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At 11:30pm on 10/27/2017 I visited the 1225 Palm Beach Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33905 location trying to purchase gas and food. I was on the verge of running out of gas (the store is located on an exit off of i-75) but told me the systems were down. Seeing as they are located off of an exit ramp I would assume they have protocols and computers that make it so their systems dont crash as much as inland stores. I saw the associates take care of other customers before I pulled up getting them cigarettes and candy bars. It seemed like they knew the people because they were conversating and laughing with them. They had cigarettes in their mouths (associates), and all stood outside with no one doing maintenance to try to get the system back up and running. Completely unprofessional to me. I will not be back but demand something be done.


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      Oct 29, 2017

    Technical issues can and do occur anywhere. It can be at a big store or a small store. Most likely any maintenance the staff could try was already attempted and did not succeed. They were simply forced to wait until an IT person could assess and repair the situation. I would recommend that you try to be a little more understanding. In regards to a resolution, what are you demanding be done? Especially since you don't plan on returning?

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