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Early last year, I purchased a Samsung NV3 digital camera from a Circuit City store in Columbus, Ohio off of Polaris Parkway. I was informed by the associate of the details regarding the Advantage Plan PLUS for 4 years. He described being fully covered for unlimited repairs for the entire length of the 4 year Advantage Plan. Also, if I had any trouble, just come to any Circuit City store and they will help me.

As I soon found out, about 1 year later when my camera broke and right before a wedding, the story changes. You can only get your camera fixed by calling a 1-800 number and by sending your equipment in via mail. The manager at the Baltimore, MD location also said I should have a back up camera in case I would ever need one. I could not believe they were trying to sell me a digital camera in case mine broke, when I purchased a Plan to protect me in case mine broke. Completely the wrong answer I was looking for at the time. This was the first indication I made a mistake by purchasing the Advantage Plan Plus.

Secondly, after sending my camera via mail to have it fixed, I was never notified about any progress (which was promised when I called and set up my claim), and also much much longer than the time frame given to me.

Thirdly, Circuit City deemed the camera to be replaced, and a gift card was (supposedly) sent to me (still waiting). I was quite happy at this point something actually good came out of buying the Advantage Plan, however, when I called to check on the status of my claim, I knew enough to ask how the remainder of my 4 year Advantage Plan Plus was going to work. They stated the Plan stops anytime your equipment is not able to be fixed. I agreed to pay $104.99 to be covered for 4 years, but now I am only covered for 1 year.

Instead of Circuit City paying to have it fixed, its more beneficial for them to just replace less expensive equipment so that the warranty stops and the consumer will have to purchase another Advantage Plan.

I am the fool who purchased a 4 year Advantage Plan Plus for $104.99 on a $199.99 digital camera. That wouldn't have been a bad deal if I was actually covered for up to 4 years. However, Circuit City is quick to just replace the equipment so that the consumer is now stuck with yet another decision of 'Should I purchase another 4 year plan'? My now-educated answer: NO!

I want my 4 yr Advantage Plan Plus pro-rated for the 3 years I am not covered. Or at least, refund me the difference between the 2 year plan and the 4 year plan. I would have had the same horrible service either way.



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    Bellite Feb 23, 2011
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    I had the stereo repaired using my warranty. The stereo was not fully repaired and it was not playing at all.

    I sent it back for repair and Circuit City would not honor warranty.

    They stated that the warranty was no longer in effect. I was asked to pay an outrageous price for the follow up repairs.

    The price for those repairs was more than I paid for the stereo and warranty together.

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  • Me
    meagnfoxdater9999 Aug 18, 2010

    exactly...just showing everyone that this sight is bogus and unregulated. its full of ex employees bashing small companies that do good for the community. i made 3 fake profiles...bashed circuit city and megaan fox all in a mtter of 10 minutes. Imagine if i was a small mom and pop shop that needed every customer it could get to turn a profit...I would be out of business. Spread the word!!!

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  • Me
    meagnfoxdater9999 Aug 17, 2010

    I hate circuit city. there customer service is the worst. they sell fruits and vegetables. they rob banks and steal from old people. I used to date meagan fox but i did not like her thumbs so i broke up with her. She was a great girl but i couldnt deal those. she loved me but not enough to keep me

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  • An
    another ex-employee 9999 Aug 17, 2010

    yes i agree with ex employee9999. I also used to work there and they train us to be be me mean to all the customers. They train us to be rude and insult everyone. they also train us to sell the most expensive items even if they dont need it. They also sell you private information.

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  • Ex
    ex-employee9999 Aug 17, 2010

    I used to work at circuit city. They scam everyone of their customers. they customer service is terrible. I know this because i used to work there and they told us to be mean to every customer. They told us to get as much money from every person that we could. The managers dont care about anything except getting discounts and getting their paycheck. dont use them or you will die!!!

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  • Jo
    jolia Aug 17, 2010

    terrible service plain and simple...they are going to go out of business just because of service...what a shame

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  • Wh
    WhoCaresAboutYou? Jul 01, 2010
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    You found a Circuit City still in business? Must have a time machine! A hot tub time machine?

