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Early last year, I purchased a Samsung NV3 digital camera from a Circuit City store in Columbus, Ohio off of Polaris Parkway. I was informed by the associate of the details regarding the Advantage Plan PLUS for 4 years. He described being fully covered for unlimited repairs for the entire length of the 4 year Advantage Plan. Also, if I had any trouble, just come to any Circuit City store and they will help me.

As I soon found out, about 1 year later when my camera broke and right before a wedding, the story changes. You can only get your camera fixed by calling a 1-800 number and by sending your equipment in via mail. The manager at the Baltimore, MD location also said I should have a back up camera in case I would ever need one. I could not believe they were trying to sell me a digital camera in case mine broke, when I purchased a Plan to protect me in case mine broke. Completely the wrong answer I was looking for at the time. This was the first indication I made a mistake by purchasing the Advantage Plan Plus.

Secondly, after sending my camera via mail to have it fixed, I was never notified about any progress (which was promised when I called and set up my claim), and also much much longer than the time frame given to me.

Thirdly, Circuit City deemed the camera to be replaced, and a gift card was (supposedly) sent to me (still waiting). I was quite happy at this point something actually good came out of buying the Advantage Plan, however, when I called to check on the status of my claim, I knew enough to ask how the remainder of my 4 year Advantage Plan Plus was going to work. They stated the Plan stops anytime your equipment is not able to be fixed. I agreed to pay $104.99 to be covered for 4 years, but now I am only covered for 1 year.

Instead of Circuit City paying to have it fixed, its more beneficial for them to just replace less expensive equipment so that the warranty stops and the consumer will have to purchase another Advantage Plan.

I am the fool who purchased a 4 year Advantage Plan Plus for $104.99 on a $199.99 digital camera. That wouldn't have been a bad deal if I was actually covered for up to 4 years. However, Circuit City is quick to just replace the equipment so that the consumer is now stuck with yet another decision of 'Should I purchase another 4 year plan'? My now-educated answer: NO!

I want my 4 yr Advantage Plan Plus pro-rated for the 3 years I am not covered. Or at least, refund me the difference between the 2 year plan and the 4 year plan. I would have had the same horrible service either way.



  • Ph
    Phil Oct 03, 2006

    Mr. Jon Kelly, Store Manager in Beavercreek, OH was very, very unhelpul and non-resonsive in trying to get help for repairs on a Compaq laptop. On initial contact he came across immediately with a most condescending, belittling attitude and that no way was he going to help with repairs.

    Yellow Springs, OH

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  • Sa
    Sandi Oct 28, 2006

    I purchased a 24" Polaroid TV from Circuit City in January 2006, with an extended service plan. The TV stop working in September of 2006. Circuit City scheduled for Chaparral Electronics to repair the TV as this is one of their vendors that they use for repair. The day they were scheduled to pick up the TV, September 8, Chaparral contacted me and demanded that I return home two hours before the scheduled appointment to give them the TV, otherwise, I'd have to wait for "some other day" for them to come by. They stored my TV in a Budget rental truck over the weekend. A week later, when no one called me to advise of the status repair, I contacted the owner, Buddy Martin, who proceeded to yell at me and tell me that I was "lucky it hadn't taken a month to look at the tv." He then hung up on me three times. I called back that afternoon at 4:00 and asked again about the repair status. The owner refused to tell me, saying instead that the Operations Manager, who was out of the office for the day, would call me on Monday and "tell me how it was." I insisted on getting at least some details and he replied, "I don't think anyone can answer your questions." Again, very rude. I waited on Monday, but, no one called, so I called Chaparral back and spoke with part-owner "Trey" who advised that he was very familiar with the situation and proceeded to tell me that he didn't "agree with the way I handled things" as I had contacted Circuit City corporate office, as I was appalled at the poor treatment. I was was further shocked when "Trey" advised that the necessary part was on order for arrival that Friday but "well, UPS could, you know, lose it or something" hinting that the repair of my TV just might be delayed. Interestingly enough, the part was "delayed" another week. Fearing retaliation and potential additional damage to my TV given "Trey's" vocal disdain for my contacting Circuit City's corporate office, without notice, I lost three hours of work time to drive to Chaparral and retrieve my TV and return it to Circuit City for them to handle. I researched this company on the Better Business Bureau and discovered that this company has 17 complaints, many unresolved. Wonder why! This is definitely NOT a good company to do any business with. I would think Circuit City would not want to be afffiliated with this company as, unfortunately, I do not have a very positive view of Circuit City. While the local store simply exchanged the TV, the Corporate Office did nothing but make a couple of meaningless calls to Chaparral, despite my begging them to help. I received only one follow up voice mail from Circuit City Corporate office from "Jason" advising of the delay in the part's arrival and "thank you and have a nice day." Shame on Circuit City!!!

    -Sandi in Houston

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  • Ro
    Robbie Nov 25, 2006

    Circuit City promises a lot with their warranties, but to get them to live up to it is extremely hard.

    My story is acutally at

    I've had a horrible experience as well and would never reccomend them to anyone else.

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  • Valerie Nov 30, 2006

    We had purchased a new TV about 9 months ago, it had to sent back to curciut city because it was turning off for some reason. they have given us a new tv that we are not happy with it doesn't fit the stand that goes with our original TV . when we called about it they gave us the run around that it had to be sent to another company to be fixed. at that time we were told that they would call us and let us know what was going on with the tv. the only reason we knew where it was going is we had to call and ask over and over again where our tv was. we were promised that the original tv we bought would be returned to us around 2 weeks ago,well we have not got our tv back and we have not heard anything from curcuit city. i was informed that since we have had this problem that 2 other people have complained about the tv's they had bought. my husband and i are tired of the run around that we are getting from them. the manager in charge of the tv section said that our tv was not worth the time to have it fixed. we have a warranty on the original tv. we just would like to know what we can do about this problem with our tv. we have been waiting about 3 weeks for someone from circuit city to call us back. we are tired of waiting.

