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This is the second time in the last week I stopped at this store and they have signs up advertising Froster drinks for 79cents, the same cashier insisted on charging 99 cents. Today I ended up walking out and leaving the drink because of this. If a sign is out advertising a price it should be honored, I ended up stopping at Speedway and getting my drink there.

Circle K Stores
Circle K Stores

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    Looks like your forum has been hacked.

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      Oct 01, 2019

    A picture of the cup you were using would been wonderful. Your right that froster drinks was advertised for .79 however and your not the only customer who either wasn't aware of this or just trying to get away with it and it clearly shows on the picture, it's .79 if it's in a froster cup. This issue got so bad at my store and I even noticed it at the Hanover, IN store that we actually had to put up a sign that .79 froster was to be in froster cups only. Of course we still had customers who pretended they didn't see the sign.

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