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    Erinove Jul 01, 2010
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    Your inventory is great but your employees seem to stand around together talking all the time rather then walking the floor and helping out.

    I have been to a few stores and seen this. I am sure their are some places where this is not happening but as a rule you need to make sure your employees are helping customers.

    If most of your shoppers are like me, a little help from someone would lead to a purchase rather then frustration and leaving the store having bought nothing.

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  • Am
    Amberlee87 Feb 07, 2010

    The sales person should have noted your receipt that they opened it. The 15% restocking fee is to prevent people from "borrowing and returning" . Which started when people needed a pc to do a midterm or project then return it to get there money back, then the store loses money because they have to try and discount it and find another customer to purchase and opened item. Circuit City was non-commission so they could care less about the sale, it's just the policy. If Circuit City were in business I would not shop there anyways, they had the worst customer service.
    They have this policy in all major electronic stores. the policy follows with camcorders and cameras as well, that way people aren't using the product for what they need then returning it.

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  • Mo
    Molly Nov 30, 2009

    I saw a product at that was at an unbelievable price. Of course it was out of stock. I went to a local Circuit City to "call" them on their price match guarantee. There was a $213.00 difference between the two stores. The circuit city store would not match the price because they did not carry the model in question in the same color. Yes, the model was the exact same thing except different color. I called and of course they did not offer the alternate color that the retail store offered. Isn't it amazing how retail giants can swindle their way out of paying up on their price match "guarantee"? and Circuit City stores are obviously not the same Company or I'm sure they would have made sure I got the product for the best price in any color. My real complaint here is that is advertising an unbelievable price since they don't have the product in stock. If that is not false advertisement I don't know what is. The person I talked to on the phone when I called them could not guarantee me the product for their "on-sale" price when it is available again. All he would do is register my email so that they could send me an email to let me know that the product is available again. I hope I'm wrong but I would bet my next paycheck that it'll be back to regular price before I see it available again. Back from $499.99 to $699.99.

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  • Jo
    JohnKY. Nov 21, 2009

    in Aug. 2007 I purchased an ELement 37 inch wide screen TV, with that TV I purchased a 3 year in home extended warranty, the warranty is through a third party warranty company not sure who, but if you`re thinking of buying an Element TV BUYER BEWARE
    I first called for assistance with a audio loss problem, the tech took 5 days getting to me and his shop is 1 mile from me by this time the problem had disapeared after being without sound for 2 days, the tech Kevin from Precision told me that the Tv was software driven like a computer which is a bald faced lie, I purchased an in home warranty Precision TV took my TV to thier shop for 6 days and just let it sit there I had to go to his shop and phtsicaly carry my TV out and bring it home at first I thought the problem was just with Kevin and Precision TV, not so, after my second conversation with the warranty company and refusing to let Precision touch my equipment, they sent out a tech from NA-DO tv who in 10 minutes took the back off my TV showed me the circuit board that drives everything, not software driven by the way, went back to his shop tried to locate the part, guess what the part is not available, the warranty company is trying to stall hoping I will give up because if they cant come up with the part they have to give me a new TV, remember this all started in late august, it is now Nov. 22, DON`T BUY FROM CIRCUIT CITY or use thier extended warranty they both suck

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  • Ch
    chuck Aug 23, 2009

    I hope you do realize that Cicut City is out of business - they are no more. They no longer exist.

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  • Gr
    Greem Aug 23, 2009

    I bought an $1800.00 HP Laptop from the Circuit City more then 6 months ago. They offered a $150.00 HP mail in rebate and a $50.00 Circuit City mail in rebate. After waiting 4 months and not receiving either rebate I contacted the rebate center for both Circuit City and HP. Both claim they never received my rebate. What are the odds that both did not receive it? Sounds like they did not plan on receiving them. They both told me that the rebate had expired and there was nothing they could do. I wrote to the president of each company detailing what had happened. I received a response back from HP stating they would offer me some coupons for printer ink. They did not state how much they would be worth. I wrote back and stated that they should live up to the agreement and give me my $150.00. If I wanted printer ink I would buy printer ink. I told them that if this is the way they do business I would not buy anymore HP products. This was my fourth HP computer. I said I would also spread the word about their scam. They did not respond. Circuit City never bothers to respond.

