Circle K Stores / manager i'm complaining about

I started working for circle 8/5/19 @ 6718 AL-69, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405. I was scheduled today 8/13/19 from 12 pm to 7 pm. I was unable to work today because I was at the ER with my mother who was rushed to the ER in a ambulance on 8/12/19. She was able to go home with being discharged @5 am. My mother had called the store because i had to go run and get her medicine, when I get back she told me that she wanted me to call her so I did. But before I called her back my son's school called and I had to pick him from him getting sick in class. Before I left to get my child I spoke with the manager at this store 6718 AL-69, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 Shonda She stated that she had my shift covered for 8/14/19 and i did not say anything about 8/14/19 I just needed off 8/13/19 because my mom was not able to move by herself and she needed someone there with her, and my child just got sick at school. i have to excuses for 8/13/19 and she said I dont need to come back to work there. This is completely unfair what she did and I did not deserve to be let go. I may have only work a few days and just started but when I was there I cleaned that store that was just built up with dust and mess. I was the only employee that would do the bathrooms when I first did the bathrooms it looked like the men's bathroom never got cleaned the walls were yellow, I cleaned the windows seals pulled everything out. I'm not putting that in here to make myself to look good but I worked when I was there to help make that store more clean to help with there health inspection score of a 80. Thank you for your time I hope to hear back from somebody. Thank you Brittany Mollett email: [protected] phone # [protected]

Aug 13, 2019

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