Circle K Storesmanagement.

My wife and I worked for the same store at the same time. She was promoted to our lead customer service rep within her first 2 weeks. She was doing our manager's job as well as her own. She even did the hiring process for a couple of the newer employees as well. She never got the promotion in the system therefore she was never paid for doing the job she was doing. We ended up getting fired, both of us, the same exact day. I went into work one day (she was dropping me off and went in to get a coffee while I clocked in) I didnt even get a chance to clock in before I realized someone was there to cover my shift already. I asked the manager if I still had a job, she said no. I asked her if my wife still had her job. She said no. I was supposedly fired for "texting the manager on her off day" about a store related issue. She was at work the day I text her as well. She never gave my wife a reason for firing her. The district manager refused to transfer either one of us as it is against company policy for a married or even dating couple to work in the same store, instead she fired both of us and refuses to get us in contact with HR or to send us our separation notices. As a former employee I would not recommend this company to anyone. The management inside the stores themselves usually are not that great and its even worse when it goes higher up into district or regional. The manager at this paticular store is just terrible. The manager lets customers get things "on credit" without paying, she lets other employees take home scanned out merchandise that is supposed to go back to McLane. Things are utterly out of control and when brought to the attention of the district manager it gets ignored. Both of us would love the see this handled and the manager repremanded at the very least. We do not care to get our jobs back however I feel it was very wrong and unfair for my wife to have to do the manager AND assistant manager's jobs because they were too sorry to do it themselves and then her not even get paid for it.

Oct 03, 2019

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