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K Aug 10, 2018 Review updated:

I wanted a tornado from the roller grill and all they had was buffalo chicken so i got 2 put them in bag and continued shopping, i tasted the outter part of one and it lite my mouth on fire so i put it in the trash, i decides to get nachos so fixed them got my drink and went to the register, i was about to say something to the cashier when she glared at me and said"what did you do with those tornados, as if i where her child, i said i put them in the trash, she turned her nose up at me and said " show me", , let me stop right there...who does this women think she is first of all, i am a customer, do NOT assume I am other customers she has dealt with because 1.i am not.2.respect the customer without us she wouldnt have her job.., so i proceeded to the trash can and showed her the tornados in the trash, she looks in the bag and says you cant just throw them away and i said the one i tried was to hot and i couldnt put it back on the grill, she said no your gonna pay for them..i just stood there, , , amazed at the disrespect she was showing me, i said maam i wasnt given a chance to tell you anything, as soon as i got to your register you asked me what i had done with the tornados, i am not a thief i had every intention of telling her what i done but she treated me like a dishonest person which i am not..and did NOT give me the chance to tell her k has lost mine and my familys business, which i will say contribute a significant amount of money...this terry person needs a lesson on how to treat customers, she acted as if I was a customer she had dealt with before who had tried to get away with not paying for merchandise...again she works at circle k in bonneau south carolina.


  • SubSquirrel Aug 10, 2018

    You ordered buffalo chicken, which is hot and spicy. That’s your fault. When she spoke up, you could have told her, “I was about to tell you” but you didn’t. Instead you looked like a thief. They probably have a lot of thieves and are wary. She may have been a little nicer but if y’all deal with trash all day, you lose patience. She’s probably minimum wage, part time and deals with scum. Give her a break.

    Your family not going there will surely bankrupt them.

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