Circle K Storesself serve gas pumps

J Sep 30, 2019

I' m from Canada and We we're traveling to Florida. We went to one of your gas bar to fill the car up with gas . I under stand about pre paying for your gas, because of filling up and not paying but when I put my credit card in to pay they want your zip code that is link to your card but in Canada we have postal codes mine is N2N 3E8 and the pumps won't accept. I went in to pre pay $30.00 and got a receipt the amount came to $23.00 . They gave a receipt for the $23.00 and they said I would be only charge for the $23.00 which was the case. Is there a way that Canadians could put there postal code in so they would have to worry about not being charge right. Thank you for your time. John Marschall (email is john.[protected]

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