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  • Valerie Feb 16, 2007

    We purchased a 50 in. LG Plasma TV on February 26, 2006 at the cost of $3,299.95 and the additional service contract for $549.00 because the salesmen stated that when a plasma tv breaks you'll have to have it replaced.

    On May 15th, 2006 the TV lost it's picture quality and the screen showed large black spots. We called Circuit City and the Service Dept. called me within a few days to set up a service appt. Two weeks later the service tech arrives and says that he needs to order a Digital Board, It could take a shoret time or up to two weeks. Two weeks pass and I call the service dept, they tell me the part is on national backorder. I wait another two weeks and call the service dept. again, they tell me the same thing. I ask for LG, the manufacturer phone no. I call them and they tell me they have plenty of digital board parts. I call back the service tech and he tells me that he is having a hard time getting the part. I call circuit city's tv manager, Jesse and ask him to help me solve this problem. It is now two months that we have been unable to watch our tv. I decide to call LG again, and explain the problem to them. They inform me that Circuit City Service is unauthorized to work on LG Tv's and that I will have to set up an appt. with Lg to send a service tech out. They tell me it could take six to eight weeks, due to the fact we live in rural area. I call Circuit City's manager and relay this info to him. He seems unaware of this. I feel deceived. Is this a scam? How long is a customer supposed to wait? Are they getting parts on the black market? I contacted the BBB and Circuit City agrees to exchange our TV for another TV. On July 14, 2006, we returned our 50 in plasma to get an exchange, they no longer carry our tv, or a tv that is the same size as our original tv.

    They tell us to wait until they get a new shipment of tv's in..... It's now almost a year later ... and we still have no TV ... we returned to the store on February 10th, and decided to take a smaller tv, but they inform us that they will only exchange the tv for a price $500.00 less than what we paid for the tv. We only had the tv two months ... and because they lied about the service, it is their responsibility that it has taken this long to resolve, not mine. The manager explained that their service is still unauthorized to work on tv's!! but they won't refund our service agreement payment. I have talked to Circuit City corporate and they are not willing to work anything out. Could you please give me advice on how to resolve this matter?

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  • Or
    Ortha A Beener Mar 31, 2007

    I will never shop Circuit City, laying off employees and wanting to re hire people for less is typical corporate greed... you will probably start a very dangerous trend. No more of my business.

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  • Th
    The Retail Guy Jul 14, 2007

    Unfortunately, this is a common act. But let me inform you that if this is a way you choose a retailer, than you should not shop anywhere at all. At one time or another, the majority of retailers go through this. Best Buy did it recently, but did not publicize it.

    Prices get cheaper, consumers get more frugal, customer service suffers, management slacks off. It is all one big circle, and one causes the other. Who is to blame? Perhaps we all are. I know I want the cheapest price, and don't want to be told what to buy. But I know that the camera bag makes more than the actual camera, so that changes my attitude when shopping.

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  • Su
    suzanne pittman Aug 24, 2007

    On August 11, 2007 my husband and I went to circuit city and purchased a monitor for my pc. The salesmen were very helpful and we decided on a 15" monitor EMAE15T4 for $112.96. To make a long story short when he went to ring up the sale he said none were in stock but it could be ordered and would arrive at my home in 7 to 10 days. He also told us it would be shipped free of charge because of it not being in stock. Any way we put it on our charge card and I was very excited about the bargain we got. After 11 days of waiting and no word or monitor I called the store and was told by a very non caring person that circuit city never ships anything for free that the customer always pays shipping charges. She was of no help and even laughed when I mentioned the salesmen had lied to us. As of that date 8-22-07 the monitor was not at the store and she didn't seem to have any idea as to when or if it would ever be there. Her only suggestion was for me to cancel the order, which I did. She told me she had taken the charges off of our credit card right then but when I checked my account yesterday there still was no credit to my account. So far I have had no satisfaction and will never step foot in one of their stores again. Sales people need to be upfront and honest with customers and tell them the whole story.

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  • De
    Debra Clark Aug 27, 2007

    Does Circuit City actually train their Customer Service associates and store managers how to deal with people? Brian and Jackie at the Albany, NY store are, without a doubt, the rudest, most condescending people I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. When Circuit City files for bankruptcy, they can blame no one but themselves.

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  • Ka
    Kay Moyer Aug 31, 2007

    I bought a camera in Nov.of 2005, 14 months later the camera stopped working. I had their so called extended warranty. I sent it in to the repair center, I was sent the camera back and was told, Sorry Lady you are out $400.00 and the camera was unrepairable and also that it was due to corrosion I was in no way going to get any refund or anything, I was now out $400.00. I went and bought another camera 2 months ago and just could not except the answer from their department that I was out $400. and a camera unfixable. I sent the camera to KODAK Repair department and asked for their expert opinion and after 3 weeks I got may camera back working and it was the lens assemble, no corrosion. What a shock, Cicuit City just took my money for my warranty and also told me good luck I had no camera... I paid for a camera that was fixable but was not fixed by their extended program and I am not out of luck. I worn everyone that may read this Stay away from Circuit City and forget the extended warranty program they told me it was corrosion and it was not under the warranty, Look what happened they
    profited on 2 cameras and a warranty fee and they did nothing to fix the lie... I am going higher up. This place should be liable to us consumers. Take your money and tell you a product is unfixable and then we walk away upset but do nothing.,., Lets show these people that we are not going to let them tell us lies to get our money and then treat us as a bunch of idiots...


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  • Br
    Brent T Johnson Sep 02, 2007

    Hi ...
    I have a question regarding a "canceled" offer from 2 weeks back.

    CCity was running a promotion for a $300 gift card with in-store sign up for Vonage.