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  • Al
    Alex Ander Aug 19, 2009

    I wanted to purchase a TV but was waiting for some sale offer, just few days before I noticed that there was a sale in this company and decided to purchase the TV without any delay. I went to the store and learnt that the TV was already out of stock I requested them whether there will be any other sale, the owner was very kind and said that in the end of the month they are planning for and said that he would inform me. There were hardly any days for the month to get over so I decided to wait. As said I received a call from the store that the sale was there and only few TVs are in stock, so again without wasting a moment I hurried to the store. When I arrived, they only sold me one TV whereas I wanted 2. In addition to this, I had a 10% percent coupon to use. It was good on the total purchase, sale items included. I picked out a camera, accessories, the TV, and planned on a computer. They would not sell me the second TV. They would not honor the 10% coupon except on the two camera accessory $19.99 items although the coupon said well on total of 199.00 or more. I was very displeased with this behavior and decided to leave the store without any purchases. There are dishonest with their coupons and don't honor prices. They wouldn't even honor the price of the camera that was online for 20 cheaper! Even though on the website, it says pick up at store is an option. I would have ordered online and clicked pick it up if I had known.

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  • Ar
    Arnold Aug 01, 2009

    We purchased 2 televisions and numerous other products (DVD player, remotes, instulations, etc) from the Circuit City in Rocky Mount, NC. The purchase was made on May15 with an instulation set for June 2. The large expensive 42 inch TV started freezing up the week on June 24. Circuit City won't help us because they have a 30 day policy if you don't buy the extended warranty. I called JVC who said the software was old. In our brand new TV! They sent new to update and we still have the same problem. I have spent HOURS on the phone and no one cares. NOT CIRCUIT CITY or JVC. JVC says they will set up an appointment with a repair man but they need to find one closer to our home. We live in a remote area there is nothing close to our home. I called our salesman again today at Circuit City and he threatened to call the police if I came into the store. He also put me on hold and didn't come back. I won't by a JVC product again. BUT I REALLY WILL NEVER SHOP AT CIRCUIT CITY AGAIN!

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  • Pa
    Patrick Jul 28, 2009

    Requested FireDog from Circuit City to install a wireless modem. I told them to bring another modem, as I didn't think my current modem was compatible with the NetGear brand sold by Circuit City. The Firedog techie came out, and could not get it to work. He had me request my local phone company to bring out a modem. The phone company came out and completed the wireless install, so I didn't need Firedog to come back out. However, when I got the bill from the phone company, I called Circuit City to state that because I was billed by the phone company after the Circuit City Firedog techie recommended that they come out, why should I pay Circuit City for the install when they were not the ones who completed it. Circuit City agreed over the phone and had me make a 50-mile round trip to show them my receipt (which they could have looked up). After I got to the store, the manager said no way. After 6 letters to Chase Credit card, on which the service was billed, and several phone calls, Chase said they would not get into whether or not the service was performed. Chase knocked off the interest fees and late charges that they tacked on basically because I disputed the amount with six different letters for three months. I ended up paying the disputed amount, and have now made three requests to have my Circuit City account closed, because I do not think I should have had to pay the $95 for a service that Circuit City's tech referred to someone else. I also think Chase Card should have backed me up.

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  • St
    Steven Jun 27, 2009

    The shipping for my order was a disaster. I ordered a camera on Dec. 14, 2007 and took advantage of the "free shipping" offer for orders $24 and over (I think 24 was supposed to have something to do with Xmas). The CC website informed me that the order would arrive 12/21/07. It didn't arrive. I tracked the package using the information given at the CC website - I was then informed that the camera would arrive 12/28/07.

    According to the tracking system for the useless "FedEx SmartPost" the camera wasn't even picked up until 12/18, it made its way to a sorting center in WV by 12/20/07 and as of the writing of this review it still hasn't moved. The sorting center is at least 600 miles from the NY state destination. When I call CC they can provide no additional information, they dropped my call at least twice, I wait for long periods to receive nothing. There is no offer to resolve the issue. I don't plan to use Circuit City again. Very disappointing. Oh yeah, when you call Circuit City they'll ask for your phone number every time. They don't use it to do anything! You don't need to give them your phone number, just your order number will be fine.

