from friends or family to pay them back. I said if I could have done that I wouldn't have needed a loan in the first place. This same manager would leave rude voice mail messages on my cell with statements like "I don't know what your problem is" or "I can't believe you're treating us this way."

    The third time I received a letter from their office after I filed bankruptcy I called and gave my case number, the initial meeting of the creditors date and location, and my attorney's information and asked them to please stop sending me letters and threats as I was protected by the automatic stay. I even gave them the reference as stated on my court paperwork with the legal numbers. I was simply told their lawyers would handle things from then on. I'm guessing they did not even notify their attorneys of my bankruptcy as required by law.

    What's really ironic in all this is my student loan carriers cannot take payments until my bankruptcy is discharged and those are exempt.

    This is putting my job at serious risk and my emotional stability is hanging in the balance.

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  • Fr
    free me Jan 19, 2011


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  • I took a loan out with Citi 9 years ago for 2000 dollars ( I was a dumb, broke single guy about to lose his car). I had a lot of financial problems after that and ended up not being able to pay for it. They got an attorney involved and froze mine and my wife's checking account (whom I was not married to at the time of the loan). I finally settled over the phone for 2000 dollars (they said I owed 5037 dollars yet) in August of 2008. I just got a letter in the mail yesterday (November 22nd, 2010) stating that I was having 25% of my wages garnished for the remaining 3000 dollars. I have not heard a thing from them for almost 2 1/2 years and now I am having my wages garnished?????? WHAT DO I DO?????

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  • Mu
    MU PA Nov 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a loan through Citifinancial. They have repeatedly charged us hundreds of dollars in fees when our payment was late, not the $20 fee for late payment. They sent our loan to their office in Greensburg PA for forclosure. After calling the office and getting the payment amount to get our account current I paid that amount in full to get caught up. Again this month they want an additional $153. Not sure why because our payment isn't even late. I'm so discouraged and don't know what to do.

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  • Ba
    bahamama Sep 09, 2009

    Let's come together and stop them. It is sad to see them take advantage of the average person who works so hard to get by. I don't have a mortgage complaint but I have a personal loan complaint that was paid off 2 years ago by the real estate attorney and they still refused to cancel the judgment they placed. The amount of conflicting information and rude behavior from this company is unprecedented. I have never experienced anything like this. So I wrote a letter to the citifinancial CEO, Mary McDowell, citi holdings chairman, Gary Crittenden, CEO Citigroup, Vikram Pandit, citifinancial legal, citibank legal, BBB, FTC, all the credit bureaus -- transunion, equifax, experian, and I just added the FRB and State Comptroller's office after reading your e-mail. I did some research today and it is not just in the US. In India, associates visit customers houses rudely collecting money. This is madness and I am in agreement to join in a class action lawsuit. They have to be stopped from behaving this way and only when it hits them in the pocketbook would they, hopefully, realize what they have done.

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  • 46
    46samis Jun 30, 2009

    What can we do to stop Citifinancial from bullying consumers? They make threats and harass thinking one will give in, but they are wrong and I can prove it! They placed a ficticious mortgage on my rental property and refuse to correct their mistake, so now they are saying that I missed a payment 3 years ago that I didn't, and I have the receipts to prove that as well. They are rude, vicious, and should not be allowed to continue to treat consumers that way.

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  • Pa
    Paola May 07, 2009

    I am residing in Toronto Canada and have issues with CitiFinancial and feel their approach is quite rude and abrasive.
    I have a 5, 000 loan with them and payments were 200/month they reduced them to 100/month as our financial situation is not very strong, they even have the nerve to send people to our doorstep to collect checks from us if we cannot make it in on the day requested...they even have said "Well we know were you live and will drop by to pick it up" I felt that we were dealing with a Bookie or something worse with a bad debt.
    We are constantly reminded that their legal department is going to get involved...can they force you to sell your house to pay them?

    I am all for teaming up on these guys

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  • Al
    Alex Feb 11, 2009

    I got a loan with Citifinancial in early 2006, in September 2007 i went in to pay the balance.

    They gave me the balance amount and i cut them a cheque for the amount and assumed things were done with them.

    Then in January 2009, i get contacted by one of their agents (So ya over a year and 5 months later) and they inform me that i have a balance of $1000+ oweing on my account and when i was gonna come in and pay it. I asked them what the hell they were talking about... and basically it seems that the Branch computer and the main citifinancial computer are not directly tied together and so a interest amount of $197 had been applied to my account during the time they gave me the balance and i paid it and when the two computers talked to each other there was a $197 difference... SO $197 was outstanding on my account and 17 months of additional interest has now kicked the amount owing to $1000+... BUT of course they didn't bother telling me of this out standing balance.. or the fact that technically i missed 17 payments... cause according to them, all my "payments" were up to date to this point (when the bill cracked $1000 again it suddenly wasnt up to date). To MY knowledge the account was closed.