    I went and tried to sign-up (several times), and like many, I too was refused the offer during the week that it ran. Everyone I talked to from the store clerk to the store manager to the 1-800 number rep to a person that supposedly resolved complaints all said, and I quote ...
    "Vonage is bankrupt", so they couldn't honor the promotion.

    Most of us knew that was not true, and despite pressing them on the issue, I got absolutely no where (even telling them how to do it by phone).

    Now I get my weekly circular in the paper, and although they aren't offering the $300 promotion, they are offering a $50 promotion of some sort.

    I'm about to blow my stack and would like to know how to pursue this.

    If "Vonage is bankrupt", then why are they running this ad?

    If they are running this ad, and if they are honoring it, should they not be required to honor the $300 promotion they canceled in mid-week due to the "bankruptcy" nonsense?

    How should I approach the manager about this? Or do I just need to bypass him and call 1-800 again?

    I was resolved to the fact that Circuit City and Vonage we're splitting their ties at least. Now this ad appears. It seems to me that Vonage canceled the $300 deal in mid-week more than likely because they were swamped with offers and it was simply more than they expected.

    I'm not one of those yelling "bait and switch" or whatever. But in light of this new development, it seems to me that they did pull something crooked. I mean I've heard of them pulling items off shelves and hiding them in the back to cut their losses on the come-on ads they run. I also understand they protect themselves by putting "limited to stock on hand" or whatever in their disclaimers.

    But in this case, it was a service and not a product per se. They couldn't run out, they couldn't hide it. So I think they came up with the next best thing they could ... saying they couldn't fulfill the offer due to bankruptcy and such.

    Now it appears they obviously know this is not true because they are running an all new promotion.

    Shouldn't they be forced to honor that $300 gift card promotion since they obviously lied?



    PS. I documented this every step of way. I also have a copy of an internal memo from them saying the promotion WAS valid and giving step by step directions how to process it by phone. They deny such a document exists despite faxing it to them. They just kept claiming there was nothing they could do because "Vonage was bankrupt!". Yet they are now running this new promotion. Wouldn't this classify as fraud of some sort by CC? I mean either fraud in not honoring the original $300 promotion OR fraud as in defrauding their customers now offering something from a company that is "bankrupt" if that was true? Smells fishy at best to me.

    I contacted a nearby store (not the one in question) to verify that the ad running this week was correct. IT IS. And they can process the Vonage in-store sign up.

    My take on this is it's fraud one way or another. Either ...

    1. The fraud happened 2 weeks ago when they wouldn't honor the ad/promotion and gave out false information for doing so.

    2. The fraud is happening this week if they are selling the services of a bankrupt company knowing that these new sign ups will not get what they are promised (either in the form of service and/or rebates).

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  • Ad
    Adam Rosema Sep 24, 2007

    I hate Circuit City! I just had Circuit City install this receiver last Thursday (9/20/2007) and today (9/24/2007) I was detailing my car and noticed a nice dent with some scratches around it on the roof. I am extremely careful with my car. I detail my car at least once a week and wax it several times a year; there isn't one imperfection on my car. I went to circuit city today to see what they had to say about it and they were rude and said there is no way that they would have done that. Well sorry; it didn't get there by itself. I was already nervous to leave my car in someone else’s hands. I am very disappointed in them and will NEVER shop at Circuit City AGAIN! DO NOT LET THEM INSTALL ANYTHING ON YOUR CAR! Please do not shop at Circuit City, go to Best Buy!

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  • Ji
    jim martin Oct 21, 2007

    Purchased a Polaroid FLM-3234B LCD television from these people in March 2007.
    Four(4) months later when I trouble with it and tried to get warranty repair thru them, I was told they do not do manufacturers warranty service .

    How can a retailer sell an item but not be responsible for repairs under the manufacturers warranty.

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  • Ro
    Ron Poirier Dec 01, 2007

    As we purchased a Sony 46xbr4 flat scren LCD TV we had checked the iternet and found that Circuit City had a few offers listed . First was a package deal which allowed you to purchase a wall mount and HD Cables for $70 which bought separately would be $69.99 for the cable and the wall mount listed at $155.99. Second was a 10% discount for a in store pick up. When we purchased the TV we recieved the 10% discount for the pick but they informed me that we would not receive the package deal, it was a either or deal. My grief is that it never stated that it was an either or anywhere on the website or at the store so I believe that they still owe me #155.98.
    I have sent Corporate an email a number of days ago and have not been even acknowledged.

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  • Cc
    ccworker Dec 01, 2007

    You are an idiot.. are we supposed to pull manufacturer parts out of our ### and fix it on the floor.. buy the service we offer and we would have came to your house and done it.. Way to have an invalid complaint

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  • Valerie Dec 19, 2007

    My sister walked into Circuit City to purchase a HP Pavilion Model DV9620US ($850.00). In the specs it states: 'Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium' in the bundled software. As everyone knows there are a few 'issues' with vista. I recommended for simplicity sake that she purchase XP Pro W/SP 2. That way when vista is updated and found to be ok she could go back to vista seeing as the laptop came with it.

    When she told the fired*rks that this is what she wanted they of course went into salesperson mode and hyped up vista. She clearly said she knew little about computers and she was just doing what she was told would be the easiest for her as far as trying to get peripherals and programs to work with vista. I am not knocking vista it's just right now it has some very unfriendly 'issues'.

    Anyways after she purchased XP ($200.00) and asked them to install it ($140.00) she asked about the copy of vista that came with the laptop. They said 'no you don't get a copy'. I then called Circuit City to explain to them that they were wrong in telling her that. This was my thinking. If you purchase a laptop or any PC and it came with an operating system, you then purchase an additional Operating system,( now keep in mind the price you pay for that PC would include the license for the OS it comes with), you would then legally own both Operating System's. Yes??

