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A Aug 12, 2018

Approximately 10:30 on 8/12/18 at Circle K located at 1408 Veterans Parkway. I arrived at Circle K to purchase a cup of coffee. I am a daily customer to this Circle K. I upon my arrival I observed that all the coffee warmers had timed out, I also physically felt the canisters. The store was not busy. I asked the cashier/supervisor (BF) if she could make some Hazelnut coffee. She stated "We are out of Hazelnut coffee, I just placed an order for it." When she said that the other cashier (WF, whom I know because of my daily trips to this Circle K) seemed puzzled. I walked back over to the coffee station, where the bottom storage cabinet was slightly open. I opened it a bit more and I observed a full box of hazelnut flavored coffee (purple pack). I went to the register to speak with the cashier (WF) that I know, to let her know that I was going to be filing a complaint on the other cashier. At that time she was finishing up a customer, the customer then said to me "You filing a complaint about hazelnut?" I said "No, it's not about the hazelnut, it's because she lied." The customer and I begin to go back and forward arguing as we both walked out of the store. I felt that I was being attacked by the customer who did not know what was going on, I became angry. A bystander in a vehicle next to me asked why were we arguing. I told him that the customer became upset with me because I told the cashier that I would be filing a complaint about customer service. The bystander said the that the customer should not have said anything to me because it was none of her business. During this conversation the supervisor (BF) appeared in the door with a shopping cart of empty boxes and overheard the bystander and I discussing the issue and she asked me if I wanted to make and complaint. She said it with an attitude. I said "Yes, I will be calling corporate." She said "I am the supervisor so you can make a complaint with me." I said "My complaint is about you." She said "Why?" I said "Because you lied." She said "No, I didn't we are out of hazelnut coffee." I said "No, you are not, I looked under the counter." She rolled her eyes and walked way pushing the cart. I feel that the request for coffee was a very simple request. The whole situation could have be avoided. The bottom line is that she the supervisor did not want to do her job. She did not provided good customer service to me. She caused me to have a verbal altercation with another customer. If the footage is reviewed, you will see that I was not rude or disrespectful to Circle K employees or customers until after a was verbal attacked. I will not be going to this Circle K anymore. Thank you for your time. I would like to also add that there are some good employees on the morning crew I don't know their names but there is WF pregnant, BF younger and BF middle age. Those three are always polite and willing to assist, but that supervisor appears to be lazy and will do anything to avoid helping customers.

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