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  • Xe
    XenoMiang Jun 19, 2009

    Wait you posted this in May of this year? How could you have called up a Circuit City store when the company went bankrupt and all stores closed in March? I'm confused.

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  • Vi
    vick May 20, 2009

    i purchased a Hitachi plasma tv 50" from circuit city on march 26 2008 my t.v went bad on april 5 2009 it had just passed the 1 yeard warranty. the problem in the tv is that it powers on and then goes back to standby mode. i called up hitachi and they said to call up circuit city since i have the extended warranty, i called up the circuit cty no and they said that i need my recipt which i have lost, they are not pulling up there records to view my invoice infact they told me that i am not in there system, fortunately i had financed the tv through circuit city card so i have proof i called them back with my card statement and they still did not help me out they are saying that they cannot find me in there system and that the statement from the bank is not of any use even though i am still paying for that TV. It has been over a month now that i am going back and forth with them and hitachi and no one is ready to help me, upon hitachi's advice i called there approved tech to diagnose, they charged me $100 and did bnot do anything infact told me that they will charge me $300 just labour and that they will take to there shop and ten tell me what's wrong with the tv and also charge me for the parts...
    Hitachi is not ready to back up there own product and circuit city is hopeless. i dont know where to find help.

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  • Le
    Leo May 12, 2009

    I bought a external HD (brand toshiba) from Circuit City and I did not receive my rebate buy. I received an e-mail from Circuit City saying that my rebate was accepted and it would come. They also sent to me the tracking number of my rebate, however I cannot access anymore Circuit City website site neither any of their phone number. I just can't find any costumer service center to complain about my rebate. I know that they went out of business, but I believe that might have some way to get my money back!

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  • Ze
    zeenat Apr 30, 2009

    i had purchased a 70 inch sony tv in 2005. 3 times it got bad and circuit city fixed it. the 4 time it was not working and circuit city was closed . i had plan so they sent somebody to fix it last month i was without tv for 15 days. 1 month later again the same problem. they would not replace the tv because i do not have proof of repair. i bought the tv for $8, 000, but of no use.

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  • Ju
    jules Apr 16, 2009

    I'm so sorry this happened to you! I would get a good lawyer and slap a lawsuit on Pattel and CircutCity for emotional damages! Contact your witness and don't let this matter go. Do not be pushed around by these ###s, I'm betting that there are some lawyers who would LOVE to represent your case!

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  • Co
    Collins Apr 16, 2009

    Pattel Manager has a short fuze and is very unprofessional. I decided to stop by your Palmdale Circuit City on 2-25-09 at approx 7:00 Pm. Located at 39331 10th Street West Palmdale, CA [protected] to see if the store had some fixtures and or shelving for sale at a decent price. I walked around the store and walked toward the rear of the store hoping to find a sales associate to help me. I opened the door which appeared to be the back stock room and looked inside. I did not notice anyone there so I closed it. As I closed the door I noticed a Gentleman (Later Identified as Pattel Store Manager) Walk towards me in a hostile way from approx 40 Feet away. Pattel Shouted at me from the 40 Feet distance and stated, 'Hey get the hell out of there'. I was so in shock that I turned around thinking that he was talking to someone else. He then came closer and Stated in a loud voice, 'Yeah you, what the hell are you doing back there'. I Stated, 'Wow, do you always treat your customers this way, I'm looking for an employee to help me find fixtures for my business'. Pattel Stated, ' You have no business back there, get the hell out of my store, I'm calling the Police'. I was so in shock as some of the Customers were as well, in fact I have the Contact information of a Customer who witnessed the whole incident and is willing to testify in Court on my behalf if necessary, His name is Dan H. I asked for the Mangers Name and told him I was going to Contact the Corporate office to complain about his unprofessional behavior. He Stated, 'I don't Care'. Approx 5 Minuets Later as I was leaving the store in disbelief in what just happened The Sheriffs Department Arrived to the location and I explained my story to the officer. He told me to wait while he talked to Pattel. Approx 15 Minuets later the officer told me not to worry about it, Pattel has a short fuse. I went home and I was embarrassed to say the least. I feel like my Civil Rights were Violated, I was falsely accused of something, and My character was defamed by this incident. I'm requesting attention in this matter as I'm prepared to go public and seek legal council regarding this matter. I'm outraged and can not belive that Circuit City would employ and trust a business in the hands of Pattel.