    To install XP on a laptop that has vista you pretty much need to blow away the hard drive, but HP has a recovery partition built into the hard drive. Circuit City decided to blow that away as well... Why?? Windows doesn't care about partition it is not installed on. They could have left that partition alone and installed XP on the same one vista was installed on. After they blew away the recovery partition they stated to me that she would need to purchase vista ($200.00) if she wanted to upgrade. On a side note SHAME on these cheap computer manufacturers as well not including recovery disks with their computers. If they do then I am sorry but the fired*rks said that for the past 2 years manufacturers have stopped including them.

    The king firedork finally stated that to get vista back my sister would need to spend another $30.00 to get the recovery disks from HP because they don't have the time to explain to customers what computers do or how computers work. If a technologically challenged person asks a question of a professional I.T. person and that persons job is to treat the customer with respect... Why ISN'T IT YOUR JOB TO explain to customers what computers do or how computers work. THAT IS WHAT YOU DO...

    As a heads up to all people who have purchased PC's or Laptops that originally came with Vista. If you as they jokingly say 'Down graded' to XP and are thinking of upgrading to vista when it is all cleared up. You should NOT have to Pay an additional $200.00 for Vista again when you paid for it when you bought the PC or laptop to begin with...

    It's a SCAM...

    So to review
    Laptop w/Vista $850
    XP w/ SP 2 +$200
    firedork install chrg +$140
    4-year xtend war +$450
    total $1640

    Then to upgrade later
    vista home +$200
    New Total $1850

    I know there are a lot of people who have purchased and put XP on the system they bought but you should be aware you have already paid for vista. I think just because you don't know doesn't mean you shouldn't be told.

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  • Sc
    Scott Johnson Dec 19, 2007

    This was what I did with HP before---mine did not come with recovery disks, since your computer is still under warranty you can call the corporate office (listed on their website) and state that your computer doesn't let you make the recovery disks and to have them send you the recovery disks for free. That is what I did because my computer WOULD NOT make the recovery disks, they gladly sent them to me for free. They even followed up with me to see I got them okay. I would suggest that & I believe the recovery disks would have VISTA on the.


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  • Sc
    Scott Sweeney Dec 27, 2007

    Hello I would like to share an experience that I had just had while shopping at your store in Mishawaka. I live in south bend and I had driven over to your store in Mishawaka because the one in south bend had not opened yet. Just to check some pricing and so forth. I arrived at your store at I would say around 10 am not really that busy in your store went straight back to the computer area where I looked around at prices and different laptops that you had on display, when I was not getting any help I went to the desk in the department. Well after waiting for a while I was looking at the paper. Then a gentleman by the name of Taun Ngo I believe that is how you spell it. Came to the desk and was very helpful in helping me locate a good priced laptop that was under 1000 dollars. Great showed me this computer the DV6646us. Great looking computer and looked like the computer that I wanted. While looking at the tag I see someone has written on the tag OUT underlined it twice. Dang I am thinking but Taun says o let me check on that. No that’s wrong he says there is 2 on hand. So cool asked him what promotions that he had going on the credit card 3 months same as cash was displayed on the web, he confirmed and set me up with the transaction of getting approved. So I went to the front desk not to bad of service went through got approved. The n went back to the computer desk, where Taun is and he says, good bad news I found one but it is out of the box. So I ask is there anything wrong with it? No Taun says and another gentleman that has a green Fire dog shirt (shaggy hair with glasses). This was a customer that got it home didn’t like it and brought it back. So I said sounds great, because I am looking to give this gift to my girlfriend tonight. So I ask for a better deal and Taun says no problem I will get you a better deal. So we get everything worked up 4 year EPP and you will install the windows upgrade and take off all the nonsense. So the bill comes up to 614.00 for the laptop and the rest of the 1,306.27 dollars was for the service. I was questioning that at first but I I said you know what I think that will be ok because then I will have the great service from your store. So great Taun says come back at like 3-4 pm will have it all ready for you. So I drive back to south bend get some things done then come back pick up the computer. Taun says it’s ready to go and then walks away from the desk and another gentleman helps me out. So I get a back up desk and the software that I purchased and a laptop and the charger. I ask well do you have a box to put this in. Reply was no I can put it in a big bag. After a while I said ok never was shown really shown anything about it and was sent on my way. Got home and my girlfriend got home, surprised her with her gift that night. Everything was great until... she started changing the setting like the back ground color opening up the sample music. You know basic stuff. The computer CRASHED.

    So I was upset and had no clue what to do so I called into the circuit city and after being on hold for 20-30 min I hung up. My girlfriend said don’t worry we can go Saturday and get it fixed. So we started out on our way over there at around 430-500pm and we get there I see Taun and go back there and show him the lap top and say hey this thing crashed. After a while of talking to him he ADMITTED THAT IT WAS NO GOOD TO BEGIN WITH??? What the heck??? So he says he is sorry and then tells me that he forgot to show me a computer that was in the ad on Friday, sat, sun??? That was less money and had like 4-5 in stock??? So now I am pissed. But I realize that some people make mistakes and we start to rang everything up again and then I asked if I could get the rebate now like you did on the other computer so I don’t have to mess with waiting like 3 months for it. Response NO…. ok still getting a little pissed, but can hold it in. Then after waiting like 30 minutes to do a refund rebill I notice wow how upsetting it was to see all these people waiting in a line that has one register, when a guy comes to the customer service desk to check out a lady tells him NO YOU MUST CHECK OUT IN THE LINE, THIS IS A RETURN DESK AND PICK UP THEN WE CHECK PEOPLE OUT. WOW. What great service to yell at a customer? So I am there until all the refund rebill gets sorted out and which is a while. Get done Taun says sorry again and tells me he will have it ready in like 2 hours… Ok so we walk around look at stuff in the store for like 30 min and then we decide to go outside and I don’t want to make another drive in this weather and decided that we would go eat so we go eat come back with in like 2 – 2hr and 30 min. walk back to the desk ask if my computer is ready. The gentleman at the desk says your would have to ask Adam, cool so I ask Adam, Adam looks it up in the system and says yeah I think it is done.. so he looks around for a while and says no its not done, they didn’t bring it back to him to do. WOW GREAT WELL WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW… So I ask where’s Taun. Guess what got off 10 minutes before we came back. Great!!!! So Adam was nice enough to down load the latest Windows software that I paid for…so we got out of the store 30 min later… So I would like a call you can call me anytime you wish.. My phone numbers is 2603858155 and speak to me about how you can help me so this does not happen again because I would like to know what I did wrong in this situation? Should I have waited and went some where else?

