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Citi foreclosed on my home due to their incompetence working my modification

I fell behind in my payments due to oral surgery, numerous car repairs, very high utilities bills, legal fees after divorce etc...

I called Hope and talked with a counselor James Wells who got all my info and sent off a hardship package to citi mortgage. James was sure that I qualified for the making home affordable program since my income is at 39% of my mortgage . I called Hope in the middle of April 2009.

I called Citi and asked them had they received my Hope package and I was told by the rep that a foreclosure date had already been scheduled for June 2.

The Citi rep on the phone told me that in his notes he sees that Marcus Byrant is assigned to my case and that he is sending him a email to get that date moved. The rep explained that it takes a while for the loan modifications to go through so moving the date was imperative to my case and that he has emailed folks before and they have moved the dates for the same reasons. He gave me Marcus Byrant telephone number and told me to talk with him as well. I called Marcus Byrant [protected] several times I got no answer so I left several messages. I didn't receive any call backs from him. I gave him my email address, home and cell. Nothing was received. I talk with Kevin [protected] and Ken [protected] one of these Citi Reps sent off the email to Marcus Bryant.

I called Citi mortgage back about every other day or so. I was told to ask the
Citi reps to look at the DRI noting system to see what notes where added to my account so I could be informed on where my case was going. I received no calls no emails no mail from Citi.

I called on May 20 and the rep pull the notes up on their system and I was told that they are needing pay stubs from me to show my income. I faxed them to James Bryant like I was told on May 21 2009

I called Citi again and again to check the status. I was told that I had been approved for some kind of modification but all they were needing was my home value information. I offered to send what I had or to get that to them. I was told that they would need to obtain that info themselves.

On May 31 or June 1 I called to see what was happening the Citi rep Ashley Tarron [protected] her rep number is 34236 told me that was my home was still up for foreclosure on June 2. I was SHOCKED. She placed me on hold and got with her manager and she said that she saw notes that I was approved for some type of modification on May 13 but the property value info still had not come in yet but her manager was indeed moving the date of foreclosure to make time to get the needed information they were waiting for to get my new payment amount.

In the meantime, I am still waiting on modification information and finally on June 23 I get a letter from Citi letting me know that my file was forwarded to the loss mitigation team. See attachment

I also get a yellow envelope that has a card noted 6-23-09 to call Citi mortgage. see attachment

I call the number [protected] and the message says " If you are calling about the status of request for mortgage assistance the review process will take approximately 30day's. sign in to your account at for status update

I go on line and I can't access my account so a number pops up for me to call.

The rep tells me that my home was sold for foreclosure on June 2!!! I lost it asking why and what because I am getting information from rep after rep, I got this letter dated June 19 saying that my modification was being worked.

The rep told me that the date was never moved, then more excuses: they had received a incomplete package from Hope James Wells. They hadn't received the property value information they had requested. I informed her that the date should have been move long before and they where responsible for the property info.

She told me that since I leave in Texas that I couldn't do any thing about the house being sold and that a eviction letter was mailed out on June 26. I got it on June 29. see attachment

I called back on Sat June 27, I spoke to a rep and asked her who bought the house, she explained that couldn't find that info and that since she was in Loss Mitigation that there is nothing she can do for me and gave me yet another number to call for REO [protected]. I left a message no phone call has been returned.

I got 3 days the letter says. Citimortgage inc. has purchased the house now. I have no where to go!


  • K
      Jul 06, 2009

    Yeah, they have been working on my modification since march, I have given them the same information 4 times and they still call. They send things in the mail saying they can help but when I call they can't help, they have no intentions on helping. They got bailed out for bad loans, but they won't help the people with the bad loans. Now, they have given pay raises. Isn't that money supposed to go to help us?