    Please contact me with any questions related or not related to Pattel Manager or this incident.

    Please Note: The Back Stock Room Door had no Signs on it whatsoever ( I took Pictures) and Also there are several signs saying that everything is for sale including all fixtures and shelving.

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  • Ma
    Martin Apr 14, 2009

    I bought QuickCam Communicate Deluxe from Circuit City during the black friday sale in 2008 and and immediately submitted the rebate forms, and got confirmation about the submission. In Jan. 2009, I sent email to check the rebate, they said the check was sent out. Actually it was not, then they said they will reissue other check after 30 days. 30 days passed, nobody reply my email, and the web is not accessible anymore.

    Circuit City have a big time rip-off! I believe there are a lot of people victim of them.

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  • En
    EndedWisely Apr 08, 2009

    I do not think that you could have used the word lie any more then you did. Good job with that. Also I think that you should have gone into more detail about the phonebook. Did they not have one or did they not give you one that they had? You can not be mad at a place not owning something that they have no use for. Last I checked Circuit City was not a tow truck info stand. But hey maybe they should have been cause now they are nothing. hehe.

    I also feel that you are yelling while typing this. You seem to want to use angry words for no reason. "Sicko's work there, " Really!? Sicko's!? Did they molest you or something come on?! And just because someone is not very helpful does not make them "bad people."

    I hope that you are having a better day now and are getting your anger management issues worked out.
    PS. I am not a fan of circuit city either.. but not for anything this crazy.

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  • Sh
    Sharon Apr 06, 2009

    I purchased two HP laptops from Circuit City during the black friday sale in 2008 and immediately submitted the rebate forms for both. Online status showed everything fine. I also received an email in Jan 09 that the checks have been printed (with amount and check number) but have never received any checks. When I emailed to inquire on the status I was told to email after 30 days and they would reissue new checks. When I sent the email requesting new checks, I received this email:

    If you are inquiring on the status of your Circuit City mail-in rebate, at this time we are unable to provide a status update as to your particular rebate submittal. It is our intent to provide further instructions as soon as they become available. Please visit
    for the most current information. We appreciate your patience as we work through this difficult situation.

    Today, I tried once again to check the web for an update and guess what the page no long exists! I am furious - $300 down the drain and I actually got up and stood in line at 2:30 a.m. to be ripped off! I could have bought these computers anywhere at what I ended up paying!

    Circuit City should be held responsible for these rebates - big time rip-off!

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  • Il
    iliketigobittys Mar 24, 2009

    What you've had happen is this: Circuit City had a practice of "Pre-optimizing" a certain percentage of each sale item computer on a weekly basis. So, if model xyz123 was going to be on sale during a particular week, the Firedog technicians would "pre-optimize" say %50 of model xyz123 computer in anticipation of that many customers preferring that service. If you were one of the customers who waited until the end of the sales week, then you likely missed the opportunity to purchase one of the model xyz123 computers that had not been Pre-optimized.

    Now, about the pre-optimization service. This service was well worth the $39.99, even if you don't think so. Even if you're a tech head like myself, this service was worth every penny of the charge, as it saved you hours of work. This service included: A) the "First Time Startup" process (avg 45min). B) Downloading and installing all applicable Windows updates (avg 2hrs). C) Optimization of the computer by removal of unnecessary programs and system processes (limitless time savings over the life of the computer).

    If you cannot see the value in this service, you're a ###. You, and customers like you, are one of the reasons Circuit City went out of business.

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  • Jo
    Johny Mar 13, 2009

    I recently purchased a blu ray movie from the store and later when i got it home and opened it a week later to find there was no disc in case. I paid $35.00 for an empty jewel case. Now they're closing and says ALL SALES FINAL.

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  • Br
    Brenda Moon Mar 11, 2009

    A lesson for us all. Do not buy from any company on the verge of bankruptcy.