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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  • Ja
    Janine Fader Jan 06, 2008

    About a week before Christmas I went to the Lynnwood, WA, Circuit City to purchase a camera for my daughter. I had been looking on-line at the cameras, and there was a special "in store only" where if you purchased a camera, you received a free (via rebate) photo printer. I checked to see if these items were stocked at the Lynnwood store, and found that they were, so I printed the ad and headed for the store. When I arrived, a very friendly salesperson assisted me, but when she saw the printout of the "special deal," she claimed she knew nothing about it. She did not offer to check on this for me, and continued to stand and stare at me until I asked her to look into it. She checked with another clerk and told me that it was an "on-line" special. She had not fully read the ad. I pointed out to her that it said "in-store special." Despite the fact that I had checked on the availability of these items prior to driving to the store (barely an hour prior), she then informed me that there were no printers available and, therefore, she could not fulfill the offer. She stood and stared at me while I waited for her to offer something else in place of the "out-of-stock printer." She did not offer anything. I asked her if it were the policy of Circuit City to offer another item if the other were out of stock, and she told me that it was not. I asked to speak to a manager. She left to find a manager. She then walked around the store, passing me 5 different times, for about half an hour, apparently trying to find a manager. During this half hour, she never spoke to me to let me know she was working on my request. When she would pass by me, she would turn her head away from me. She then reappeared, carrying the printer she had previously said was out of stock. She told me she had found some on a truck. I am NEVER going to shop at Circuit City again. I used to buy all my electronics at Circuit City, but that will now cease, and I am telling the entire family about my experience and urging them to boycott Circuit City also. Apparently customer service is now a thing of the past there.

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  • Vl
    vlad catu Jan 08, 2008

    I totally agree. I use online bill pay and my payments dont go through! Now im charged with late fees and i can never reach anyone when i call the CSR. I tried to pay by phone and then it say it will cost me 34.99 in order to pay my own bill? what the kinda f****** joke is this!!?

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  • Da
    david allen Jan 08, 2008

    Circut City will take your money they are good at that , But will not honor the service contracts or warrenties it is a big Gimmic for them as many are finding out I would suggest shopping at Comp USA or Walmart

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  • De
    Dennis Ricks Jan 10, 2008

    Circuit City has an inept under trained staff at the stores that I have been to. I went to a store in Salt Lake City, Utah and tried to buy a Sony BDP-S300 blu ray player. The sales people could not answer my questions, got on the in store computer to get answers from the Sony website, and I ended up asking if I could just buy the unit. It took 25 minutes to checkout because no one knew how to take gift card and cash together for my purchase. I was given a coupon to send in for 5 free movies from Sony, and when I got home I found out that the coupon had expired a week earlier. I went back to the store and I was told "sorry, it looks like you missed out". I had asked when I purchased the unit if their would be more promotions for free blu ray discs coming up and the sales person said "no, this looks like the only one". A month later, Circuit City ran an ad in the local newspaper for the Sony BDP-S300 player that I had purchased for $100.00 less than I paid, with 5 free movies with a mail-in redemption, and 2 movies instantly (Spider-Man 3 & Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End). I sent an email to Circuit City and received a response saying that I was unfortunately caught between promotions and that there was nothing that they could do. They said that it looked like it was a Sony problem and that I could contact them. I have purchased sound systems, PC systems, software, media,sound equipment from Circuit City. I will not give them any more business, and will recommend to co-workers, friends and family not to do business with them either. Circuit City is not familiar with the term "customer satisfaction", and will not do anything to remedy a situation where the customer is not happy and has been treated unfairly. If anyone decides to make a major purchase there I would say to them "buyer beware". I paid $100.00 dollars more, received no movies, and got the cold shoulder from Circuit City. I will deal with other electronic stores that have the courtesy to tell you to wait for the next offer, or that will make it right if you contact them after you purchase. A little bit of customer satisfaction goes along way to keep customers loyal and coming back, and creates new ones by word of mouth.

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  • Valerie Jan 11, 2008

    My daughter received an item from her grandfather for Christmas that she didn't want. He of course didn't include a receipt and she certainly couldn't ask him where he bought it. We assumed it either had been bought at Circuit City or at Wal-Mart. What she really wanted was a digital camcorder. She found one she loved at Circuit City and even though the item she was returning was sold at Circuit City, they wouldn't take it back. It wasn't just that though, it was the way they handled it. They had attitudes and stared at us as though we were trying to cheat them. They demanded the gift giver's telephone number so they could look up the receipt. I wasn't sure of the phone number he might have used!! They finally came up with his account but it was under his official name. She gave me a look like I was a liar. "He hasn't been here since March!" she said coldly. I said, "God, y'all act like I'm trying to pull something over on y'all." No response. Finally, "without proof, we can't take it." It was humiliating. I felt like a criminal, I was embarrassed. I will NEVER go into a Circuit City store again!!

