Circle K Storesmarket manager

I have been a employee of circle k for 2 yrs. I was in the MIT program but never was able to complete it between staffing issues and then my mentor was taken 3 weeks early. That put me as the manager. Same week I met my new market manager Theresa Kimball. Her and I worked side by side weekly resetting the store and her " retraining me" I was the only manager for 2 months. No day off. Fixing numerous mistakes that were not made by me. Never hesitated. Tee (Teresa ) found a issue with lottery and in result found theft and made arrest. After a really bad audit. Tee decides to let me go because I didn't catch them myself after assisting any time she asked. Not receiving a write up, a day off or a chance to be retrained. When I asked her about retraining she claimed to have been doing so for a month but fact is she was not there daily. She investigated and found no theft. She even used people who were not employed to help us move shelves when resetting the store. She made me stay at work from 6 am to 10:30 pm... And double back the following morning and told me today I wasn't a good worker. I wrote up employees, I followed her rules and did all she asked. I didn't hire a single person I was staffed with she even had me on shift with her handling money and showing her things that she didn't know how to do. I'm warning anyone who believes like I did in a career this corporation DON'T DO IT! you'll end up over worked and wanting a lawyer.

Oct 04, 2019

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