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  • Er
    Ernette Williams Mar 09, 2009

    I purchased a 1, 654.00 52" Samsung T.V ON THE 27 Feb 09 to get the set home and discover a crack on the bottom of the set and horizontial lines. I returned to the store the following day to be told i had to "contact" Samsung directly for any repairs that may be needed on the set. Once i contacted Samsung a repairperson from Precision T.V informed me that the part needed for my set was'nt under warranty. And it would cost me a 1, 000.00 dollars are more to repair my T.Vset. To be out of a substanial amount of monies on a defective T.V . I feel robbed and taking advantage of because the sale reciept stated all sales are final. I hoping i will be able to file some type of class action lawsuit on this matter. Good writtens Circuit City!

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  • john7777 Mar 08, 2009

    You called about your rebate check in Feb 2009??? Didn't watch the news for the past year. All there stores are being shut down since they went out of business. So if you haven't yet don't get your hopes up if you never see the money.

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  • To
    Tony Mar 08, 2009

    I purchased the HP notebook from Circuit City on Black friday of November 2008. This came with the $150 rebate from Circuit City. I applied for the rebate through their online tool as soon as the computer arrived about 10 days later. I received an email on January 22, 2009 that the rebate check was sent and that I would receive it in 7-10 days. I never received the rebate check. I began calling about 2 weeks later and each time I was told to give it more time.

    I called on Feb. 21, 2009 and they said that they would reissue me a check and that I should get it in 7-10 days. Once again NO CHECK. Every time I call they say that I should give it more time. I now believe I will not be getting a check.

    What is frustrating is that once I heard they were filing bankruptcy in January I was going to return the computer so that I didn't need to worry about getting a rebate check. However, the person at the rebate center assured me that I would get my check. I trusted them and now I doubt I will ever see the rebate check.

    I think everyone who is waiting for their rebate check should somehow get in line first to be paid out. Is there any class action going on with this? Has anyone received their rebate check since they filed bankruptcy. I would like answers and no one is giving any. This is the most dishonorable company and I am so glad they are out of business so no one else will get robbed like I did.

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  • Ro
    rocker314 Mar 03, 2009

    You may try using Scam Search to find same complaints, if there's any.

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  • De
    Deborah Williams Mar 01, 2009

    Well I had a Warranty with Circuit City and it expired in December and I was calling them, to renewed my Warranty.I just hope that my 52 inch t.v. would last until I gets in touch with someone.You don't have to worry about me buying any warranty with them anymore, Since they went out of business I will be buying my T.V. from SAM's Wholesale. DSW from South Carolina.

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  • Po
    Polly Mar 01, 2009

    On 02/08/06 I purchased a sony KDF-E42A10 42' projection HDTV for $1849.99. I also paid $399.99 for the protection plan. The day I got the television home and plugged it in the entire picture had a green tint to it so I called the phone number they gave me with the warranty. Circuit City sent out a repair man in a Circuit City van to fix my problem or so I thought.

    When the repair man left my home he had broken more of my television then what was messed up in the first place and now I had no picture and no sound for two weeks while I had to wait for parts to be shipped to my location. This caused me to miss viewing the super bowl at home in HD. When the parts got to my house they sent the same repair man to my home to replaced the bulb, color engine, and power supply on my TV.

    While putting my television back together he lost half of the screws to the back of my television and would do nothing about it. Nine months later my picture has gone muddy on my TV so I call for a repair and again they send me the same repair man as the first time and he once again replaces the color engine on my tv stating that one of the triple LCD panels on it had blown out. My television then worked correctly for about a year then the picture started to get dark again.

    I then called for a repair and they send out a repair man who replaces the color engine and power supply again. Two weeks later I had to call because the picture got dark again and they sent out the repair man to replace the bulb again on my set. Now according to my warranty if I had to call for service three times Circuit City was supposed to replace my television but refused to do so.

    Now Circuit City is going out of business and once again my picture has gotten dark and muddy and I still have a year left on my warranty and it looks like the color engine has gone blown a panel again since my colors are dark and muddy and am stuck with a lemon sony HDTV and only the option to fix it once again since there is now no Circuit City to attempt to get a replacement television from as stated in my warranties lemon clause.