    I said that a year ago when a dear friend decided to buy a special present for my daughter that I couldn't afford. It wasn't anywhere in our city, but we located it on Circuit City online. It said there were 5 of them at the store in Lafayette, La. She even called to make sure. They looked it up on the computer (The same way the internet looks it up) and said yes, they had them in stock. So we drove 1 1/2 hours to this store. It wasn't on the shelves. They said someone would check in the back to try to find them. We stood around by the back door by customer service for about 20 minutes with NO ONE asking if we needed help. There were 2 guys who could plainly see us in the back area, they were hanging around talking, playing on the computer, they'd look at us occasionally but didn't respond when we would try to wave them down. Finally the guy who said someone would check finally came around about 30 minutes later and seemed surprised that no one helped us or even talked to us. He went looking for the missing 5 items but couldn't find them. We were there for about an hour with no explanation of why they didn't have them when their computer said they did. Also, we were angry that they didn't actually check their stock when we called, they were well aware that were traveling in a distance specifically for that reason. Then they had some sort of sign that if you didn't get waited on in a certain amount of time that you would get some sort of coupon or discount or something. She inquired about that, wanting sore sort of compensation for all of our trouble and time, and disappointment of a child's expectations. Oh, they could send out a small gift card in the mail in about 4-6 weeks, but we would have to stand in line to get all of her information. Were they kidding?!!!

    I have had exactly 2 experiences at Circuit City and that was them. Those will be the last ones. Their employees don't care. I understand about rules, but there are ways of handling things and there is such a thing as customer service. All for the price of an exchange I will never purchase anything from them online or in the store. I also tell others about my experience, so now they are afraid to buy anything there for fear if they have to return it or exchange it. Poor poor customer service. I hope their stringent returns policies is worth all the lost customers. BTw, Wal-mart took the item, no questions or problems.

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  • Valerie Jan 14, 2008

    On 12 JAN 08, I ventured to the Circuit City in Kildeer, Illinois to purchase a new HDTV and BluRay player. I brought with me an advertisement for Frys Electronics promoting a Samsung HDTV model LNT4071 discounted $800 off the original price of $2,399. Circuit City claims to have a low price guarantee where the purchaser can receive 110% of the difference between the CC price and a competing retailer. CC listed the sale price as $2,199.99. I presented the sales person with the Frys ad and inquired about CC matching the price. He consulted with the on-duty assistant store manager Erik who came to me, examined the ad, and walked away. A few minutes later, Erik sent the sales person back to me stating he would not honor the price listed in Frys nor would he honor the CC price guarantee policy. I inquired about the policy with the sales person, who had to go back to Erik and speak with him. After a few rounds of back and forth with the sales person speaking to Erik, I finally had to ask why Erik did not have the stones to speak to me personally. Erik, obviously concerned I believed he had no stones, finally came to speak with me personally. Erik stated he did not have to honor the ad as he considered Frys a 'wholesaler', not a retailer. I asked Erik if he would negotiate a price with me, and he walked away after saying if I had any concerns, I should call 1-800-THE-CITY. So I did, and spoke with Kim, who stated the store should honor the price guarantee and explained the process for obtaining the price difference. Kim, apparently hard of hearing, had to be told ten times the process she outlined for me is not acceptable to the store's assistant manager, Erik. Kim called Erik and, after holding for nearly ten minutes, came back and told me how sorry she is, but Erik would not honor the policy nor the price.

    I went down the street a half mile to Best Buy and dealt with Steve, Scott and Duke who immediately provided assistance. Steve informed me the price advertised by Frys was extremely low and below cost. While the store could not meet the $800 difference in price (Best Buy also priced the Samsung unit at $2,399), they would discount the price $500. Throw in a Samsung Blu Ray machine for $100 off, ten free Blu Ray discs, and a Monster HDMI cable, and I walked out the door - taxes included - for the original price of the television with two years interest free financing.

    Based on this experience, I can see why CC stock plummeted from a high of $22.02 eleven months ago to its current pitiful $4 performance. At this rate, I will be shocked if CC is operating in 2009 lest a major corporate overhaul occurs.

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  • Cr
    Craig Bullim Jan 19, 2008

    SUE for a full refund in small claims court. I won my claim. You can, too!

    ALWAYS communicate with Vonage via POSTAL mail (paper).

    Vonage is the new MCI: they're good at selling but have ZERO interest in customer service, have ZERO ethics, and don't even have the best audio codecs. You're call quality will suffer with vonage. Most of their money is spent on advertising. Their "support" model is like AOL: paying abusive cretins that use vonage with free vonage service. ZERO accountability!!

    You're better off with or even VoicePulse has the BEST quality audio codecs with the lowest compression. $20/mo unlimited National. They also offer lower bandwidth codecs. I use them. They're a little slow implementing new features. It's been TWO years and no new features.. but they will never screw you like vonage does.

    For best results use a router that works with firmware!


    VoicePulse is the only service that offers five features to protect your privacy.

    * Telemarketer Block stops telemarketers even before your phone rings.
    * Anonymous Call Block stops all unidentified calls. (I LOVE this feature!)
    * Do Not Disturb stops all calls.
    * Filters let you configure who can ring your phone and who can't. (puts an end to abusive family calls)
    * CallerID Block stops others from seeing your phone number when you make calls. (if I don't get to see who it is they are NOT ALLOWED to ring MY phone)


    voicepulse can also email voicemail.

    Combine with for your mobile phone -- screw verizon wireless!

    If you're techically savvy consider getting OPEN SOURCE asterisk and setting up your own VoIP system that's SIP friendly.. with EVERY FEATURE imaginable..

    save even more money!!

    "Asterisk is the world’s leading open source telephony engine and tool kit. Offering flexibility unheard of in the world of proprietary communications, Asterisk empowers developers and integrators to create advanced communication solutions...for free"

    "AsteriskNOW is an open source Software Appliance; a customized Linux distribution that includes Asterisk (the leading open source telephony engine and tool kit), the AsteriskGUI™, and all other software needed for an Asterisk system. AsteriskNOW is easy to install, and offers flexibility, functionality and features not available in advanced, high-cost proprietary business systems."

