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I had the RUDEST experience EVER with one of your employees! My husband is also an employee at this store. I came in to purchase my coffee as I do EVERY morning and your employee Brittany came out of no where angry telling ME "you tell Chris to call me because I have some choice words for him!!" Now I have NO idea WHAT she is talking about, my husband was not with me and again I am NOT an employee, I'm a CUSTOMER!

This was SO VERY unprofessional and down right rude, there where customers in the store and if there was an incident that she needed to discuss with my husband that should have been addressed when he came back for his next shift! I'm standing there trying to figure out why the creamer was placed in the machine and the tip was not cut so ME, the customer could access it and she is yelling about having choice words for my husband! I stood there appalled, I then said, "what is going on with the creamer I'm just trying to get my coffee" she then turned to another employee who was standing there and told her to cut the thing open and walked away!

I was told she is a manager? Is this the type of training etiquette your managers are trained to have with their customers? This "manager" has seen me come in the store on several occasions and has not ONCE said not even a hello, but she felt it was ok to come yelling at me about an work incident I obviously know absolutely NOTHING about?

I don't come in the store as my husband's wife, I come in as a paying customer and I expect to be treated as such! I am a business owner as well in my community and I would NEVER expect to have a customer enter my establishment and be addressed like this! I expect a verbal apology, written apology SOMETHING and I expect her to have further etiquette training on how to deal with customers! As a manger she is suppose to know how to leave her emotions at the door when in a work environment! UNACCEPTABLE!

Aseelah Z.

Sep 28, 2019
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      Oct 01, 2019

    As a circle K associate I apologize you had that experience. Let me advise you though that upper management very rarely if at all goes on this forum on a regular basis. You would be better to find out who the market manager is and talk to them directly.

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