Circle Krecent hired cashiers, smell, and refill drink promotion

A Jul 25, 2019

If you truly care about your stores and customers happy then please do take my word for it. I'm a long time customer going to that location for last several years. Please note I don't have a problem with the old team who work there in all shifts for last few years. Please look into the whole new staffs who work there between weeks to last few months, their attitudes like they don't smile or making comments which is highly unacceptable because cashier like that don't make comments that can be very offensive like the big cookies you're buying have a lot of sugar for your kid? And the other comment like oh you don't need a starw for your drink? It shouldn't concern them about it if I don't need a straw? I never encounter with a lady cashier to make those comments is completely turn off, the whole store smells like portable john. I've been to other circle k stores don't smell like that ever. Also the whole new staff team doesn't do refill promotion for customers who brought in their smae circle k cups for drink refill but doesn't follow the refill drink policy to give a discount to returning customers? Do you guys still do refill promotion at all? If there is, that's the bug issue here. I hope there will be improvements in that store. Let ke know if you guys will look into that store, thank you for your time reading this.

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