    The VoIP providers, especially vonage, will hate me for informing you about asterisk! ;)

    spread the word and screw vonage into non-existence

    web ads suck too. never see another one. get all three easylists:

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  • Valerie Jan 21, 2008

    I waited outside a store yesterday morning in line with about 20 other people, all waiting to buy a Wii. It was -15 at 10am; it gets like that in Minnesota. For the uninitiated, the Nintendo Wii is being short supplied, driving up demand and price, with high speculative prices on eBay and craigslist. It's the new hot commodity, better return than oil. At 10 am the doors open. First thing the store employee says, 'Unless you were here at 9am waiting when we gave out coupons to buy Wii units, they are all sold out.'

    What??? Long lines are a common occurrence around every hot item, particularly during Black Friday shopping. But a voucher??? I objected. Strenuously. Nothing in the Sunday morning ad mentioned 'vouchers'. I was told that the store had always done this. Really. Outside the fact that I was second in line with two expectant kids beside me and with a frozen brain, the attitude struck me as arrogant. Go figure.

    Ok, why shouldn't any retailer do this?

    1. Leaving customers standing in the cold who expect the game to be played by the rules isn't smart. The store employee knew exactly what was going on. He could have put a sign in the window. If they opened the doors at 9am, they could have opened the doors at 9:45am and told people. Nobody did.

    2. So we still don't know how many units were in the store. Another person in line said that he had been at another branch store a few days ago that said they had 10 (which they couldn't sell until the sale day). So where did the units go? Were that many people actually standing in line more than an hour before store opening in that temperature? And why when we pulled up at 9:30 was nobody else in line yet? Just one answer - somebody got preferential treatment, a head start. Somebody got a chance to buy units for $250 that they could sell for $400 almost anywhere on the internet. Not a bad day's profit.

    3. After this announcement almost nobody entered the store (where were all the people with vouchers?). So much for the promotion. I had to explain to the kids what happened. I used the term 'cheating'. Cheating is something a first grader can understand. I'm already scouring the internet for opportunities to bring this to light, to say nothing of all the people I've begun to tell. What do you suppose those other people who stomped off cold and mad are doing?

    4. We are a techno-geek family. We spend a lot of money on gadgets. My first laptop I bought from this same store. Not any more.

    Think I'm just another crazy customer? Not when I'm done with this. I have small business and marketing contacts all of the US. I'm no where near done with this issue.

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  • Ka
    kathy breaux Jan 22, 2008

    still waiting for a phone number would like to speak with someone today

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  • Jo
    Joanne Rich Jan 24, 2008

    You need to go to if you page all the way to the bottom of the home page, you will find a column headed 'pay your bill' click on that and it will take you to their page for paying credit cards. I have always paid online this way and have never had any problem, for at least a year now. Hope this helps.

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  • Ca
    Catherine Sweet Jan 24, 2008

    I am also having a problem with Circuit City Chase Card I thought it was just me. Thank you for your web-site.

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  • Da
    Dave Jan 31, 2008

    Poor service, pass the buck, 5 different phone numbers and all lead to the same recording (Chase/CircuitCity Visa)

    Is it a illegal business practice in Calif. (On the so called customer service end) i think my account?card is being used by someone else and i have no means of any human customer service contact.

    At least with my other 2 visa cards i can call and actually talk to someone.

    Thanks Chase/Circuitcity for being there for me!

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  • Mi
    michael bentello Feb 01, 2008

    Ive spent two days trying to get to site to pay on my account. i still can not get to card account service. does it still exsist?

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  • Se
    Sean Newman Feb 21, 2008

    I purchased a Polaroid 32” LCD television and a corresponding Circuit City Advantage Protection Plan extended service warranty to protect my $1,000 investment. The sound quality has deteriorated over time and is now completely inaudible – a CRACKING AND POPPING NOISE overpowers the sound of the television program such that the program is inaudible. I called Circuit City's protection plan "hotline" (888) 333-2333 and scheduled a pickup to have my TV repaired. The service company came out and picked up the TV, and delivered it back to me a week later and said that they had repaired the problem. It was not fixed, so I called again and scheduled another pickup; they came out and a week or two after that, they delivered it back to me, again saying the problem had been fixed. While the delivery men were here, I tested the TV and found that the problem still existed and had not been fixed; the delivery men agreed and they took the TV back for another repair. Two weeks later, they returned the TV to me and said they were unable to fix the problem... and that they couldn't find anything wrong with the TV!!! (Even though the delivery guys from that service company heard it themselves when they were here!)

    I called (888) 333-2333 again and spoke to another customer service rep. She said that, even though the service company had my TV three separate times it didn’t qualify for your “NO-LEMON GUARANTEE-REPLACEMENT WITH 3RD FAILURE” guarantee that I see on the brochure I have from when I bought the Advantage Plan. I asked her why it didn’t qualify, and she said that there needs to be 3 separate service calls over three separate months. I asked her where on my brochure it mentioned anything like that, and she said that it didn’t, but that it's 'industry standard'. Breach of contract anyone??

    She then scheduled another service call (with a different service company)... well, they had the TV since early December 2006 until February 15th 2008, and not only has the original problem not been fixed, there are new issues with the television's timer. It doesn’t work. So, my TV is still inoperable (as of Feb 21, 2008), and has been for several months.

    So I called the Circuit City Consumer Relations team today... and spoke with a rude & pompous customer service rep, and he explained to me that the TV will not work with my cable TV, and suggested that I hook up an antenna to the TV and that by getting channels through the antenna (instead of cable) the problem will be solved (as if that's some kind of solution!!! Who wouldn't want to exchange their hi-def service for bunny ears?) I asked to speak with a supervisor and he claimed that he was the end of the line... I said you must have a boss - everyone has a boss... he said she doesn't talk to customers. Whatever. Anyway, he tried to tell me that there's no problem with TV itself (even though all 3 of the other TV's I have in my house work just fine with my existing cable). IN ANY CASE CIRCUIT CITY DOES NOT HONOR THE EXTENDED WARRANTIES THAT THEY SELL - DO NOT BUY ONE - IT'S TOTALLY WORTHLESS. I WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME IN ANY CIRCUIT CITY.