    Circuity City has gone out of business in the United States and all I have to say is 'it couldn't happen to nicer people'. I spent $2249.98 on a TV and a warranty and neither one worked as intended.

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  • Ph
    Phil Feb 28, 2009

    You might also be interested to find out that their "great deals" they have are complete garbage. After having visited a Circuit City, I noticed their sales prices, 40-70% off, and thought to myself, "these prices look like they have been marked up and then put on sale because they dont look any different." Well sure enough, I was shopping for a printer, and I decided not to get it, but the particular unit I was looking at was $107 at Circuit City with a 40% sales price... I later found it in BestBuy, land of the overpriced, for their non-sale price of $88. Circuit City are a bunch of criminals. I am happy they went under.

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  • Ep
    epr Feb 27, 2009

    Where's my IPOD that was sent for service under warranty?

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  • Je
    Jean Feb 23, 2009

    I ordered a laptop power cord from Circuit City on 1/17/09 and was never told that they were going out of business. I was admitted to the hospital on 2/12/09 and was there for 21 days.

    When I returned home, I called Circuit City and they told me that the store was going bankruptcy and to call [protected]. I called and waited and finally someone comes on and I asked them to send me a shipping label.

    It is now 2/21/09 and I haven't received a new power cord or a shipping label.

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  • Ky
    Kyle Feb 20, 2009

    Hello all I recently went to Circuit City out in Rancho Cucamunga CA. I was looking for a New TV and an SD Card for my digital camera.

    After going to a couple stores that were already sold out of the TV I wanted when I got to the Rancho store they said that they had 1 left in the back. They also only had 1 SD chip like I wanted.

    So I waited thru the line to donate my money to the slush fund, while they brought the TV from the back.

    I handed the really rude girl my visa credit card, she ran it thru and everything looked like it went thru the POS had me sign it. Then the register pop's up and says card declined. So I figured maybe my bank had messed up which they are known to do. So I handed her my Visa Debit Card, she ran it thru as credit and same thing signed the deal then computer says card declined. So at this point I figured maybe there POS was messed up with Visa. So I proceed to use it as a Debit card with the PIN. Charge goes thru just perfect.

    Heres rub #1 I get home and check my credit card and I got charged $2400 on my Credit Card, $2400 on my Check Card, and $2400 on My Debit Card. Guess what they all posted.

    Heres rub #2 & #3 After finally paying and me feeling bad cause I had to go thru 3 cards and held up the line. They brought out this big box on a dolly a 70' TV. I got happy and brought my truck around to the front to load it up. Since the straps on the box were broken I thought I would open the box just to double check that everything was there. Guess what Empty Box No TV just Packing foam.

    So at this point knowing that I now have an uphill battle I figure I will breakout my new camera just purchased at another Circuit City and take a picture. I proceed to open the package and come to find out they sold me a box with a cardboard SD chip.

    After striking out on everything I bought I then asked to speak to the manager. He said there is nothing he could do as there registers have been programmed to not give refunds. They didn't have anymore of the TV I wanted, nor the memory card. He told me I would have to dispute the purchase with my bank.

    I then got his name which he actually gave, I then asked him the name of the Liquidation company that was paying his check, running the store, and stealing money from me. He said he had no idea.

    At this point I had filed fraud claims with my bank and I am holding my breath since they forced me to use my Debit Card with PIN which is just like cash. At least they are in process or reversing the other 2 Visa Transactions. I will post an update with the outcome.

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  • So
    somecallemwaffles Feb 16, 2009

    You went to Circuit City to buy an item you knew you could not get from the Best Buy because you knew the Best Buy did not have it in stock. A sales person is not going to call around town doing your shopping for you, especially when you have already done it and can't find a better price some place the item is in stock.

    Stores have price match to keep people from having to "cherry pick" purchases. They know that people don't want to go from store to store to get the TV, blu-ray player, and X-BOX so they can say "HEY! I have the same thing here, I'll sell it for their price!" NOT so you can get indignant and complain when you were too lazy to leave your house on Sunday when the other store had the player in stock dirt cheep.

    You think its funny that Old Red is going out of business? Just wait till the CCity ads stop showing up and six pages of merchandise that wasn't on sale for you to bully the Best Buy into price matching for.

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