    SO now they are attempting to get $1000 out of me and more than likely im gonna end up going to court over the matter.

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  • Co
    connie Aug 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree.- Citifinancial Mortgage is the worst.- I have asked for a pay-off and a payment history and it is really all screwed up. I am in bankruptcy, but I am paying citifinancial $13, 000 to get discharged from bankruptcy and surrendering my vehicle. Citifinancial has added charges, hidden fees, etc., which you don't imagine. They said I owe them $27, 000 - this includes $13, 000 in bankruptcy and $14, 000 of i dont' know what. Yes, I agree Citifinancial needs to get sued and we need to get an accounting of our payments, - Saludos!!!

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  • Ch
    christine kallas Aug 26, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have had numerous lies, disecptive practices, disability discrimination and persuasion. My house has been put on the market without my consent and I'm getting no returned calls from citifinancial.

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  • Ch
    C.hill Jun 16, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been searching for others with the same issues that I have with CIti-Financial. I have a loan with them, secured by my home. We got behind on the payments and with our first mortgage. We were working with our mortgage company and stayed in contact with our local office to help resolve this. We got a repayment plan with our mortgage company and tried to work payment with our local Citi-Financial, the manager there was so rude and hateful and proceeded to tell my husband how she didn't have time for his bs and tired of his ###. She also refered to him by his brothers name. Well, he corrected her and stated he was not his brother and was not to be refered to as him. She actually slammed her hands on her desk and raised he hand at my husband. Well he walked out, she was so mad and if he would have sat there he feels should would have finished her swing and hit him. We tried to file a complaint no one would help. No ne can even provide a number or even name of the district manager, like its a big secret.
    Since this we have gotten current on the loan and able to walk into a different office to make our payments. Last week I received a letter from an attorney's office stating they are filing suit for a judgement against us on this loan. I spoke with the office and was informed since the payments were sporatic, they could get a judgement to secure payment. We got 3 payments behind(first time ever).
    Now all I am getting from their customer service is that I must contact the location. Now why should I put myself in harms way of walking into that office. I have never gone thru so many people to be told there is nothign I can do for you. Now I have left a message form their legal department. Now here is the big one, I had to change my number due to their harrassment and do not want them to have my current number. They called me daily, I still have all the messages on my old answerign machine, with time and dates...There are days I received two and three messages from their office.
    Are there any suggestions out there. My first thought is to get my papers in order and contact an attorney and file suit against the branch manager, employees and Citi-Financial.

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  • Sh
    shirley May 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have a mortgage with citifinancial and they are rude, nasty and I refuse to talk with them. They then called everybody that was anybody that could possible contact me even my ex husband, leaving messages. I wrote to them explaining that I was ill and could not and would not take the dog talking from the representatives and I also do not talk with them, because they will surely put notes into the omputer that you never, ever made. They do these type of things to keep you from making mortgage with another company. I made payments into the courts, which by the way also seem to have disappeared and they explain to me that they do not have a complaint department. So, this is why I am online looking for someone in authority to talk to about my missing money. I too will not give up the fight. Prayer is on my side, I holding.

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  • Mi
    Miss Misery Feb 20, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow - If this is a company I am thinking of, they are not very efficient when it comes to posting items on their monthly statement. BUT guaranteed, if you do not pay the entire balance before the agreed-upon date, they will ding you a huge amount of interest - even if your statement still shows you as owing nothing.

    The initial bill of sale is what the company goes by, and even if you accidentally still have 67¢ owing, you will be billed the interest for the full amount charged.

    Sometimes, you will be billed full interest charges if you do not pay the monthly minimum payment. Read your original bill and make sure the terms are no interest and no payments for three months. Otherwise, make sure you make that monthly payment, on time.

    Heh... for once this wasn't my experience, but I am drawing upon the experiences of others.

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  • Ri
    rick jobe Feb 05, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This isn't really a complaint yet... we purchased a couch and loveseat at a local furniture store. it was a "don't pay for 3 months" deal with no interest bla bla bla. We knew we had to pay by feb. 12th 2008 to avoid interest charges. I went to citifinancial today (feb. 5th 2008) to pay the balance in full. They brought up the account and said there was no balance. I asked for a printout and they gave me a sheet showing our account at a zero balance. They told me to look at it like a "late christmas gift".

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