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  • Jo
    John Harrison Feb 22, 2008

    I purchased a Ipod Cover on 2/16/08 for my daughter,i didn't know she already had one,i returned the item,unopened on 2/18/08 for a return,i used a debit card for the purchase.As of 2/22/08 this amount of 27.24 has not been returned to my account,the customer service mgr. name Venus said it would take 5 to 6 day's,it has been that long.I am of the mind that they dont wont to refund my money,she said that Corp. had to approve the refund,that is {sheep dip}, i have NEVER heard of any busness having to submit a simple refund to Corp. for approval. It is 5.07pm central time,and my account still with out a refund.I was alaso told it was up to my Bank,that is classical B.S. my ticket # is 328300785705/ register01/cashier 246889/trans# 328300786776. Circuit City is infamous for this kind of service,i would like my money returned to my account ASAP.

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  • Valerie Mar 04, 2008

    I bought a HP Pavilion Laptop with an extended warranty of 2 years. This protection plan offered coverage over any accidental damage and replacement parts so I decided to pay the money. I went to the firedog department located in Circuit City and they told me they were going to sent it to HP for repair. Three weeks later I received my laptop working correctly but I noticed the CD/DVD drive, keyboard, and batteries were replaced. Honestly I was not sure why they had replaced the CD drive but I let it slide.

    1 month later, I noticed that my system was shutting down randomly and the batteries were not working correctly, so I went to Circuit City and told them what my problem was. The Techs claimed that it was a battery problem and that I should leave the laptop there for the night, and they would replace it the next day.

    2 Days have passed and I have not received a call from Circuit City, until I decided to call them. When I call them they had no track of my laptop so I had to go over there personally. When I got there they found my laptop and told me they had to sent it in again because there was a problem with the ac adaptor.

    I waited 2 months and honest to God I called Circuit City every 4 days trying to know what ever happened to my laptop. When they finally received it from HP, I went to pick it up personally. When I got there the tech handed me my laptop and when I turned it on to test if it was fully working, I noticed my whole Hardrive was wiped out clean, I asked them why this happen, they claim that they did not know why HP had done this. I told them about the important data, and college work I had on that laptop, and I requested to speak with a manager.

    The manager told me he couldn't do anything to help me, he told me he was not aware why HP would even consider wiping out a hardrive. Honestly I am very disappointed with the service I received. I payed the extra money to get the best service and they tell me they can't help me? If anyone is reading this, please keep away from Circuit City, they offer the worst customer support!

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  • Sc
    Scott Johnson Mar 04, 2008

    How about asking for a replacement laptop since they changed so many things on your laptop?


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  • Ro
    Rod Hackett Mar 12, 2008

    Same story, horrible service on Chase/circuit city account!

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  • Ch
    Christian Richardson Mar 14, 2008

    I will never shop at Circuit City again. My family will never shop at Circuit City again. Your customer service is horrendous. Your "no-hassle" return policy is the exact opposite of what it claims to be. I was shipped a gift purchased on (Order #4431-749413). The laptop did not work. as well as two Circuit City stores refused to accept the laptop for an exchange. After 2.5 weeks of back and forth with your customer service agents, I was finally given a return shipping label. Now Circuit City cannot tell me if the package was ever received. I have called no less than 50 times, and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON has been helpful. All I want is a new, working, functioning laptop (which is what I was supposed to receive in the first place).

    I will not go away. I will keep calling. It has now been 28 days since the date of purchase and NOTHING has been resolved.

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  • Do
    doh Mar 14, 2008

    Remeber ads are printed at least a month but sometimes more in advanced of when they are released to the public

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  • Mj
    mj Mar 15, 2008

    I too have had so many problems with them. Months ago I wrote in telling all ofyou about how I purchased a Sony 60" LCD tv. The sign advertised it as a 1080P, but i found out that it was not a 1080P television, but 1080P adaptable. It was a 1080i. I asked for them to reimburse me the extra cost I paid for a 1080P and credit my credit card with the correct price of the 1080i tv. They told me to return it, but I had no way of returning it. It would not fit in my car. They would not pick it up and they would not reimburse me in any form with a gift card etc. Basically the corporate office, the store managers and CC Customer Service reps/managment at corporate told me to go blank myself. Since then we have paid on our card every month. Our card was supposed to be no payments for a year. We paid anyway each month. There was nothing stating that there would be any penalties for paying early. Anyway, they continued to charge us a minimum balance each month with a due date, but there was supposed to be no payments for a year. I called them a few times questioning why there was a minimum payment and due date when there isn't supposed to be any payments until a year later. Anyway, nothing was done after three unsuccessful calls about that and nothing was done about the tv after 8 different calls to corporate and customer service. Meanwhile, one year is now up and not one dime I had paid had been applied to the defferred interest, and each payment I made was applied only after the minimum payment was paid first, meaning that if the minimum payment was $25.00 and I paid $100.00, they only applied $75.00 to the balance, the rest went into outerspace. I am sick of this company. I am currently in the process of setting up a lawsuit against this company for consumer fraud, false advertising as well as bait and switch. I gave them ample opportunity to do the right thing. I even told them that if nothing was done that I would be contacting my lawyer. The woman that is one of the main managers at the corporate office told me "that is your problem. Go ahead sue, I don't give a sh..". If I decide to do a class action suit including the inability to pay online and or over the weekend I will advertise it for all of you if you want to jump on the bandwagon. It is about time companies like this and GE stop taking an advantage of us!!!!

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  • Me
    MELODY Mar 20, 2008


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