Circle K Storesstore #5536


My family and I stop by circle k store #5536 at least once a day. We purchase gas, cigarettes, drinks and lottery tickets. On numberous occassions I have been informed that the lottery machine is down. I was in there today and bought cigarettes and scratch off tickets. I was winning small amounts and repurchasing tickets. When I first arrived there was only one cashier on duty and she was extremely busy, so I did not cash in the tickets I had but purchased additional tickets. I waited until she was not so busy to cash in my winning tickets and purchase more. There was another employee in the store but she was not helping at the register. Again, I waited until cashier was not busy and cashed in winning tickets. While I was scratching my purchased ticket another customer came in with tickets to cash out. She was told that the lottery machine was down. This was less than 1 minute after I had cashed in tickets. The women in this store are surely to the point of rude. Once, I was charged for 3 packs of cigarettes when I had only purchased 2. When I called this to the attention of the cashier I was informed that cigarettes had gone up. 2 days later I complain to the manager and he told me to bring in a receipt and he would give me another pack. I did not have a reciept. My family and I spend $100-$200 a week at this store. We will not be going back.

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