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  • S
      Aug 20, 2009

    I was planning a move out of town so I put my home up for sale and it was on the market for months with no offers. At that time I was not behind on my mortgage. I found a renter moved in with my mom and moved out of state. The renter stopped paying my property manager "use the term loosely" stopped answering calls and basically screwed me. When it came to paying my rent where I currently lived and paying my mortgage my mortgage got paid but it was a little late. In the midst of it all I FINALLY got the deadbeats out of my home AFTER they stole checks that were sent to my old address and the police got involved. This was months later and at this point the house was empty. I could no longer pay everything so I fell behind in my mortgage payments. I contacted Citi repeatedly and left messages with EVERYONE but no one knew anything. I was transferred from department to department to department... it was ENDLESS and unproductive. I finally got a renter in the house and I was finally told I could do a modification then was put on a payment plan ... paying about 150 over my mortgage amount. I was told to make the extra payments for a few months sending by certified check then I'd get some paperwork giving me my final amount that I'd begin to pay. I NEVER heard from my "counselor" again. He never answered my calls and never returned my calls again. I've called over and over and over and over and OVER!! Each time I've been told I haev to talk to a different person and I've called and left messages. Today I FINALLY hear from someone who tells me since I don't live in the house they can't modify my loan and I'm now 8 months behind because the payments I was sending in technically didn't count. If it wasn't so HORRIBLE it would be funny!!! LOL So basically the lady tells me ... my new payments will be $250 over what my normal payments were. However... if I put a couple thousand down... lol I told her she could STOP talking right then!! She told me my only options were to pay what she said or do a Short Sale. This is just RIDICULOUS and at this point I don't give a d*mn anymore. My only concern is... I own my own home now (for what it's worth) the way the banks are holding onto the money they are supposed to be lending... I'm scared I won't be able to get another home loan in the future (couple years). However, this WHOLE process is just a massive headache...

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  • S
      Aug 27, 2010

    These stories bought me to tears. THIS IS STUPID!! Why is Citi Mortgage and other banks allowed to take government money and misuse it, while we all suffer the raft of their greed and stupidity!

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  • C
      Dec 15, 2010
    Citi Mortgage - service
    United States

    Citi Mortgage a.k.a ###'s damn near impossible to contact these ###s...There is no contact web address e-mail for them..or has anyone been able to find one?

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  • D
      Sep 21, 2011
    Citi Mortgage - Stop calling me and harassing me
    Citi Mortgage
    United States

    Citimortgage owns my mortgage. I have NEVER been late on a payment. I ALWAYS pay between the 1st and the 15th. Citi now calls me to tell me to pay before the 15th or I will incur a penalty.

    Stop already. I know this and I pay on time EVERYTIME. Stop calling me and harassing me. Enough.

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  • R
      Mar 10, 2012

    I have reached the end of my Rope with Citi Mortgage having had my mortage with them since 2006' and a customer in very good standing I honestly could kill the person or people that continue to call me YES 4 to 6 times a day, morning noon nite, while I am at work home driving I at first thought they had the wrong person NO they are simply harrassing me and in the state of california there are some prettty strick consumer protection laws How do we ban together in a class action law suit to fry these people. I am a very conservative business man and do not want the Govt in my life but what do I do seriously I am getting dangerous over the anger this continues to build If I could find another loan company and refinance I would do this tonite I cannot stand this company and the people that they have doing their work for them. Who is this CEO that one guy says he calls every day and screams at if anyone ouot there can offer me advice or help Please email me tonite [protected]

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  • M
      Apr 16, 2012
    Citi Mortgage - Fees charged for no reason
    Citi Mortgage
    United States

    Mortgage with Citi for 10 years. Bank of America sent 3 auto mortgage payments in error, and Citi said they could not reverse the 2 overpayments. They did, then charged me $30 for NSF, and refused to waive the $30 "based on my payment history", which has ALWAYS been auto debited on the 1st of the month, and never late.

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  • R
      Jan 24, 2015

    People: ITS ALL BANKS! i lost my home of 35 years to the crooks of zions first national. My senario would read ditto of posts just different bank. OOOhhh zions accepted bail out money as well and the occ fined them 8 million for money laundering How sweet it is.

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  • M
      Aug 26, 2017

    over two yrs and payments $1901. Back in May, 2017, i had applied for modification to lower my payments, and supposedly it was approved and was told that my first payment was on July 1st for $1295 by Melinda Bennett, which now she is no longer with Citi & just to find out that the payments were 1901, higher than my actual payments. I got behind cause i was told to pay in July, 2017. After that my acct has being a mess. Between Mary J Bencon and Ramon A Goodman, i felt discriminated the way they treated me and spoke to me. They told me that if i can afford my house to sell it or give it back to the bank. I have worked so hard in this country and have a family for them to talk to me like that. If they do not know how to talk to people and give a good cust mer service, they are in the wrong place of work. I need those conversation to be escalated it and some one to call me so we can try to bring my account current. DUE TO CITIMORTGAGE MY ACCOUNT IS DELINQUENT

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